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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Post When I Touch Upon My Celebrity Trip #3...Or Is It #4----I Am Starting To Lose Track

As you all know, I have been traveling every week and/or weekend all summer. I have had some crazy trips, as you have read, and the trip to Pennyslvania and Long Island was one such a trip---as we drove once again in our bus----with me squished in the back seat between a keyboard stand and a monitor. I was the only one that could sit back there, as I am the skinniest one in the band. (Well---Steve and Rick might be skinnier---but they are guys and their bone structures are a bit bigger----at least that's what I tell myself.)

The trip went pretty well----once again driving through the night, and getting no sleep, but arriving in enough time to take a nap, and recoup for the gig. Then it was back in the bus and on to Long Island, New York. I was really excited for this gig, as I had an amazing blogger friend that thought that she was going to be able to make it! I was es. tac. tic!

I have to do a bit of an ADHD moment here, as I mention that I had another blogger come to one of my gigs in Connecticut a few weeks before. I have tried several times to do blogger "bashes" where bloggers in my New England area come and meet somewhere-----Brimfield---and then the gig in Conn.-----ring any bells?

But alas, alack, no one came to Brimfield and only ONE fantastic, phenomonal, amazing blogger came to the gig in Conn.!! I got to meet RAE and her darling children, as she greeted me backstage----and of course, I had forgotten my camera----so Steve, the drummer took a pic of us---sent it to my phone----and two days later, my phone died.....

Yes, this is a true story.
(Sigh...) Still, you should check out her great blog----she is so bubbly and fun and seems like an amazing mother! Thanks so much, Rae, for making my DAY!!

Ok, so now back to my story. The highlight of this particular trip (remember the one to PA and LI?) was definitely the visit from my good blogger friend, CADANCE. She came to the Smithtown outdoor gig, and endured the heat and humidity to stay and watch the show. She is GORGEOUS, by the way---and her hubby is a hunk and a half. The guys in the band were drooling over her, and they all wanted to meet her, of course! She brought me some beautiful flowers and remembered that I was addicted to bubble gum----and brought me a tin of bubble gum!! How superb is that?

She is not only beautiful, but she is so giving, gracious, writes practically every day, has a great wit, and is a terrific mother! You DEFINITELY have to check out her blog!

Here is Steve and Dan in front of him----in the bus-----again.... the spectacular theatre where the venue was. This is the stage....

....and this is the view from the stage! to be performing at this great theatre.

The immense dressing room....

....with even individual dressing rooms for MOI!

The morning after----on the bus.....again.

New York

At the Smithtown Library park----when we were setting up for sound check....

....and after the show----with the gorgeous Cadance!

And here we all are----Cadance, Me, Rick and her hubby, S. (she kept crouching down, cause she was so tall compared to us----I only wear flats on stage as I dance like a maniac, so
I appear quite short.)

The bee-you-tee-full flowers and adorable tin filled with bubble gum that
Cadance gave me----isn't she the sweetest thing ever?

Well----that was it.

The next one is going to be about "take" on Brazil.

I promise.


Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

WOW... how fun is that!!! Those blogs look fun I've never read either! I wish I lived on the East Coast so I could come to one of your gigs girl!

You are beautiful BTW!

Kristina P. said...

I am so jealous you got to meet Cadance, and that she got to meet you. What a great time you must always have!

Renee said...

It looks like you had such a nice time! Glad to read about your gigs and see a bit of the backstage life! Very fun!

Mrs. Organic said...

I want to know your secret, how do you always manage to looks so great when traveling (and always). You never look weary, just beautiful

Jan said...

How fun for all involved. What a great gig to go and be able to meet people on the road as well. Blogging really does bring people together.

Can't wait for you to take us away to Brazil.

Alyson (New England Living) said...

Hey, you can blame my ward and my hubby for not being able to meet you at Brimfield! Stupid scout trip!

You guys both look beautiful!! Looking forward to being able to meet with you someday soon.

Kado! said...

That was such a FUN night...meeting you and watching your concert!!! We loved it! seems harder to meet bloggers over here on the East-coast I think most people live in! =)

I love that theater you guys got to play was beautiful!!!

can't wait to follow along on your next blogging adventure!

carma said...

If you ever have any gigs in the Southeast, please let me know. I would soooo love to see you and the band. You and Candace BOTH look beautiful. You look so cute in the black and blue top. I love that you get on out there and do so much :-)

Looking forward to the Brazil update!

Melissa B. said...

Superior Snaps! Unfortunately, my travels have taken me more south and west this summer. I'd love to attend one of your gigs, though!

Omgirl said...

You must be having a BLAST. I know I would be!!!

miche said...

You ARE quite the celebrity Shawn. Great pics!

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