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Friday, October 30, 2009

Fabulous Find For A Friday-------Two Flappers And A Scary Guy

This year for Halloween, we are going trick or treating to our favorite neighborhood in Mass. We have gone there for about 5 years, as it is safe, has sidewalks, and you get good stuff!

Well, that is not really why we go there,....but it is where we used to live, and my daughter graduated from High School near there----and it is one of our favorite neighborhoods.....

And since we are gearing up for our show at my theatre, The Cannon Theatre, and our show opens next week, "Rookery Nook", (do you have your TICKETS yet?) we decided (or rather, I decided,) since my hubby usually has to be matching with me----(yeah, remember that I make him match sometimes?) to dress up like the 1920's flapper era. And yes, you guessed it----the play is set in the 1920's. And yes, we just keep trying to promote the play, as we could use some ticket sales!!

Now, last Friday night, my church hosted our annual Halloween Trunk or Treat-----it is where everyone dresses up, we get together to have yummy food, a costume parade, then everyone takes their cars or trucks, decorates the trunk or back and the kids go around getting candy from everyone. It takes place in the parking lot and you can let your kids go, as they are really very safe. Its a great tradition!

You may be wondering why Aydan isn't connected into the theme of our Halloween costumes. Well.......he usually likes to be something evil. Yes, every year, I try to get him to do something fun and positive, but he prefers to be something that has to do with death or some sort of a bad guy.....

So, this year, as I was trying to change his mind, as usual----and he was heading for the black and skeleton section, he let me know the reason that he likes to be evil at Halloween.

"Mom, I am a really positive and good person all the time," he said.

"Right"...... I replied, "and that's a good thing!"

"I know....but the only time that I can be negative and evil,..............IS ON HALLOWEEN!"

Makes perfect sense, right?

Stepping back into the past.....1920's!

And here is that scary ghoul guy with Bret, the flapper dude----notice the great socks...

Yes, that little boy can be pretty scary!! He comes from
an acting family, by the way----what do you expect?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mia Michaels----Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

As you know, I am a woman that likes change.

Yes, it kind of gives me a thrill to do something different, to move to a new place, to meet new people, to try out a new trend, to shake things up a bit.

But there are some things that I don't like about change. Especially when it has to do with my favorite TIVO'd shows. I don't like it if they change an actor on a favorite series----like MI-5. You haven't heard of it? Well, its on BBC and it was a great show about an under, under ground espionage group----even deeper than the FBI----and it starred that hottie actor, Matthew MacFayden. It was the only reason I watched it.

Then they changed the actor.

You heard it right----they GOT a new actor! My hottie left the show, and well.....I watched it two more times, guessed it, I stopped.

Now, one of my favorite shows is "So You Think You Can Dance." I took some dance in college, but am mostly self-taught----and absolutely love to dance-----and I love to choreograph, so a big part of that show is watching the choreography.

And yes, one of my favorite choreographers on the show was Mia Michaels.

I love her! Yes, I do.....yes, I do. She is BRILLIANT! Her choreography is quirky, stylized, refreshing, passionate, and full of soul. I think that her personality is even amazing, as she tells it like she sees it----doesn't mess around----I think that its refreshing.

I even love her personal style. When I first started watching her on the show, I was inspired by her hair styles. I get so bored with my hair and yearn for change, so I am constantly trying to figure out how to accomplish that change.

And she inspired me. (Well, if truth be told, Pink was the other half of my latest hair trend inspiration....)

This is pretty much what my hair started out like, about a year or so ago...

....and don't you just ADORE this picture----the strength, poise, and creativeness of it?

And then, this year, she had gone for the longer-ish look.

My all time favorite picture of strong, sultry.

And here is her latest phenomonal creation on the Canadian SYTYCD-----it BLEW ME AWAY!!

Do I have a gal crush on her? Well, maybe, in a kind of admiration, jealously, type of way.

But now I don't get to see her brilliant inventive dances anymore. She announced that she was leaving the show, even though the executive producer, Nigel, refused to agree that she was gone for good----hmmmm.

