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Monday, March 30, 2009

My Own Class Clown

I always try to write down the "Aydanisms" as they come.

But I don't always remember them. Then, the other day he came home and informed me that he was the class clown.

Me: Really?

Him: Yes.

Me: How do you know?

Him: Because everyone laughs at me!

Me: Are you sure that they are laughing at you because you are funny? (I know, I know, I shouldn't have mentioned that)

Him: (looking at me as if I had grown another head) Mom! Of course they are.....I take after you! And besides, other kids TRY to be funny, but it doesn't work.

Well, there you have it. The class clown. I have actually managed to give something of myself that I can REALLY be proud of. (After all, I was the class clown from 4th grade through 9th grade, dont'cha know...)

Then there was that funny incident about a week ago. My hubby had called to tell me that he was going to take Aydan swimming at a local sports club. So, I hung up the phone and called out to Aydan.

Me: Hey, you need to get your swimsuit.

Him: What? Why?

Me: Because Dad just called and he is going to take you swimming tonight when he gets home.

Him: (A long silence)

Me: Hey, did you hear me? Get your swimsuit---he's on his way!

Him: (Getting up and walking into the kitchen, stomping as he walked---really upset, as he checked the thermometer) But Mom! I don't want to go swimming today!!
Its only 25 degrees outside!

Sorry, but I burst out laughing. My little class clown.

So, go on over and visit his blog---its a hoot. Leave a comment. It will make his day.

Friday, March 27, 2009

A Fabulous Find For A Friday----A Super Son

Once again, I won't reveal the year of the birth of my first son, Clayton. But on this day----a very long time ago----I gave birth to my little "old man".

Now, this isn't a story like that movie that we all enjoyed---you know the one. No, my little baby just happened to come out with long white hair all over his head---kind of like....well, old man.

I still remember the experience of this birth, as there was a particular nurse who got me through all the contractions. I always had long labors and this one wasn't an exception, as it was 16 hours long, but this nurse stayed by my side and acted as a coach for me through the whole thing.

Where was your husband, you might ask....well, again, he was asleep on the couch in the corner with his coat over his head, so as to not be disturbed. He wasn't really one for doing labor cheer-leading, as I mentioned before. (Let me clarify that this was my first husband, not the amazing one that I have now!)

But, Clayton came into the world---well, it seemed so----with a happy grin on his face. He was my little laid-back baby, the little brother to my two girls, and he started life just going where-ever anyone took him. He would let the girls dress him up, and involve him in their make-believe, and he took it in stride. He didn't complain as I shuffled him from one activity to another. He even adjusted as we had a different nanny each year. He took it in stride.

Another trait of his that was adorable, but kind of scary, was that he was always my social child. He would strike up conversations with complete strangers. I was always worried that he would just walk off with someone someday. He loved people. He was just that kind of kid.

He also has the brainy gene---he gets it from my Dad, his grandfather. So, he was always very smart---especially in math and science. And if you ever wanted anything added, subtracted, or multiplied, you didn't have to worry about finding a calculator to get the answer, just ask Clayton---he always had the answer----right after you asked it. When he was in Junior High, he used to walk over to the High School for his math classes. There was even a time when he was in the same math class as his older sister, Brinna. She didn't like that much, especially when Clayton was chosen to lead some of the kids in improving the grades in their group.

Clayton was also a very cuddly little boy. He loved to give big hugs and sloppy kisses and always called me "Momma". He was a talkative little thing and told stories and sang and always had lots of imagination as he played in his own little world.

We moved a lot, but Clayton seemed to fit right in no matter where we went. He made friends easily and didn't seem to worry about what others thought of him. In high school, he excelled in choir, (being chosen for the prestigious All-Eastern choir) science, math, (of course), drama, (being the lead in "To Kill A Mockingbird") and then found a new love---photography. He began taking pictures and a bit of his artistic side came out. (I was a bit worried that he didn't have a shred of me in him! Although there was the singing...)

And then.....after high school, and after not getting into his preferred college because of money issues, he decided to drop out a bit.

Out of life. He joined the world of internet gaming. (Ever heard about the game, Ever Quest?)

For about four years. Yep. That's what I said----four. He always had a part-time job, but that was about it.

We just kept him in our prayers and hoped that he would get back on track....

And one day, he did. He is now finishing his Junior Year at UMass Boston, and majoring in,, of course. He had always wanted to be an engineer, but his love of music took over. He wants to teach. He wants to lead a choir.

