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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Am I Really That Depressing?

The other day, I was having a online chat with someone and I mentioned to her that I had been having a bad month. It seems sometimes that when bad things rain, they pour! She said that she had been having a bad day and mentioned it to a friend and that said friend brought her over a cookie bouquet to cheer her up.

"Wow!", I thought, "Why don't I get things like that?" Then, I mentioned to her that I had put on my Facebook account how I was having a bad week and really could use some positive comments or something to cheer me up. But I didn't get one person that bothered to respond or even give me a "its ok, I hear you---hang in there" kind of message.

She replied that it seemed like I was always having a rough time, so why was it different this week---maybe thats why no one responded. this comment really hit me hard.

I started to think about it and wonder if I am just turning into my Dad---always gloom and doom. (sorry Dad, but you are that way sometimes...) Is it true that when I talk about my life, that I never talk about the positive things?
Am I so wrapped up in my own misery that I don't reach out to others who need some uplifting? My husband says that I am negative, and I always thought that I was a realist....

Maybe he is right...

...And that scares the pa-hookeys out of me!!

No wonder I don't have many friends. No wonder my children are all scared of me. No wonder I am not understood in California. (you have to live there to know what I mean) No wonder I should be living in NYC. (the town with all the B**ahs)

Well, I am turning a new leaf.

This next Sunday, when someone asks me how things are going, I am going to reply, (with a big ole grin) "Great---never better!" Then, when I talk to cashiers at the store, I will always smile and tell them that I am having a great day when they ask. I am going to put positive things on my blog from now on instead of going off about things that bug me about my life.

I am going to start to be positive, dang it!! Because, after all, I have a lot to be happy about. I have an amazing husband, an adorable eight year old at home, four grown fantastic children, four adorable G-babies, a roof over my head, a lot of clothes and shoes and more talents than most people! (I say this in all humility...)

So, if I'm not positive, I want you to remind me. Nicely, of course, and tactfully, because it takes a while to change and make something into a habit.

I'm already feeling better about myself. I am planning on going merrily throughout every day, grinning from ear to ear and spreading positive cheer everywhere!

Well.....unless someone pisses me off.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

What The...?

Ok, so I just finally checked back onto my blog today. Its been most of the week, as I haven't had the time, as I had my first summer camp this week. Yes, it turned out nicely, thank you for asking. I was a genius, I must admit and only lost it one time, when one of the boys started jumping on my couch in the lobby/waiting room area.

Why do kids have to do things like that? Don't parents teach these kids any respect for anything anymore? (lots of "anys" there)

But, of course, I digress.

I had put several ads by Google on my blog, thinking that I would make, oh, I don't know, some extra cash from all four people that read my blog, when they clicked on the ad to check it out. So, normally, I don't really notice them.

But, boy howdy, I am going to start reading them from now on!!!!!

Today, I have an ad on there about men's bras.

Yeah, you heard me right, Men's bras.

Ok, so I must be naive, because I didn't really know about them, and how the heck did they get that idea to advertise on my sight for something like that? The ads usually have something to do with my posts, so its usually pretty cool, but MEN'S BRAS???

Say no more, say no more...

Wikipedia has this to say:

A brassiere (Brit. /'bɹæzɪə(ɹ)/; U.S. /bɹə'ziɹ/, commonly referred to as a bra, /bɹɑ/) is an article of clothing that covers, supports, and elevates the breasts.

The bra is considered a foundation garment, as well as an undergarment, because of its role in shaping the wearer's figure. It was originally developed in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries to replace the corset, and has now become, in many parts of the world, the defacto method for supporting a woman's breasts.

Note the word woman. Hmmm, they didn't know either.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Missing: My Old Body

I am missing my old body.

It has been missing for about four years now, and I have finally decided to ask for help to find it.

Maybe you have seen it? It was quite attractive, with great legs, firm muscles, and very thin----yes, definitely very thin. It was very good at getting around, hardly ever tired, even when it didn't get a lot of sleep. My old body was able to eat as much as it wanted, also, and was able to burn it off after one night of dancing.

Did I mention that it was so fun to buy clothes for my old body? It was able to fit into small sizes and practically everything hung well on it---ahhh---fashion was made for my old body!

Now, don't think that I haven't tried before to get my old body back. I have tried on my own. There are people out there that have taken money and promised that they would return my old body, but they have lied and not brought it back. I keep trying different people, but they just take the money and I never get my old body back.

I have tried to get over losing my old body. I have read many articles that say that you should just let it go and move on, get used to your new body. They say that you shouldn't keep trying to find your old one....

But I can't.

I don't like the new one. I don't like the lumps and bumps, and how it can't move as fast as it used to. I don't like how it doesn't look good in everything that it puts on, and has to be dressed differently to make up for the extra weight. It even has a nasty habit of jiggling no matter how many exercises that it gets. And don't even start on the nasty veins and cellulite!

And so, my reader, please help me find my old body. I will listen to your suggestions as to where I can find it. I will never lose hope, you see. I refuse to give up on it---it is too precious to me. After all, it bore five children, moved all over the country, got a second husband, had several surgeries, and still managed to survive and look great!

Oh.........and please be kind, as my new body can't take too much grief. It doesn't quite bounce back like my old one.
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