Well, I shall miss her. I really will.

Did you notice that she cropped off all of her hair for her last time at judging? I tried to find a picture of it, but couldn't.

It made me yearn for a change. It made me want to cut mine all off.

So, I was thinking...........that in honor of Mia not being on SYTYCD anymore, that I would chop off all of my hair. You know, just a buzz cut.

No big deal. What do you think? Do I dare?

My take on Mia's "do"....(with a new rockin headband--yeah)

And after?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Fabulous Find For A Friday-----Fantastic Blogging Friends!

As you know, I have tried to get some blogging get-togethers off the ground here in New England. For some reason or another, I have only managed to have one blogger come to each event.

Well, I was in Utah to visit my amazing daughter, Hailey and see her show, which blew me away, by the by.... If you live there----you HAVE to go and see her----she is one talented gal! (Even though I do say so myself) She is at the Hale Center Theater in Orem----every Wed., Thurs. and Friday nights through the 21st of Nov.---Little Shop Of Horrors----she plays Audrey....

Now......I was able to meet some of my favorite bloggers this time out to Utah. I was going, going, and going with my daughter, and my G-babies, as well as spending time with my sister and family members,......but I was able to squeeze a show, a lunch and dinner with some super bloggers----and now super friends!

The first thing that I was able to do-----was to go to Haileys show....and sure enough, there were some uber cool blogging ladies there!

Julia, Me!, Hailey,(in costume and hair) Tanya, Lisa, and Kacy (check out their blogs---
you'll love them!)
And then, I had a great dinner with some more bloggers.... These women are strong, opinionated, warm, loving, intelligent, funny, fun, and just the coolest women ever!! Everything that attracted me to their blogs came through when we met in person----I loved it!! The only sad part in the whole plans, was when one of the bloggers, Melissa, who was the front runner in getting one of the get-togethers going, ended up in the hospital, after she had a reaction to the medication that she has been taking....for a fracture that she got when running one of her marathons. She is such a fantastic person----so positive, and such a great lady---I was SO sad when she couldn't make it, but I am now looking forward to seeing her the next time.

So here we are in all our glory.....eating at Chili's----yeah, I know, not very inventive, but when people are coming from almost 45 minutes away!! And we had to meet late, as everyone had different schedules, etc.----and no really cool restaurants stayed opened past 9:00----yep----its Utah, what do you expect?

Susette, Hailey, Me, Arianne, Tiburon, Corrie, Rachel, and Hannah (Yes.....and
they each have splendiforus blogs also---check them out!)

Me, Rachel, and Hannah for an extra hug after the dinner....the wind was freezing and what
the heck is growing out of my head? Hmmmm.

Then, the last day before I left, we got together with Lisa for lunch. I called and tried to
get ahold of one of my favorite bloggers, Lynne, but she didn't call back-----I left the message with her hubby---hmmm. And then I never got back with her----as we were hustling around
trying to get ready for me to get out to town the next day-----so much to do and always so little time! I just hope that I will be able to catch her on my next trip!

Lisa (who also writes for Light Refreshments Served) and I----isn't she gorgeous?

And last, but NOT least----my beautiful daughter, Hailey and I! (Rockin' those
mustard color earrings...)

So, I would recommend that any time you are going to another city around this great country---try to get with some favorite bloggers. By the by----Susette is planning on coming out to visit Connecticut and Boston-----she is going to stay with another great blogger, Rhonda, and then coming to stay with her I am hoping that we can hang for a bit more.

So, who wants to come out and check out Boston? I would love to have some visitors.....

Sunday, October 18, 2009

This Really Makes You Think

I know that I have been a huge slacker about reading blogs and commenting.

Shame, shame, shame on me!

But I left to go out of town on Tues. morning, and I have been hanging with the family and my G-babies this entire week and will be----most of this next week, so I HAVE A GOOD EXCUSE! Finally.

I can always tell when I haven't been out there reading your blogs----I have a huge drop in comments----I shouldn't matter, but since I actually love to comment, as I ENJOY making someone feel good that their blog is being read, I hope that everyone out there understands that it does the same for me!

