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Thursday, February 14, 2008


I was reflecting today on Valentine's Day and how we have made it into such a huge thing. My little boy acted like it was Christmas as he was talked about how much valentine's he would be getting and wondering what kind of a stuffed animal he would get this year, etc. (That must be totally my fault, as I tend to love to give things at the slightest provocation....and they tend to always be soft and squishy and "smoofy")

But now you can go into the stores and see several aisle's brimming with balloons, candy, stuffed animals, cards, food, toys, and more candy. Are we just a people that like to use an excuse to celebrate? Or do we just love to have an excuse to eat more sweets and more food? Now don't get me wrong, I really like the special day to recognize those that we love and as I said, I love to give gifts, and heck, yeah, I love to receive them also. But is it me, or has it gotten WAY more commercial than when I was a tyke. (Oh, yeah, right, that was the dark ages...they didn't have stores then...)

I actually found myself making sure that I wore red or pink today, to get into the festive spirit of the holiday. Wait a minute...that sounds like what I do at Christmas, or Easter.

I feel a little sorry for those that don't have anyone special in their lives---this must be the worst holiday ever. But then again, I've experienced that, also. When I was going through my divorce twelve years ago, I felt that I didn't need a man in my life and that I could go it alone. Forever,....I thought. I can do this. I can be a strong woman.

So I went to a movie be myself on Valentines Day and bought myself some candy and flowers. (I know, it sounds a bit dramatic, but I've always been a bit over the top...) I was sad as I sat there with all the couples. but I was making a statement to myself and the world. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING ALONE ON VALENTINES DAY!!

Well, it worked magnificently and helped me to turn a corner, leaving my past behind.
I was a talented, strong, independent woman, and I knew that I would never rely on a man again.

So, exactly a month and a half later, I met my husband, and a year after that we were married.

By the way, being alone is over rated.... I still go to movies occasionally by myself, but I love being with my best friend, my hubby, if I can.

And I guess that I don't really care why we go all out for this holiday, because it is always worth it when you see that smile from the one you love---even if its just for a silly stuffed toy or a balloon. It doesn't take much to please someone....and heck, yes...every woman loves flowers.

Hint. Hint.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I'm So Vain. I Probably Think This Blog Is About Me

I was hanging with my band mates a few weeks ago, and having a conversation about meeting new people and sizing them up. I had just met the girlfriend of our new keyboard player, who is a totally gorgeous and put together gal, and I mentioned that fact to her, as I am not one to mince words when I like someone's style. I told her and the keyboard player that I was into what people looked like and how they put themselves together. I don't care what kind of style it is, I just admire someone that HAS a sense of style in this world of jeans, sweats, and work-out wear for day wear.

So, the keyboard player laughed and said, "Oh, so you are just shallow and vain like we are---we should all get along great!

Now, I answered in the affirmative, and laughed it off, but I don't like the fact that he thought that I was shallow. I'm really not, as I have quite a hidden depth to me, when it comes to family and spiritual stuff, and I really DO try to get to know someone and appreciate them for who they are on their inside....BUT the part about the vanity...well...he is dang right about that one!

I am going through a phase right now that I like to call my "just don't ever look into the mirror closely before you have your makeup on or after its off" phase. I am really SCARY before I have my face on and its hard to get a girl feeling good about herself when she looks like that!

I believe that I have mentioned before in a former blog that I never go anywhere with out my makeup on. I mean----no where!

The only exception is when I wait with my son in the morning for the bus. I used to put my lips on and a bit of mascara just so I didn't scare the bus driver, but then I thought about the fact that when I wait for the bus to pick him up, I look totally put together, so she would just forget about how scary I was in the morning and think that I cleaned up nice.

Or, maybe that I have a twin sister? Or that it is my younger sister that picks him up?

Well, I really try not to let anyone I know---except for close family---see me without my makeup on. My vanity is serious business. I mean, I could take you out for something like that.

My husband just informed me that one of the guys that works at the shop that he used to work at lives right down the street from us. "Oh," I said, not really listening or caring. "Yeah, he asked me what you and Aydan were doing, standing out by the street corner in the mornings?"

"WHAT?" I cried. "A friend of yours has seen me on several mornings looking like a bag lady with my sweats on, no makeup and mismatched scarf, hat and gloves?"

"Yes", he replied.

"What's his address..." Oh, yeah...I'm takin him down...
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