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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Does It Help To Freak Out?

Yesterday, I had a freak out.

I'm not going to deny it.

I have been gearing up for my new show, "Pirates Of Penzance" at my new theatre, The Cannon Theatre. It has been stressful, as I haven't had very many kids sign up for auditions and I have had it advertised for about a month.....or so, I thought.

We have this Action Ad paper---you know the one. It has short articles about the happenings around the few area towns, and then lots of ads in it. It comes out every week on Sat., and all you have to do to get your article in is to write it each week and turn it in before 5:00 on Wed. night.

Well, I used it for the tryouts for "A Little Princess" and for The Cannon Theatre Open House, and everything was peachy keen.

But, for some unknown reason, the Gods have not smiled upon me this time around, as I wrote the article and turned it in several different times, and IT WAS NOT IN THE BLOODY PAPER!

Ok,....since the tryouts are this week, I was a bit FREAKED OUT!

Or should I say.....CRYING, YELLING, FREAKING OUT kind of freaking out! (my hands are waving wildly as I am saying this----yes, I am THAT expressive)

I know that there are only a few places that I can post auditions, and one of these is this stupid ad paper.

So, in my anger, I call up my hubby to complain and get some sympathy. I am kind of crying and yelling about it and I feel like such a loser, and I need some validation for what I am doing, and....well, you get the picture.

So, what does he say to me?


(Tweet, tweet, tweet---the bird sounds)


Its not like we don't have to deal with juggling kids, and schedules, and dishes, and house cleaning, and parenting, and no sleeping, and G-parenting, and work, and bills, and getting more work for those bills, and cooking, and looking good all the time while doing it all....

And I hadn't had a good cry since, I don't know....must have been about 6 months.

Aren't I due?

So, I called the ad paper and asked why my article wasn't in there since I had sent it twice and they hadn't bothered to put it in there. She informed me that it all depended on the size of my article and what would fit on the pages.

Then I mentioned to her that this paper would probably not be the best place to put articles in, as they ARE A BUNCH OF DORKS and not to be trusted to deliver. (I really didn't yell at her---I WAS civil)

She responded that yes, I was probably right---if I wanted something out there, don't trust her paper.


So now I know.

***By the by, if you want to check out my theatre web/blog, check it out here!***
And if you want to read about finding the theatre space and that experience, check it out here....


Vishous said...

Shawn is DOES help to freak out! I do it all the time. Once I have my freak out session and some good rest everything is better the next day.

You go girl!

Alyson (New England Living) said...

Sorry that you have to go through a freak out! That really stinks.

I hope it works out!

whirligigdaisy said...

That just stinks. So sorry for you. Is this theatre back east? Too bad. If it were in Utah County, I'd bring my daughter to try out. Go ahead. Freak out. We all understand.

Mrs. Organic said...

I think a good freak out helps to clear the mind. That way you get the emotion out and can think more clearly how to proceed.

I hope all goes well with the tryouts.

Jewels said...

Freak outs are always a good thing! I have a breakdown every now and then, it sort of gives me clarity. Not to mention you were completely justified. I still can't believe that the chick actually said her paper wasn't the best place to put an ad. Wha?? Nice.

I hope you have many people come audition for your show, I'm sure it will be a smashing success!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Better to freak out when you are freaked out than to let it build until you freak out over something that really doesn't warrant freakiness. People will just think you're a freak. I just dosed myself with Nyquil - so this may not be as funny as it seems to me right now...

bernthis said...

I have to laugh at how this woman basically tells you, "Yeah, we suck". Sorry you had to go through this.

Cadance said...

Isn't it great to have a place you can can "get-it-all-out!"

If we lived near you I'd bring my son over...he has been talking about doing something like that. I was gonna sign him up for a theater class but the age cut off is 9...and he just turned 10.

My husband visits the Apollo (in Manhattan) frequently for his work...I'd love to see something performed there...such history!

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