My day has been brightened many a time from comments from all of you-----so keep commenting! It can turn a rough day into a fantastic day.....

That said.......I read this in the blog of a super amazing blogger, M Cat, as she likes to call herself----she is an uber athlete, a terrific lady and I am really excited to be meeting her this week-----it is going to be one of the highlights of my visit to Utah! I am also hoping to meet the super-de-duper Tiburon, aka the Shark, the dancing queen, Arianne, the amazing Mom, Susette, and the feisty Rachel! I have grown to love these ladies from their blogs and am super excited to meet them in real life.

Don't worry, I will be posting about it after I get back----and yes, I WON'T FORGET MY CAMERA!!

So----back to this interesting article.....

...And yes, I have to preface it with the statement that I don't think that Bush was a perfect President,-----he had his faults, but this certainly makes you stop and think....

If George W. Bush had been the first President to need a teleprompter
installed to be able to get through a press conference, would you have
laughed and said this is more proof of how he inept he is on his own and is
really controlled by smarter men behind the scenes?

If George W. Bush had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to take Laura
Bush to a play in NYC, would you have approved?

If George W. Bush had reduced your retirement plan's holdings of GM stock
by 90% and given the unions a majority stake in GM, would you have approved?

If George W. Bush had made a joke at the expense of the Special Olympics,
would you have approved?

If George W. Bush had given Gordon Brown a set of inexpensive and
incorrectly formatted DVDs, when Gordon Brown had given him a thoughtful and
historically significant gift, would you have approved?

If George W. Bush had given the Queen of England an iPod containing videos
of his speeches, would you have thought this embarrassingly narcissistic
and tacky?

If George W. Bush had bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia, would you have

If George W. Bush had visited Austria and made reference to the
non-existent "Austrian language," would you have brushed it off as a minor

If George W. Bush had filled his cabinet and circle of advisers with
people who cannot seem to keep current on their income taxes, would you
have approved?

If George W. Bush had been so Spanish illiterate as to refer to "Cinco de
Cuatro" in front of the Mexican ambassador when it was the fourth of May
(Cuatro de Mayo), and continued to flub it when he tried again, would you
have winced in embarrassment?

If George W. Bush had mis-spelled the word advice would you have hammered
him for it for years like Dan Quayle and potatoe as proof of what a dunce
he is?

If George W. Bush had burned 9,000 gallons of jet fuel to go plant a single
tree on Earth Day, would you have concluded he's a hypocrite?

If George W. Bush's administration had okayed Air Force One flying low over
millions of people followed by a jet fighter in downtown Manhattan causing
widespread panic, would you have wondered whether they actually get what
happened on 9-11?

If George W. Bush had failed to send relief aid to flood victims throughout
the Midwest with more people killed or made homeless than in New Orleans ,
would you want it made into a major ongoing political issue with claims of
racism and incompetence?

If George W. Bush had ordered the firing of the CEO of a major
corporation, even though he had no constitutional authority to do so, would
you have approved?

If George W. Bush had proposed to double the national debt, which had
taken more than two centuries to accumulate, in one year, would you have

If George W. Bush had then proposed to double the debt again within 10
years, would you have approved?

****So, tell me again, what is it about Obama that makes him so brilliant and
impressive? Can't think of anything? Don't worry. He's done all this in 5
months -- so you'll have three years and seven months to come up with an

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oh, Yes------It's The Alphabet Quiz

I really wanted to post about our busy Columbus Day, as we went on a great bike ride---it was brisk-----about 54 degrees outside, but beautiful all the same---with leaves falling on the path as we rode our bicycles leisurely. But, I am the loser extraordinaire and didn't take my camera, so I don't have any pics to share. Then we went to lunch with some old friends that moved to Georgia, and I did have my camera for that one, but I don't have the time right now to get them downloaded and on here....I will have to do it later. Then my hubby took some great shots all afternoon, of Avery, a super cute gal that was getting senior pictures done----if you want to see those, go HERE.

