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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Am I Really That Depressing?

The other day, I was having a online chat with someone and I mentioned to her that I had been having a bad month. It seems sometimes that when bad things rain, they pour! She said that she had been having a bad day and mentioned it to a friend and that said friend brought her over a cookie bouquet to cheer her up.

"Wow!", I thought, "Why don't I get things like that?" Then, I mentioned to her that I had put on my Facebook account how I was having a bad week and really could use some positive comments or something to cheer me up. But I didn't get one person that bothered to respond or even give me a "its ok, I hear you---hang in there" kind of message.

She replied that it seemed like I was always having a rough time, so why was it different this week---maybe thats why no one responded. this comment really hit me hard.

I started to think about it and wonder if I am just turning into my Dad---always gloom and doom. (sorry Dad, but you are that way sometimes...) Is it true that when I talk about my life, that I never talk about the positive things?
Am I so wrapped up in my own misery that I don't reach out to others who need some uplifting? My husband says that I am negative, and I always thought that I was a realist....

Maybe he is right...

...And that scares the pa-hookeys out of me!!

No wonder I don't have many friends. No wonder my children are all scared of me. No wonder I am not understood in California. (you have to live there to know what I mean) No wonder I should be living in NYC. (the town with all the B**ahs)

Well, I am turning a new leaf.

This next Sunday, when someone asks me how things are going, I am going to reply, (with a big ole grin) "Great---never better!" Then, when I talk to cashiers at the store, I will always smile and tell them that I am having a great day when they ask. I am going to put positive things on my blog from now on instead of going off about things that bug me about my life.

I am going to start to be positive, dang it!! Because, after all, I have a lot to be happy about. I have an amazing husband, an adorable eight year old at home, four grown fantastic children, four adorable G-babies, a roof over my head, a lot of clothes and shoes and more talents than most people! (I say this in all humility...)

So, if I'm not positive, I want you to remind me. Nicely, of course, and tactfully, because it takes a while to change and make something into a habit.

I'm already feeling better about myself. I am planning on going merrily throughout every day, grinning from ear to ear and spreading positive cheer everywhere!

Well.....unless someone pisses me off.


maryn said...

mom, i think that this is really really awesome.

i don't think that you're extremely negative, but i think that making an effort to think extra positively is really going to make you, if nothing else, feel a lot better about yourself and help you remember all the great things you're blessed with, as well as letting you remember to notice more of the beautiful things around you that you might miss with a storm-cloud over your head blocking out all the sunlight.
i know i've been trying to be more positive, and the most important thing to help i think, is to surround yourself at all times with positive people and things. which seems pretty obvious, but it's amazing how one mean-spirited or negative person or event can change your entire day from good to bad.

i'm really proud of you and i love you so so much, no matter what, happy or sad, grumpy or cheerful (duh).

have an awesome day, and good luck!!

-maryn (of the lucky 5)

Lisa said...

fake it 'till you make it, after all. That's what I'm trying to do, too. When people say "Oh, your husband's out of town and you're ALL ALONE for ONE MONTH. . . blah blah" and I see the pity in their eyes (that they're NOT ME), I just smile and say "Oh it's going great! AWESOME!" ;0) I'll think of you when I say it, too. . .
Keep in mind: you're awesome and FUN, you have great taste in clothes, music, tv, and you have the best daughter in the world!

The Bakers said...

Well, not that I know you all that well, but that never occurred to me since I've been reading and all! I've always felt a blog was a place you could gush and feel ok about it. And sometimes, we just have bad days...or months. But turning over a positive leaf is never a bad thing!!

Heather said...

HMMMM. What can I say. At this point in my life almost everyday is a bad day. But, I always say that someone else is having a harder time than me and I should be grateful for what I have. I am moving my kids again after only being in this house for a few months (kinda feel like you) LOL. My girls are happy and they make me happy,that is all that matters. BTW you big PITA (I will let you figure out what that stands for) per your facebook no one posts comments on your blog, I have! Stay positive!

Shawn said...

Thank you all for your encouraging remarks...

Maryn---you are awesome also---you know how much I love you---infinity plus one!

Lisa---you are soooo amazing and I hear it from Hailey almost twice a go, girl! Your hubby is a LUCKY guy.

Hannah---thanks for the encouragement!

Heather---you and I are a lot alike--in weird ways... Heh, heh.
Keep those cute girls close to you and it won't matter how much you move---just ask my not...
Love you!

Elly said...

Good luck with this! Me, I think I enjoy my complaining to much to turn over a new leaf just yet. Come read my post about my kids trying to keep their cousins straight--Aydan in particular!

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