And he will be fantastic at it! He now has an amazing girlfriend, Meg,----who goes on diner discoveries with him. Check it out for the best in the Boston area here.
He is still singing, and I get to hear his beautiful voice every time he has a recital or comes to my church to sing. He now takes voice lessons from professors, instead of his Mom, so it helps to validate what I have been telling him all these years, and he in turn, teaches me things sometimes. He is also a super dancer now, doing swing dancing since high school----he started with his sister and now goes once a week with his girlfriend, and even takes lessons with her.
(Check out the video at the end!)

He also is a great brother to my little guy, Aydan. Clayton always takes time out of his busy schedule to take Aydan to the Science Museum (their favorite!) or to come and stay with him for a few days and just play games and video games together.

Look at that smile! He is 6 mo. old here. (and check out that long blonde hair--heh, heh)

Here he looks a bit worried with his sisters, Hailey and Brinna.

Two years old and still smiling.

He's 10 years old here and enjoying Scouts.

High school Prom when he was a senior----love the top hat and we found the tails at an
antique place at Brimfield

Playing the lead in "To Kill A Mockingbird"

My two boys...

Theres that smile again---but whats with the shaggy hair, dude?

Meg and Clayton.

A great video from last years birthday party----yes, we love to push back
the furniture and dance!

He is an amazing person, this son of mine. He and I love to have conversations about...well....just about anything---talking on the phone at least once a week, and I love just hanging out with him. He is still a very social person, and if you have ever met him, or have a chance to----you will feel like you have known him your whole life.

He's just that kind of guy. Happy Birthday, Bubba.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Giveaway and Three, Yes, Three Posts In One!

I had a lot of ideas for a post this week and was prepared to do only one of them, but then yesterday I got my winnings in the mail from the amazing Mindi at Word to Your Mother.

Oh, JOY! I LOVE getting things in the mail!

Did I mention that I always do online shopping because I LOVE getting things in the mail!

And while I'm on the subject, can I say that I LOVE getting things in the mail!

So here is the amazing purse:
I can't wait to use it! (and yes, I know that it doesn't go with the outfit that I have on today, but I forgot to match it for the pic---so GET OVER IT!)

Thank you, thank you, thank you Mindi for choosing me!
(And I apologize if I was whining about not hearing from you---I'm so ungrateful---
bad, bad, blogger)

So, since I was so EXCITED by my win, I decided last night to do a GIVEAWAY of my own---you know, share the love, share the fun, share the getting something in the mail just for you!!

Well, first inkling was to give away a hat. Un chapeau. Un Capello. El Sombrero. An Easter bonnet. Those of you who know me know that I am a collector of hats. I used to have about 65 hats...well, until I lent about 25 of them to someone and they never returned them.

Totally wrong, right? But I haven't been able to track them down. Someone has a bin of hats that they probably sold at their garage sale, forgetting who they belong to. Argghhhh....

But here is one of my favorite hats! (I do love those hats that look like the "20's")
(Someday I will do a post on just my hats---I could definitely do that...)

So, in my quest to find a hat, I went to my favorite place. Well, one of them. Yes, its Target----and I still have the fantasy of being able to have enough money to buy anything that I want when I go there. (You know how it is---you keep seeing cute things that you can use----sigh)

But, today they did NOT have a lot in the hat department. I was disappointed, but I perservered. And sure enough, there were lots of other cool things, and I decided to get a few, cause I couldn't decide on just one....

So, HERE is what I decided to giveaway! It is a darling reversible purse----so cute and the colors that they had were great, but I decided on this bright pink and orange one. It is medium sized---so if you carry a ton of things, it might not be the bag for you, but then again, you can find SOMETHING for it!

Here is the outside shot.

Or if you want to turn it inside out----isn't that the cutest?

And then I found the most adorable plastic containers for travel. Do you travel a lot? I do and I really liked these with their plaid pink and black pattern---so I got an extra set----and of course, its always good to have a loofah sponge since they go bad so quickly. (Can't stand it when they get all moldy and smelly!)

Here is a pic of the containers---ready to fill for your travels!

So, then you know the drill.

1. You comment and let me know what your favorite thing about spring is, and if you would like either of the gifts! That is one entry.

2. You write a short ditty and have a link to my blog for another entry---then come back and let me know with a comment---that is another entry.