So, I decided to do this Alphabet Quiz. Yes, I thought that it was rather clever----thanks to Arianne at Little Pink Houses and could be done in a short period of time, and well....I guess it would give you a bit more insight as to who I am.

Not that you would remember anything, but here goes:

A: Addiction: Movies and books---say no more, say no more.
B: Breakfast: A ham and cheese omelet---yum!
C: Chocolate or Chips: Don't like chocolate that much---except dark chocolate covered pomagranate. So, I guess that it would be salt and vinegar chips!
D: Dessert or Appetizers: DESSERT! Duh.
E: Essential Items: Lip chap, moisturizer, undereye concealer, mascara, lip gloss, valerian, nose spray, and my white noise machine.
F: Favorite Color: Green,,, green,......aaaaahhhhhhhhhh!
G: Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: Bears, I guess.
H: Hometown: Is this where I was born? Denver, Colo.---but my hometown is where I live now, if it is what I call home....
I: Indulgence: Books---have to own them----no library, thank you.
J: January or July: Neither is my favorite, but I guess, July.
K: Kids: Depends on the kids....
L: Life isn't complete without: My family, books, TIVO, food, movies, music and theatre!
M: Most exciting memory: Well, its one of my favorite memories....the last time we all went on a family vacation together---all the kids and Bret and I. We spent a week on the Cape and a week in a cabin by a lake in New Hampshire.
N: Number of Brothers and Sisters: Two brothers, and three sisters.
O: Oranges or Apples: I really love fruit and it depends on when each is in season---but it might be apples the most....
P: Phobias or Fears: Oh, so many! Heights, claustrophobia, snakes, mice or rats. Ugh!
Q: Quote: Its at the top of my blog-----"In my own little corner, in my own little chair, I can BE WHATEVER I WANT TO BE!"
R: Reading: The Forbidden Garden
S: Summer or Spring: I'm really a Fall kind of gal, but I love spring second!
T: Tag 6 people: Hailey, Michelle, Rachel, Melissa B, Karen, Julie
U: Unknown Fact About Me: I was in several T.V. movies---yes, WITH lines!
V: Vacation I want to go on: Back to London and visit The Isle of Man someday.
W: Walking or Running: Walking. Never running. Ever!
X: X-Ray or Ultrasound: Really rather have neither, but what the heck---x-ray?
Y: Your favorite food: Hot pot Japanese, chinese, and salad all the time.
Z: Zoo or Bowling: Bowling. But not candlepin like in the East. I like REGULAR bowling---the one where you can get a strike once in a while!

A little blast from the past....
.....fierce, huh?

And, yes, if I tagged you, you are supposed to give it up.....information about yourself, that is.....

Friday, October 09, 2009

A Fabulous Find For A Friday------A Place To Take a Dump!

I don't know if you read about my pets in a former post. Yes---the cats that are naughty and my dogs that are naughty----they seem to poop everywhere except where they should! Read ALL about it here.

AND THE SMELL!! THE SMELL!! THE SMELL!! No matter how good your litter box is, there seems to be some sort of urine smell-----aaaaccckkkkk.

So, about a month and a half ago, we decided to give a new product a try. Yeah, I would love to be able to say that I tried it out for the company that it came from and could do a giveaway or something. But, no,....I wish I could do that, but don't know how to go about it. (I could use a few free products!)

This new litter box is called the Breeze Litter System. I found mine at Walmart, not too expensive---about $34.00----and it includes the pan, a pad that catches the pee and a bag of pellets. But get only have to change the pellets about once a month, and the pads only have to be changed about once a week. And the best part? NO SMELL!! I kid you not!
You just have to scoop out a poop or two a few times a day----and flush them right down the toilet, then change that pad once a week-----open the tray, roll up the soaked pad, and throw away! Then put a new pad into the tray and push it back it.

Here are some strong points:

Odor Control: System separates urine for outstanding odor control.
Anti-Tracking: Cat-friendly BREEZE™ Litter Pellets stay in the box, leaving your floors
clean and litter free.
Clean and Easy: BREEZE™ Cat Pads absorb urine odor for up to one week.

