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Friday, August 28, 2009

Fabulous Find For A Friday------Pets

Yes, I am BACK with everyone's favorite Friday Find!!

Ok, so only about two of you even missed it, but whateveh....I am trying to get back on track again. (yay!)

I grew up with pets. Every place I lived I had a menagerie of pets----from dogs, to cats, to pigs (yes, I said pigs) to fish, to calves, to horses, to guinea pigs....well, you get the picture. I even managed to sneak several cats and dogs in with my last husband, who was allergic to cats and some dogs. My kids and I tried EVERYTHING to keep animals, and if I saw a stray, I was usually picking it up.

It got to the point that my kids would yell, "Mom, don't look----there really ISN'T a stray dog over there! Just keep on driving!" I just wanted to take care of all of them.

Fast forward to now.

I have two little doggies, Mignon and Musette. They are Yorkiepoos, and very small, so it feels like I ALWAYS have puppies. They go with me on errands a lot and are very nice, snuggly dogs, are litter boxed trained, and seem to be the most perfect of dogs!

Except for one small problem.

They tend to have accidents once in a while. For no reason at all, they will pee just outside their litter box or drop small turds as if they are leaving a trail for someone to follow them---much like Hansel and Gretel did as they went deep into the forest----got the picture, right? least they are small turds. So, I can't complain TOO much.

Our next pet is a great cat, Marmelade. My hubby found her in the middle of the freeway in LA and stopped to get her----she had cuts, was covered with fleas, and had her little ribs sticking out, but we loved her instantly. She is very lovable----and has always put up with my kids dressing her up or carrying her around. She is the perfect cat, really.

Except for one small problem.

She has started peeing in the corners of the house on occasion. And of course, she only pees where there is carpet. There is no rhyme or reason for it, and she doesn't do it often, about once or twice a year or so, but its a BOOGER to get the smell out! (Do you realize how much of that chemical smell remover that I have poured in the carpet? Did I mention that I have an ACUTE sense of smell and am anal about any bad smells in my house?)

Then, almost two years ago, Santa's elves left a crate in front of the house with a kitten in it for Aydan. He had wanted a kitten badly for the last year or so, and was overjoyed! His name is Shadow and he is an amazing cat, so easy going and loves to give you kisses when you pick him up----so gentle and sweet. He is such a perfect cat in every way.

Except for one problem.

He has the BIGGEST, STINKIEST turds that you have ever seen from a cat! And he doesn't believe in covering them up. No, sirree, not this cat.
It is the worst thing ever to walk into the front door and.....WHAM! blasted with this smell----the most foul putrid poopy smell that you have ever smelled. It knocks you over! And the litter box is clear up on the second floor in the bathroom, so you can imagine how powerful these turds are, as the smell wafts down to the front door.

Yes, my pets are precious.......but they come with a price.

Mignon and Musette---aren't they adorable in their tea party dresses?
(They wore them for my son's girlfriends birthday tea party.)

Marmelade----not skinny anymore----just enjoying life.

Shadow----in one of his favorite poses----catching a cat nap.

I sometimes daydream and think of the times when all I had to do was change a measly ole' diaper a few times a day.

Now...........I am surrounded with pee and poop----but it doesn't come encapsulated this time around. I find myself cleaning up one bowel mess after another, and rant all the time about how annoying these pets are! Its like potty training all over again, only you don't get any "Pull-ups" this time.

But then again, when they come over and jump into my lap and settle in for a snooze, or they look up at me with those adorable little eyes, or run around with my young son, as he laughs and laughs at their antics.

Well.....then.......I wouldn't have it any other way.


Julie said...

Shawn...I laughed my way through this entire post! I love how you explain the turds : ) I am embarrassed to tell you we have five (yes 5...shhh!) rescue cats ageing from 2-11 and one small puppy. I refuse to allow myself another (I was happiest with the number 3 really) but they are so loveable and stinky! I feel like I am cleaning a carpet spot or vacuuming up litter every other day and we only have one room with carpet in the entire house! Of course this is the only room where they pee, poop and throw up! Your babies are precious!! Love the tea dresses! xxxx

Rachel said...

awww you KNOW I'm a sucker for pets! And yours are adorable. I want to take those cats in! Reggie might eat the dogs though ha ha.