3. If you "follow" me, or are already a stalker, then you get another entry! (I really need to feel the love)

This giveaway will go for a week, until April Fools Day! And I will be having my young son, Aydan, do the drawing for the winners---then announce it and get it right out to you!

AND....if I don't get any comments, I guess that I will keep them both for myself....

***I am STILL going to try and find an amazing hat---because I really think that spring and summer warrants a fantastic chapeau!***

Friday, March 20, 2009

Fabulous Find For A Friday----A Hubby AND A Spring Dress!

A few days ago, as I was checking my favorite blogs out and reading as many as I could before 1:00 in the morning, my hubby woke up, (he always falls asleep on the couch every night) and asked me what I was doing. I told him that I was reading blogs, and writing comments, which I actually love to do when I have the time.

Him: When are you going to write about me?

Me: I already did----several times!

Him: I don't remember....

Me: Yes, I wrote about you on our last year anniversary and on your birthday!

Him: Oh...that was a long time ago.

Me: Yeah,....well....

Him: ....So, when are you going to write about me?

Me: (SIGH...)

So, I have decided to celebrate the spring season (Welcome first day of Spring!) as well as this special weekend!

First of all, it is our 12th wedding anniversary on Sunday, the 22. Yep, its been 12 years since I married the amazing man that is my best friend, my love, my soul mate (corny, but true), and the best father of not just my youngest, but of my other four children from my former marriage.
He is kind, sensitive, NEVER yells or swears, supports me ALWAYS, laughs at my jokes, and even though he doesn't pick up very well after himself or let me tidy up beside his bed, (which drives me bonkers!) he is the perfect man for me....

We have always known from the day that we met that we knew each other in the life before we were born. We were best friends then and are best friends now, and we plan on being best friends even in the eternities.

So, yesterday when I was trying to shop for something special to give to this unbelievable man---and it wasn't easy as the presents for the 12th year of marriage are----get this-----SILK AND LINEN! Wha the? Yeah, you try to find a man that really wants some silk flowers or a linen tablecloth.

So, back to my story. As I was in TJMaxx, one of my favorite stores----looking, of course, in the Home Goods section for something silkish or linenish----I happened to glance over to the dress rack----ok, so it was RIGHT there! And I saw this amazing dress!

Most of the dresses were dark and knit and stretchy and well, not spring-like, but this one!

I fell in

This is the dress----I added the t-shirt under---the hanger doesn't do it justice,
but I didn't have anyone to take a pic of me in it!!
And I don't usually wear yellow, but with the different colors up against my face/hair--- I thought that it worked?

So, I may have just bought it and it may be hanging in my closet right now, and I just may have to wear it next weekend. (we can't celebrate our anniversary this weekend, as I have a gig tomorrow night and a friends show tonight)

And I may just have to say that it is made out of some kind of material that resembles linen....and that I am the present inside it. Yes, that's it....

Happy Anniversary, my love.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oh....Did I Mention I Paint?

From one of my "Girl Within" series.

About a week ago as I was visiting one of the blogger sites that I enjoy reading, Alyson, (she is from New England and loves it, so we have that in common!) I saw a picture that had been painted by an artist that she admired. It was a really great picture of Alyson's family, by a very talented artist, Audrey Eclectic.

I had written to Alyson that I also paint, (in a comment) but hadn't been doing any painting for a few years. She then mentioned in a comment that I should tell a bit more about this mysterious side of me....
(ok, so she just said that I should show some of my work, but this is a bit more dramatic----ok, so I'm dramatic----so sue me!)

So, here I am. Letting everyone know of yet another side of myself. And yes, they are all right brain things. I will never be admitting to researching organisms or something on the side....

I have been drawing and painting from the time that I was a child. I love all kinds of art, and even consider my haircutting as sculpture. (Yes, I do cut hair---and have been cutting my own for over 15 years)

I went to college juggling singing, drama, and art---trying to do it all, and not wanting to drop anything because I didn't have the time or because I had to decide what my major was.

So, what did I do? I ended up getting married and not getting a bona fide degree for anything!

But I continued to find ways to do it all, along with having a child almost nine months after I was married. But that's another story.

So, fast forward to now. I have been painting floorcloths for over 24 years. "What is a floorcloth?" you are thinking. Well, it comes from the 17th century, in Europe, when they created oilcloths---to protect the wood floors. There are a lot of them still here in the New England area when you visit houses from the 1700's and 1800's---and there are still a lot of people that have hardwood or tile floors that love using them to add amazing floor artwork and protect their floors.