As far as the money goes----I would usually spend about 12 to 15 dollars on litter each month----have to keep dumping it every few days, and the urine smell NEVER went away.
Now it costs about 6 dollars for the pellets for the month, and 4 dollars for four of the pads.
So----the cost is about the same----we are even SAVING on litter purchasing!

And did I mention that there is no smell? The pee goes down through this vented bottom and is absorbed in what is much like a woman's feminine pad----yeah, you get the idea! Its awesome!

Here it is! And the green is pretty, too!
If you have cats-------GET ONE-----you'll thank me!

Oh, and one more thing---speaking of taking a dump.....

Are you a golfer or do you have a golfer in your life?

You might want to put this on his or her Christmas list. Hmmmmmm.

Fun, huh?

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

So Many Plays And So LittleTime

But first.......I need to get something out of the way.

You blogging readers are awesome! After my meltdown from last week, I got so many encouraging comments and so much blogging love, that I felt truly that I had REAL friends out in this blogging world. I could really feel the love----thank you all!

I realize now----that some of the anxiety that I was experiencing on that rough day was part of hitting the wall after an extremely stressful week.

Let me explain a bit.

I am directing a play----a one-act, "The Marvelous Playbill". It has been stressful, as we have only been having rehearsals for one month and the play is set in 16th century Spain, so there has been a lot of costumes that have had to be made in a very short period of time. And since I don't have a costume person for that play, I have been managing the buying of material, patterns, finding amazing women that are willing to sew, and have had to try and keep everyone on track---as well as try to get accessories, and props, etc. The tech rehearsal was tonight, and the dress rehearsal is tomorrow night, with the play going up this weekend on Friday and Saturday night.

So, that is one of the plays that I have had to get everything done for-----by THIS week!

Then......I am also producing a play, "Rookery Nook" that is in rehearsals at MY theatre, The Cannon Theatre. So, I have helped the director with everything from marketing ideas to choreographing a small number in the play, as well as ticket sales, and oh......did I mention that I am also doing the costumes for this play? And yes, it is pretty fun, as the play is set in the late 1920's-----but I HAVE to get all the costumes done by this week, as I am going out of town......
....And this play goes up the first of November!

Now, there is more.

I have been reading plays, (well----I am always reading plays, truth be told...) as I will be having auditions for my NEW play at the theatre the first weekend of November----the same weekend that the other play opens. I have decided to do "James and the Giant Peach"----which is an amazing play for the whole family, and will be totally cast from kids to teens. But I have had to get the word out about the auditions, making new signs and flyers, as I get ready for this new directing task.

I'm excited to get going on it, but everything had to be done----yep, you guessed this week.

Of course, all of this happened to be at the same time that I have had to find new music for my church choir-----yes, I am the director----and I try to get music that is different and memorable and yes,----just a bit difficult. We always host a big Christmas concert the beginning of December, and it requires quite a bit of work----so we have already started on that.

Now, please don't think that I am whining. Au contraire! I really LOVE to do all these things----and I actually thrive on a bit of stress. But------I think that it might have all happened a bit too close together.

Like.....well.....last week. Obvious meltdown.

But now, I would like to tell you about another play. I'm sure that I have mentioned that I have amazing children. (Like a thousand times...) And my oldest daughter, Hailey, was a theatre major at BYU. She still tries to do at least one play or musical a year, and I TRY to get back there to see them, if I can fit it into my insane schedule!
You remember that I said that I had to get everything done because I was going out of town?
Well, I am leaving next week to go to Utah and see Hailey in that wacky musical "Little Shop Of Horrors". She is playing Audrey, the lead, and well....I must admit......that it is one of the parts that I have always wanted to play, so I am living vicariously through her.

It will be marvelous! It will be fantastic!

Because after all this work and stress, I will be able to sit and enjoy someone else's hard work----and just be happy to take it all in.

