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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

How I Spent My Summer----Through Aydans Eyes

I had a very great summer----well, part of it, anyway.

Next week I have to start 4th grade, so I decided to show what I have been doing all summer.

First of all, my Mom teaches Musical Theatre Summer Camps. She ALWAYS makes me take them whether I want to or not, because she either needs some boys or she needs more kids in her class. I don't really like to take them, because I have to do the rehearsals. I don't mind the memorizing, but I HATE the rehearsals in class.

But by the time the second class came around, I knew some of the steps, so I could help my Mom teach some of the things. That was ok. I liked to do that better.

"One" singular top hat number.
Here is a video of my part----I'm an orphan, dont'cha know!

Its a "Hard Knock Life!"

The closing number---"Fame"----can you see me on the front row?

Here I am with all the girls-----luckily the next two classes had boys in them.

My sister came to stay with us for a few weeks also. She brought her kids----who are my nieces and nephew, so that was fun---to have someone to play with every day. I love playing with Mila, my oldest niece-----she is the SAME AGE AS ME!! (Well, I am really 5 months older than her, but we are in the same grade.) Sometimes we argue a bit, but this time, we got along almost all of the time. My nephew, Ethan, sometimes wants to play with us and gets in the way, but I try to be patient with him. Then there are the twins! They are so cute and they get into things, but I don't mind as much, except when they make a mess of my bedroom!

Here I am with Mila and Ethan, at the 4th of July parade!

And here is where we put on a play for the family.

Here I am with Lane, trying to get her to pet Musette----she was scared of my dogs---silly!

After the summer camps were over and my sister and her family had left to go home, my Mom took me to some really cool places! We went to the Boston Childrens Museum for an entire day, and I really loved that. The best part was where we could play games on a big dancing pad----we had to try and keep away from the colored ball on the floor. It was super fun!

Playing the musical instrument----it was fun!

This is how the astronauts go to the bathroom----you have to attach something
to your bottom and match up the holes with the toilet----it is bizarre!!

This was the fun "Dodgeball" game that we played on the floor----see how you
get away from the light "balls"?

Mood lighting....

....and birds of a feather flock together.

We got to color, then use paint water to make a wash over the picture---
it was a neat effect.

I loved to climb in this climbing tower----there were many levels, and
you could crawl for three stories high!

I also got to go to the Museum of Fine Art, in Boston, with my brother, Clayton and my Mom. I got bored some of the time, but I liked doing sketches of things the most. I liked the Modern Art part of the museum and enjoyed see the illustrations and cartoons. I want to be an illustrator someday. I REALLY like going to the gift shop! They have the coolest things in there----and my Mom got me a "little monster" stuffed toy to attach to my backpack. (My Mom had some pictures, but she can't seem to find them!)

My Mom traveled a lot this summer, so I got to go to LOTS of places with my Dad. I LOVE to spend time with my Dad, and we like to go camping, and fishing. My Dad got in an accident at work and smashed his finger, so he has not been able to go to work, and that means that I get to spend more time with him! We went to Pennsylvania one time with Clayton and his girlfriend, Meg, went camping in Vermont a few times, and even went down to Boston to hang out at Boston Commons! We even went to Colorado to see a bike race----one that Daddy was supposed to be in, but couldn't because of his hurt finger-----but we got to see Lance Armstrong----who won the race. I also got to play with my cousin, Taylor, and hang out with his Dad, Patrick-----and I got to ride a horse at his house. I did it all by myself!

Camping fun----and one of the best things about being out of doors
is the hiking!

This is the pool in Pennsylvania.

And we got to ride the boats in downtown Boston Common!

Daddy likes to use his camera to do great black and white shots of me---in Colorado.

Yep, that is Lance Armstrong finishing first this year at the Leadville 100 race!

We got to go to see where the Golden Spike was laid for
the railroad in Utah---so two railroads could connect.

Caught in the tree shadow....

.....and hanging with Dad at the Continental Divide!

Some Moab rocks---they were really cool!

YES! Here I am riding that horse----all by myself! (I need some cowboy boots,
by the way...)

Another fun place that I went with my Mom was The Armory Museum. This is the COOLEST place ever! There are lots of swords and armour from history----dating back to even before Christ was born----my Mom told me that is what BC means. I liked the weapons the best, but thought that it would be neat to be a knight. Although, we tried on the knights helmets and they WERE HEAVY!! I could hardly lift them on my head! Another favorite place was a fantasy room where they showed a professor that had gone to find dragons and places like Medusa and things. I spent about an hour in this room, because I LOVE fantasy, dragons, and mythological creatures. I have invented many types of these creatures when I draw.

An early piece of armour.

Say----what are you guys fighting about----hang on----is that a skirt? Hmmmm.