I am constantly being asked why I paint original artwork for the FLOOR and not for walls. Well, I really love making something unique and it is viewed differently----so it is a interesting kind of challenge. Besides, why can't we have ARTWORK ON OUR FLOORS?

And....there is nothing to beat a floorcloth under a dining room floor or right inside an entry way. They are totally waterproof, and can be walked on, washed, and even pee'd on. (It HAS happened, trust me!)

I usually do these only special order. I haven't done one in a few years, as I have been concentrating on getting my theatre going, but lately, I have been feeling that pull to paint again. I go through phases. I did a "show" a few years (ok, so its been over 8) ago in a local artisan gallery and sold some floorcloths, as well as got some custom orders----so I was quite busy for a few years.

I enjoy creating new floorcloths----depending on what my client wants or what ideas or styles that I want to create. I love doing all styles of painting---from Impressionistic to Portraits to Folk Art and Primitive---with a little Trompe-l'-oeil thrown in. They are all different sizes---I have done floorcloths as small as a foot and a half by 2 feet up to 12 feet by 16 feet----depends on where you want to put them.

Even though I haven't done a floorcloth in a while, I still draw ideas in my sketch book, and get inspiration

Alright, so I suppose that you are wondering about what some of these floorcloths look like.

I have a portfolio, and I have considered getting it online, so I can sell some. But, well, as you all know, it is hard to do too many things at the same time. I have included some of my favorites that I have done over the years----there are many more, but this gives you a small idea.

Maybe someday, I will get myself an Etsy site or maybe I will just consider doing some small paintings----something that takes a few days.....rather than a few months, to complete....

***Disclaimer on the photos. I was trying to take pictures from my portfolio, as someone owns these floor cloths, and my camera was not focus'ing on them properly----(sigh) If I do decide to sell some, I better figure out how to take focused pictures----cause they are BAD!!!***

Ant Farm

Country Air

Wet Woods

Gray Pot

Cape Cod

Lighthouse Bay

Noah's Ark

Clay Pots

A Walk to Remember

Gecko Drink

Fish Food

Feed the Birds

Wisteria Cottage

Christmas Garland

Santa Moon

Renaissance Cats

Floral English Bouquet

Gathering Flowers

My Kids Lying Down!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Fabulous Find For A Friday----A Historical House

This week we decided to buy a house.

Don't ask me why.

Maybe it was the fact that we are sick of renting.

Maybe it was the fact that this house has been on the market for almost a year.

Maybe it was the sunshine.

Maybe it was the fact that we love old houses and this one needed someone to love it.

Well, we went to see it on Sunday, then made an offer on Monday. We got the answer on Monday night, and went back in to try and work with the seller on Tuesday. By Wednesday, we were still trying to work something out between the seller and the mortgage company.

By Thursday night, we realized that it wasn't going to work. The seller wants to see if he can get something better right around the corner.

Its a Fabulous House! Especially if you like "history houses" (my son's very words) like we do.

This one is chock full of history. Built in 1716. A minister who was a Tory supporter lived there with his family, and when the Patiots came and tried to get him out, he was shot at.

The bullet holes are still right inside the entryway. The original door, however, is in a museum.
Well, you can't have everything.

In about 1880 they moved the house to its original location, therefore the foundation is in good condition, being so new and all...

If you want to see more of it, check it out here. Go on the website and click on Littleton. It is listed for $315,000. It is pretty cool, especially if you are into that kind of thing.'

Maybe he won't sell it and come begging us on hand and knee at the end of the summer to buy it.

Wouldn't that be the most glorious day ever?

Meanwhile, my son is quite disappointed. "What are we going to do now, Mom," he said. "We HAVE to live in a historical house---where will be find one now?"

Where indeed----in this world where most people are looking for a specific granite countertop in the house that they buy, and how big the spa tub is----where indeed.

The Historical house on King St.

The plaque by the front door.

Just inside the entryway---if you look really close you can see two of the bullet holes on the left side...

The dining room---very spacious for all my dinners.

The Master Bedroom---original beams throughout....sigh.....

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sight, Sound, Smell, Touch And Taste

One of my new blog friends, Cadance, who didn't really tag me about this idea, (but since I complained) said that I could go ahead and use it. (I first saw it on Little Pink Houses, though---great idea!)

