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Sunday, February 08, 2009

10 Things I LoveThat Start With the Letter B

There are so many wonderful things about blogging and the blogging world. I have made new friends and even met some of them---but thats another story.

But in the process, I have started reading some new amazing blogs, and one of those is this one. Omgirl did an entry for her blog on a letter that was given to her, (?) Ok, so I'm not really clear about that part---I guess I need to re-read the explanation, but who the heck cares, right?

The important thing is that she gave me the letter "B", and I am supposed to write ten things that I love that start with this letter. So, here goes: (These are not in order of importance, by the way)

1. BERRIES! I love berries----my favorite fruit. Raspberries are the bomb, blueberries make me happy, strawberries are so delicious!

2. BRIMFIELD! This is the coolest outdoor Antiques/flea market in the country! We go every year and love to wander through 6 football fields of vendors---about 3000---(that is about how big it is) It is held about 40 minutes from our house, near Sturbridge, in May, July and Sept. We like to go on the last day----it goes over five days----because you can get great deals as most of the vendors don't want to take back anything to their stores, etc. The vendors come from all over the country, so you get a huge variety of furniture and collectables. We have gotten most of our large antique furniture there.

3. BOOTS! I love to wear boots in the fall/winter time. I like to get new boots every few years, and wear them all season long. They are great, as my feet are always cold and I can get some smoofy socks with a bit of wool in them and my toes keep toasty! I like them high on the calf or I like my little 60's style boots---pointy toes and small heel----ankle boot----so cool.

4. BRET! My hubby is such a fabulous man, despite the fact that he is sometimes annoying and stubborn, but then he is a man, so that can't be helped. Otherwise, he is a sensitive, quiet, giving man, who does things for everyone and hardly ever thinks of himself. He is my best friend and I feel blessed every day for being so lucky to have him by my side.

5. BOOKS! They have been my best friends for most of my life. When I was younger, I read non-stop, and my mother even took my books away for punishment, if I wasn't getting things done. I still love books, and wish that I had more time to read. I take about 15 minutes each night to read and try to also read once in a while in the morning for 1/2 hour. I love good writing and have a whole list of favorites----check those out on my Goodreads, if you are interested in some of them.

6. BIRTHDAYS! My mom was always big on birthdays, and I kind of inherited this love from her. I always have tried to make my kids birthdays extra special days,----sometimes going to sing to them at their schools when they were young, (they probably didn't like it too much, but I think secretly it made them feel special) writing a personal ditty about them so as to embarrass them just a bit. I love interesting and different birthday parties, and always loved to come up with something new. I love giving presents and enjoy spending money on those that I love----it makes me happy!

7. BED! My bed is my escape from the real world. I love my bed with its firm mattress, and Memory Foam topper. (is that what they are called?) I travel a lot with the band, but am always so excited to be back in my bed after a long trip. There is no other feeling like it! Its one of those "aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh" moments....

8. BRACELETS! I really enjoy jewelry, even though I was told by my first husband that I didn't. (I think that it was an excuse to not have to ever get me any.....huh!) But I really love earrings, rings and yes, bracelets. There are always two or three that I wear all the time---they never come off,----they are sentimental, you might say.

9. BLUE! This used to be my favorite color, and even though I tend to favor green more now, I always love to have a bit of blue in the mix somewhere---unless its during the winter, when I use reds, greens and golds. Color is one of my favorite things----some days I just crave it!

10. BLOGGING! When my daughter suggested that I blog a few years ago, I thought that it was a great way to vent. To be able to get some things off my proverbial chest and put a little humor in it once in a while. I have now realized that it is so much more. I have been able to connect to other people and even make some new friends. I love the connection between bloggers---kind of like a cool club---it is so nice to read about so many interesting people that I would have otherwise not had the opportunity to meet or might not ever meet, but I feel some kind of junction, of sorts.

Well, these are the best that I could do. It was pretty fun trying to think of things starting with this letter, even though I couldn't touch on most of the things that I usually classify as my favorites. So, if you decide to do the same exercise, let me know, so I can check it out on your blog!


Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

I did not know, before a minute ago, the word "smoofy." I am so happy to have it in my vocabulary. Thank you so much for the education and the letter B thanks you too.

Jewels said...

Brimfield! I saw a show about that months ago when my husband was at work. It looked so rad! I called him and said, "Guess what we're doing next Summer?" No lie, I totally want to go...

jennie w. said...

I completely concur with your list (except I don't love your husband). Love bracelets, berries, bed and birthdays A LOT!

Vishous said...

I LOVE books too! And goodreads....why are we not friends on there?

Renaissance Woman said...

This was fun to read. I think it's fun that you picked a letter and created a list of "loves"

Kate Coveny Hood said...

You got a letter that is the first letter in your husband's name?? If I got the letter C, I would probably (unwittingly) come up with ten things other than my husband and get a whole earful about it later... At least that sounds like something that would happen to me.

Shawn said...

Oh, Lynne---smoofy is the best word ever! There is nothing like getting all smoofy in your bed at night...its what I use for my kids.

And, Jewels, PLEASE come and go to Brimfield with us---it is the most fun thing to do---ever!

And Vishous---just put my name in for your friend on goodreads---that would be cool---we can compare books.

Likely said...

I linked from a friend's blog and I just have to mention that my mom used to sing the quoted song in your header to us all the time as children when she wanted us to help her with the chores. Seeing it made me chuckle.

Your blog is fun! You are so lively and funky. I love it. I need to know where Brimfield is. I adore flea markets.

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