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Friday, February 27, 2009

I Want, Want, Want.....Need, Need, Need

A friend of mine sent me a link to a really cool purse organizer that she had just bought. She got it in the mail and LOVES it! So, of course she had to show it to me and go on and on about how much she loves it, etc., etc.

So, of course, me being, I WANT IT!

Of course, it is practical, especially if you carry your life in your purse like I do. AND you like to have several purses a year, one with each season, or one with each outfit, or just one for each mood,...whateveh....

Come on, ladies, 'fess up, you know some of you do!

So, here is the little number:

Isn't it cool how you can take it apart if you have a purse with two sides in it? Or that it is actually big enough for a book----so that means that I could fit my daytimer/wallet in there!

What...YOU don't have a wallet that is as big as a hard-bound best seller? Well, I pity you then, I truly do----but at least you would have space for it!

Oh, I am so excited about this one. I could actually have a new fetish for purses!!

....To add to my fetish for shoes, clothes, hats, and all things accessories.

I think that I will call this day.....Fantastic Friday!

Or should that be Fabulous Finds Friday? Hmmmmm, yes, I like the sound of it....

So-----lets hear about your fabulous finds.

Come on,.....bring it!!

***Oh, dear, I am feeling an alliteration moment coming on....Fabulous Finds for Fetishs on a Friday?***


jennie w. said...

I haven't found anything fabulous in a long time. I need more fabulous in my life.

Vishous said...

Well...I already told you about blurb. Which is not very expensive by the way my hardcover book was like 45 bucks with 120 pages in it.

Sooooo I love purses LOVE. I just bought this one in Park City purple leather and I feel the same way I need things to organize my crap with. I am tired of caring my purse and then a book bag haha.

Mrs. Organic said...

I have a purse problem and this would help tremendously. Half the trouble in using a different bag is in the transfer of the goods.

Great find!

Michele Horne said...

Good lord! What the heck are you carrying in your purse? I carry an extra diaper & wipes in my purse and still couldn't fill that thing up!

Cadance said...

Totally with you on the purse situation! I can't carry around any of my cute little coach purses anymore 'cause every thing does not fit! I basically carry a cute bowling bag now..L☺L! Don't know if this is a "find" as much as it's a "tip"! I don't have one of those organization purse things...but I like my system...I have many little cute "cosmetic-type" bags (you know the ones you get free with a purchase of cosmetic) inside my has small emergency make-up in it. One has emergency med stuff for the kids like chew-able tylenol, band-aids, alcohol wipes, and on that ones zipper I have the small hand-sanitizer-to-go hooked to it. One has wipes extra undies for my youngest just in-case (used to be a diaper but we are potty-trained now!) Then there is my wallet. A bag of emergency snack/candy to pacify/bribe my children (did I just say that!?) Then it is Super Simple to switch out purses...just move the cute bags to a new purse...PLUS I L❤VE that things are NOT lost at the bottom of my purse and I know which bag to grab if I'm looking for certain things!

Shawn said...

Wow! Some amazing thoughts, ladies!

Thanks for visiting my humble blog---I am a gal that loves comments...

You guys rocked my universe!

Michele, I have a makeup bag, huge wallet/daytimer, pills for migraines, cranberry pills, Ibuprophen, contact solution, lotion, throat spray (for singers),
hand cleaner, contact case, eye drops, pictures of the kids, and of course, gum!!

And Cadence----holy crap, you are organized, girl---so impressed!

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

What? No link?

Shawn said...

Oh, no!!!!

Sorry, I forgot the link----so bad...

Bad, bad, bad blogger.

I will never live this down.

(said very shamefaced)

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