So, the idea is to list your four favorites in each category of the senses, then list one thing that you detest---well, you get the idea.

1. Trees----with green leaves, fall leaves, or icy twigs,----I love the look of lots of trees.
2. Any child sleeping---they are the most beautiful sight ever.
3. Stars at night---when I lived in LA, I could never see them, so I relish them here in New England.
4. My children---all in one room, just enjoying each other.
5. Don't like the look of trash---so nasty looking---don't even start on the smell.

1. Music---any kind that relates to what I am feeling at the time...
2. The sound of Aydan's laughter---it is the cutest thing ever.
3. Applause---can't ever live without it----I will have to be doing my "rest home" show to keep getting it!
4. White noise. Can't live without it---it equals sleep in my book.
5. Can't handle traffic and honking in a large city. That is the down side of ever living in one.

1. Love clean smells, in perfume, soaps, and even my laundry.
2. Green grass or hay, especially when you are lying in it----and close to the ground.
3. The smell of my son's sweat....and the smell of my husbands neck---love to bury my nose and smell either of them.
4. Baby breath---the real thing, not the flower.
5. Can't stand that spicy sweet old lady perfume---please shoot me if I ever smell like that!

1. Any kind of texture! I have been known to brush up against someone just to touch a soft velvet or an amazing suede.
2. A bin filled with beans or rice---love that smooth feel.
3. Babies---soft, and smooth---the newness of their skin.
4. The feel of nature---rough bark, a fuzzy leaf, a soft flower petal---heavenly.
5. Do not like the feel of the old skin on my own body---you know---that skin under the arm...

1. Fresh raspberries---oh, so amazing!
2. Cheesecake---love the texture too.
3. King Crab Legs dipped in melted butter----yum...
4. Japanese Hot Pot food--in miso sauce---so amazing.
5. Hate mixed nuts---the taste, smell, or anything about them---bad memories! (its a long story)

Ok, so now I am going to tag a few people:

and anyone else that hasn't done this yet! It's fun!

Monday, March 09, 2009

I Am A Winner!

Oh, my gosh! I actually won something! I am so way excited----I just have to tell the blogging world because it is my first ever win---well, except for Omgirl, who is supposed to send me something this year. (And then I have to do the same to five people---I'm already a bit stressed about it.)

So, now that I finally found out---yes, it took one of my readers, Cadance, to congratulate me and I hadn't even seen it!

You have to understand that Mindi at Word To Your Mother writes like a wild woman---I am so jealous, as she is witty and fun and writes sometimes two or three posts a day. And since, I don't have the time to read them all----I try to catch up---but, well----I missed it!

But here it is---she did some amazing graphics to make my pic look like I was a star! It was like visiting my old modeling days again.

Oh, yeah---you can see what I won here.

I keep nominating myself on MMB, to give myself a boost, but this is the best win ever!

And all I have to do is a bit of whoring....that shouldn't be a problem.....nothing I can't handle....

Hmmm....maybe now's the time to try that new cellulite cream?

(**Disclaimer to all my conservative friends----I'm just kidding**)

Friday, March 06, 2009

Fabulous Find For A Friday----A Book

I love books.

I love stories.

I love words.

I just finished "The Book Thief" this morning, and like many before me, was very touched by this book. If you haven't read it, take the time to read it. It is very much worth it.

Not for just the story, which is moving and brought me to tears, but for the message----that words are one of the most important things that we possess. They can make you feel, can change your mind, can give you courage, can corrupt you, can soothe you, can touch your soul, and can even make you weep.

I still remember at a very young age looking at books. At first it was the pictures, the smell, the sturdiness, the fascination of what I would experience when I opened a book each time. Then, when I learned to read, I started to devour each book----sometimes not stopping to relish the cover or the feel and smell of each new book. It was like I couldn't get enough of reading. I had some rough times when I was growing up, (maybe someday I will reveal these trials---but not today) and I discovered that I could forget everything when I was reading.

Then, as I got a bit older and suffered from those awful stages of growing up, (I'm sure we have all been there) I realized that books were my best friends. I began to cherish each one. When I would go to the library, I would get so excited by the anticipation of what I would find there. It was like discovering new friends each time---but the hard part was when I had to take them back. I couldn't wait until the day that I could keep each book that I read, so that I could have my friends all around me all the time.

