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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sight, Sound, Smell, Touch And Taste

One of my new blog friends, Cadance, who didn't really tag me about this idea, (but since I complained) said that I could go ahead and use it. (I first saw it on Little Pink Houses, though---great idea!)

So, the idea is to list your four favorites in each category of the senses, then list one thing that you detest---well, you get the idea.

1. Trees----with green leaves, fall leaves, or icy twigs,----I love the look of lots of trees.
2. Any child sleeping---they are the most beautiful sight ever.
3. Stars at night---when I lived in LA, I could never see them, so I relish them here in New England.
4. My children---all in one room, just enjoying each other.
5. Don't like the look of trash---so nasty looking---don't even start on the smell.

1. Music---any kind that relates to what I am feeling at the time...
2. The sound of Aydan's laughter---it is the cutest thing ever.
3. Applause---can't ever live without it----I will have to be doing my "rest home" show to keep getting it!
4. White noise. Can't live without it---it equals sleep in my book.
5. Can't handle traffic and honking in a large city. That is the down side of ever living in one.

1. Love clean smells, in perfume, soaps, and even my laundry.
2. Green grass or hay, especially when you are lying in it----and close to the ground.
3. The smell of my son's sweat....and the smell of my husbands neck---love to bury my nose and smell either of them.
4. Baby breath---the real thing, not the flower.
5. Can't stand that spicy sweet old lady perfume---please shoot me if I ever smell like that!

1. Any kind of texture! I have been known to brush up against someone just to touch a soft velvet or an amazing suede.
2. A bin filled with beans or rice---love that smooth feel.
3. Babies---soft, and smooth---the newness of their skin.
4. The feel of nature---rough bark, a fuzzy leaf, a soft flower petal---heavenly.
5. Do not like the feel of the old skin on my own body---you know---that skin under the arm...

1. Fresh raspberries---oh, so amazing!
2. Cheesecake---love the texture too.
3. King Crab Legs dipped in melted butter----yum...
4. Japanese Hot Pot food--in miso sauce---so amazing.
5. Hate mixed nuts---the taste, smell, or anything about them---bad memories! (its a long story)

Ok, so now I am going to tag a few people:

and anyone else that hasn't done this yet! It's fun!


Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

It will take me a day or two to get to this but I will.

Shoot you? Well, if you get old nad infirm and Dr. Kvorkian isn't around just splash on some Evening in Paris and wait for it, death will come swiftly.

Michele Horne said...

Gotta say, I LOVE king crab legs and cheesecake! Great, now I am craving seafood.

WendyB said...

Fun answers!

Mrs. Organic said...

I just popped in looking for your Friday Finds. no pressure or anything. :)

The only thing I haven't tried on your taste list is the King Crab legs. I'm afraid I'd be spoiled for any other kind of seafood.

Cadance said...

oh...I love all your tastes...they are making me so hungry!...I don't like mixed nuts either....but I don't have a story behind them...just don't prefer them=)....I'd love to hear your long story someday though...sounds like a blog post for another day!!! LOL!

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