Here is a "cheesy shot" (her words) advertising the play
at The Hale Center Theatre----yes---don't you just love
the bright red hair? Isn't she adorable?

****So, if you are in the Utah area, you will WANT to get tickets to come and see her marvelous performance!! Maybe I will see you there....I will be the relaxed one with a smile on my face.*****

Friday, October 02, 2009

Friday Feelings

Where to start, where to start....

I'm having a bad day today.

I think that it started when I realized this morning that we weren't going to get that house. We made an offer on Wed., rather an inventive offer in these tough times, I guess. Because my hubby is still on medical leave from work, we aren't able to get things together to get a conventional loan, but loved the house so much, we tried to get the seller to carry us on contract until we could get the financing.

Well, she didn't see us as an amazing family that would take care of her house, (even though it had been on the market for a year and a half) instead she wants someone to buy it out right. Makes sense----why should she trust us? But then, I know us and I know what we can do.

And yes, I know that there are so many other problems that people have with health and not being able to get a job and hunger, and the list goes on.... But this was something that I have been passionate about for many years, and have been trying to find the right house-----its hard to throw a lot of money out the window on rent----when it would cost the same to make a mortgage payment.

Well----I was ok until my little boy asked in his morning prayers that we could get the house and make it work, so we could have a great place to live.

I lost it. And I can't seem to recover. Do you ever have those days when you feel that every thing that you have been holding in for SO long just comes out----like flood gates opening?

Well----then, for the past few days, I have been watching a movie as I worked out, "Incendiary". (great movie with Michelle Williams---who reminds me of my youngest daughter---by the way) Yesterday I started it, as I was doing my weights, and today, as I was walking and running on my treadmill, I finished it. It was the perfect movie for today-----about a young mother that loses her husband and 4 year old son in a bombing in London----and how she learns to finally cope. Well, may I say that I love my treadmill, because you can actually walk and run----all the while blubbering like an idiot.

After it was over and I sat down, I started to think on how precious life is, and how much I love my own children----often to distraction----and how sometimes I wish that I could go back and have them little----all around me again. I so miss their little voices in the background, even the arguments. I miss the hugs and just holding them. Every morning I come in and wake up my son----who is now 9 years old, and I just bury my nose in his neck and smell him and kiss him over and over. I do feel blessed to have had a child so late in my life, as I would be totally bereft with out him, because I miss my little ones so much.

Another thing that I sometimes wish for is that I could do it all over again----and do it better this time. I was going through an abusive situation in my first marriage, and I wasn't very well----so I know that I wasn't the best of mothers. I did the best that I could, but I just WISH that I could have even a day of it back, so I could just hold my little ones all again and smell them and just ENJOY THEM! I don't think that I took that time enough, and it makes me regret.

Because when they grow up, and move away----you never get to hold them again. Its kind of like that childrens book-----it makes me cry every time----about the mother who rocks her son and by the end of the book, he is rocking his mother----when she is an old lady.

I'm sorry----I don't know what has gotten into me today. I am really a very positive person and always try to have a positive outlook on life. My motto is "NEVER give up!" And that is me----no matter what gets me down, I have gotten back up, brushed myself off and tried to start all over again. So many times. So many times.

But today is just a bad day. I debated on whether I should post this post, as it seems so negative, and I am such a Debbie downer, but then I realized that for all those people out there that own houses, and have amazing families, it will give you the chance to take a few minutes to thank your Heavenly Father for what he has given you, and you can also take those little ones of yours in your arms----right now-----and hold them----smell them----kiss them----enjoy them.
And be thankful for them.

Now. don't get me wrong,-----I thank my Heavenly Father EVERY day for my talents, my health, my family, my amazing children, and that I have a husband now that treats me really well. But I think that it is important to express these feelings---as dejected as they may be---as I write these posts and have this blog, so that someday, when I get it published into a book, my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be able to read it and really get to know me.

This is what I hope for. That this blog will be a piece left of me, when I am gone.

And I think that they need to know......

...I'm having a bad day today....

...And its OK to have a bad day.
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