That is interesting that they are all litter trained. I was actually in a class the other day with a DVM and she let everyone know that most animals cannot be fully litter trained... even cats! I was like... what? That ain't right.

So it sounds like you will be dealing with those turds forever girlfriend!

Love you!

dapper kid said...

Shadow is so incredibly cute!! Haha, I have always wanted a cat, but I think you pretty much summed up the reason I have hesitated to get one. Although I have had two pets, they were fish and lived for a good six years before passing away. Hope you're having a beautiful weekend :)

A Fist Full of Dandelions said...

Funny post! One of my friends has a cat that pee's everywhere every time she travel, so now she buys a plane ticket and takes it with her.

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

I hear you. I love the cats (I have to give them away because another family member is alergic) but sometimes they are a pain. Last night Minkey sat on my lap through "Bride Wars," and "He's Just Not That Into You," and purred the whole time. (Can you tell Phil was out for the evening?)

Pika doesn't cover her business, Minkey used to do it for her but now he just says, "What the heck," and goes away.

Your pets are adorable. Love the story of your hubby rescuing Marmelade. If I don't keep the liter boxes cleaned out every day Minkey will pee somewhere in protest.

Omgirl said...

I have a lot to say:

1) That Portuguese song was playing while I was reading your blog. LOVED IT.

2) My cat also very rarely pees on the carpet or on a pile of clothes. I found out that it usually means a UTI and that cats somehow figure it won't hurt to pee if they pee somewhere else. It usually cures itself, so they go back to peeing in the litter box. Weird, huh?

3) Do you know "Kids & Pets?" It's an enzyme cleaner (not chemicals) that breaks down human/animal biproducts so they don't smell/stain anymore. 100% natural and 100% fantastic! I would have died without it from all the kid pee, poop, puke, blood, and occasional cat pee. Wal-mart. GET SOME.

4) that picture of Shadow sleeping...we have the same comforter!

5) I am animal lover too. If it weren't for my semi-animal lover husband, I'd have a ton of cats and dogs and mice and birds and rabbits and....(and I'm allergic too!)

Miss Gina Designs said...

Enjoyed reading your post on your pets...
Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering the anniversary giveaway!

M-Cat said...

I'm a sucker for my pets too. Though I draw the line at anything that has to relieve itself in my house. Cage or litterbox, makes no difference to me. So what does that leave me with me?
My beloved do they manage to completely steal our hearts?

Love your pics

Renee said...

I miss having pets. We are currently pet free. And I do miss our kitty's. After they all passed we tried a dog but he has since moved to the end of our block (we can visit anytime!) after he bit my mil and she had to have stitches. I hope to convince my dh that a new kitten would be good for us.

It's nice to see your brood! I know what you mean about the smell though. Nature's Miracle?

carma said...

cleaning up pee and poop is precisely why we don't have any pets :D

Hey, that was 4 P's in one sentence!

The Red Cord said...

I can't do pets. More things to take care of!!

Heather said...

aw, they're adorable!~

Alyson (New England Living) said...

I love that you have all of those pets! It's taken years for me to talk my husband into a dog. He's allergic to cats and never had any animals growing up. Can you imagine never having a pet as a kid?!

We finally have a dog for the kiddos, but I want to add a dog that is more for me. Where did you get those dogs? I want one just like them! They are so freakin' adorable!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Now THAT is a true animal lover. Picking up animal poop is the non-started for me when it comes to getting a pet. They're all very cute though - so I can see why it's worth it.

Melissa B. said...

These guys are adorable, but. White vinegar on the cat pee should get the smell out & keep kitty away...

La Jolla Mom said...

Awww...they are so cute. We need to get a dog. Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day!

Kristin said...

Awwwwwwwww, I love seeing pics of fur babies! My little man has the stinkiest toots EVER. I still love him though. Ah ha

Kado! said...

LOL! You just put in words the way I have been feeling! My cats are driving me nuts!!! OMGirl is right the vet told me that they pee outside of the litter box when they are having urinary tract now I pay $80 a bag for prescription cat food...and they are still having problems...and they are GROWN-cats! I yelled at them and threw them outside..and my oldest told me, "you know how you worry about the cows...can you please be nice to the cats too" (since I've recently become a vegan) I had to laugh...and let the cats back in....

Organic Meatbag said...

Awwww...cute kiddies and doggie! Our cat makes some of the worst smells I have ever experienced...he may be possessed...hahaha!

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