My Mom really liked these armour shoes----I think that she wants some.

Mom, sitting in repose----contemplating the middle ages in the great hall.

Some really old armour----scary----they are so real looking!

I really WANT this castle for the knights that I have----but its a bit too big.

Time to try on a armoured helmut----whoops----it is HEAVY!!

Mom looks silly in this helmut----it is an Asian armour helmut.

....And this one fits just......uh.....where is my face?

Oh, yeah......I almost forgot about going to the Ecotarium. It is a place where there are a lot of ideas for living green, as well as lots of cool hands-on things that you can do to experiment with science, sound, the atmosphere, and even animals! My Mom and I even got to see a Polar bear, several owls, and my favorite was the river otters. They would swim right behind you and come up to the glass. It was cool!
Making bubbles outside.

Here is the prettiest snow owl ever!

Can you see the polar bear behind me? Its like a camoflauge trick---good luck!
(Hint----its over to the left of me from your view)

These river otters were my favorite! Look at how they swim around.

Walking through the different plant life on the trail back to the car.

One of the favorite times that I have are when I get to spend time with my brother and sisters. I got to go to dinner with my sister, Maryn, when she was in town, and I got to spend some days with my brother, Clayton. I love going to his house in Boston, because I get to play video games all the time and watch lots of movies, and stay up late! I also went to spend a few days with my sister, Brinna and my Mom at the beach. We went into the ocean and floated around and had a ton of fun!

Here I am----just lazing around the beach in the shallow water---it felt so good!

Someone had built a huge sand castle, and I was trying to save it before the
high tide ruined it!

There's my Mom taking it easy---getting to read and enjoy the warmth----hey, Mom,
your hat is crooked!

We couldn't stop the high tide from covering the sand castle.

The ocean on the Cape----the color is beautiful!

I have also gone to the library several times this summer. I started reading the Harry Potter books a few weeks ago and I am already on book 5! I love to read, and just sometimes wish that the books were real....I would love to experience all these awesome things!

Its been a fun summer, yes, it has. But now I have to get ready for school. My Mom got me a new shirt for the first day and I am excited to meet my new teacher. I hope that she is as good as my teacher last year, because she was great! I am sure that my Mom will post a picture of me from my first day. We don't go back to school until after Labor Day, so it is a week away.

Well, thats about it. I hope you have had an exciting summer! What were your favorite things that you did?

****Be sure to go on over to my blog and write a caption for the caption contest!!! My Mom said that I can give a prize this time!!! YAY!******


Kristina P. said...

Your kid sure is a great writer! :)

Alyson (New England Living) said...

Wow! Aydan got to do so much this summer! Lucky guy.

I loved the acting footage. If we end up living near you, a couple of my kids MUST get involved with your group!

Hey, Shawn, just wanted to let you know that I got your email and I'll be emailing you later today. :)

Renee said...

Wow! You guys did a lot in such a short period of time! I had grand ideas, but things just didn't happen! We were lazy! Maybe next year!

In the meantime, we will enjoy your pictures! Glad Aydan had a great summer!

Rachel said...

What a fabulous summer!

Kado! said...

Aydan that was a great re-cap! Your Summer sounded really exciting! I especially love the black & white photo! You are lucky to have such an awesome Mom & family! ...and great job on reading this Summer...books are so much fun!

I will keep my eye out for you acting in a future Hollywood movie..or maybe down the street on Broadway?

Karen said...

Sounds like a great summer!

All I did was work and go to Disneyland!

Julie said...

Ahhh... cute Aydan!

Looks like he had a pretty AWESOME summer and covered a lot of territory!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Wow, what an exciting summer. You are one lucky boy, there will be no problem if you teacher makes you write: What I did this summer.

PS I couldn't see the polar bear.

carma said...

Hi Aydan,

Looks like you had a spectacular summer! The dodgeball thingy is totally awesome. Bet my son would like that, too. And, you got to go to one of my favorite towns in the country - Moab!!

Hope you have a great school year!

Melissa B. said...

Wow...what a summer! I know you'll get an "A" when you write your "Summer Vacation" essay! And you're such a good sport to take part in your Mom's acting camps. My girls used to dance, and it was always difficult getting boys for the good parts!

Mom n Pop Wilson said...

What a great summer! I'm glad you were able to squeeze in so much fun. Don't forget all the fun we had at the reunion!

Kristin said...

What sweet pics! Have I mentioned how fab you look lately?

M-Cat said...

What a great kid! And a fun summer. I was particularly pleased to note that during the Boston time, no mention of a Red Sox game was made. Yes, that made me happy, happy,happy!

Juliet Grossman said...

Wow - what a terrific summer. Your musical theater camp sounds incredible. Lucky kids!

Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting my blog when I had my Sits Day last week:-)

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