I still remember the love, yes love, that I would feel for each book. I found that I enjoyed reading all types of books----it was like a passion. I read voraciously. I would even read my older sister's Literature books, just to read the stories. My mother used to take my books away if I didn't get my chores done. She knew that it was the best way to punish me. I would do just about anything to get my books back!

When I was in junior high school, and even through high school, I couldn't wait for a period at school that was one that I could read in. I would often get my work done as quickly as possible in class, so that I could go back to my reading and put myself into another time and place. There were days that I remember walking to my next period/class in a daze----still totally immersed in the story that I had been reading.

In my first marriage, I didn't have an easy time. (This is another story that perhaps I will share someday---it isn't pretty.) I found that because I wasn't getting the love and positive feelings from my spouse I turned once more to books to fulfill a need that I couldn't find in my marriage. I read some pretty lousy romance type novels, as I longed for that feeling of first love again. I used books to get me through what I thought was a situation that would never end.

Thankfully, it did, and I was able, after 18 years, to move on in my life and find the amazing husband that I now have. He fulfills the gap that I had with my first husband and I find that I don't need to read those kind of books anymore. I can go back to just reading what ever I feel like----good literature----amazing stories.

So, now I still cherish books. I have this passion about owning each book that I read. People are amazed that I don't use the library to get my books from---and are quite perplexed by my conviction to own each book. I have tried to collect the books that I read in the past, also, as I was growing up. I sometimes frequent book sales at antique stores or flea markets in hopes of finding one of those books. And when I do, I get so excited. I pick up the book and caress it, holding it carefully as I open it to examine the words, and pages. The smell, the feeling of sturdiness, the images of where I was at that time in my life all come rushing back.

I have found my friend again. But this time, I can have it near.

I do have some favorite books. I once wrote a blog about some of them. I have read so many books, that I couldn't possibly list all of them or even remember all of them, so it is hard to compile a list, but you can read about some of my favorites here.

Also, if you ever decide to join Good Reads----or not----we can share books. Some of my books are here.

I re-read the post about some of favorite books and realized that I had written some of the same experiences that I just wrote about here----so just skip over that and go to the list of books----that's what is important, anyway.

Well, I started out writing about this great book that I found, "The Book Thief" and ended up writing too much about the "fabulous find" of books in general.

But I guess that it needed to be said.

So, read this book. It is my pick for this week as a fabulous find.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Does It Help To Freak Out?

Yesterday, I had a freak out.

I'm not going to deny it.

I have been gearing up for my new show, "Pirates Of Penzance" at my new theatre, The Cannon Theatre. It has been stressful, as I haven't had very many kids sign up for auditions and I have had it advertised for about a month.....or so, I thought.

We have this Action Ad paper---you know the one. It has short articles about the happenings around the few area towns, and then lots of ads in it. It comes out every week on Sat., and all you have to do to get your article in is to write it each week and turn it in before 5:00 on Wed. night.

Well, I used it for the tryouts for "A Little Princess" and for The Cannon Theatre Open House, and everything was peachy keen.

But, for some unknown reason, the Gods have not smiled upon me this time around, as I wrote the article and turned it in several different times, and IT WAS NOT IN THE BLOODY PAPER!

Ok,....since the tryouts are this week, I was a bit FREAKED OUT!

Or should I say.....CRYING, YELLING, FREAKING OUT kind of freaking out! (my hands are waving wildly as I am saying this----yes, I am THAT expressive)

I know that there are only a few places that I can post auditions, and one of these is this stupid ad paper.

So, in my anger, I call up my hubby to complain and get some sympathy. I am kind of crying and yelling about it and I feel like such a loser, and I need some validation for what I am doing, and....well, you get the picture.

So, what does he say to me?


(Tweet, tweet, tweet---the bird sounds)


Its not like we don't have to deal with juggling kids, and schedules, and dishes, and house cleaning, and parenting, and no sleeping, and G-parenting, and work, and bills, and getting more work for those bills, and cooking, and looking good all the time while doing it all....

And I hadn't had a good cry since, I don't know....must have been about 6 months.

Aren't I due?

So, I called the ad paper and asked why my article wasn't in there since I had sent it twice and they hadn't bothered to put it in there. She informed me that it all depended on the size of my article and what would fit on the pages.

Then I mentioned to her that this paper would probably not be the best place to put articles in, as they ARE A BUNCH OF DORKS and not to be trusted to deliver. (I really didn't yell at her---I WAS civil)

She responded that yes, I was probably right---if I wanted something out there, don't trust her paper.


So now I know.

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