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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mia Michaels----Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

As you know, I am a woman that likes change.

Yes, it kind of gives me a thrill to do something different, to move to a new place, to meet new people, to try out a new trend, to shake things up a bit.

But there are some things that I don't like about change. Especially when it has to do with my favorite TIVO'd shows. I don't like it if they change an actor on a favorite series----like MI-5. You haven't heard of it? Well, its on BBC and it was a great show about an under, under ground espionage group----even deeper than the FBI----and it starred that hottie actor, Matthew MacFayden. It was the only reason I watched it.

Then they changed the actor.

You heard it right----they GOT a new actor! My hottie left the show, and well.....I watched it two more times, guessed it, I stopped.

Now, one of my favorite shows is "So You Think You Can Dance." I took some dance in college, but am mostly self-taught----and absolutely love to dance-----and I love to choreograph, so a big part of that show is watching the choreography.

And yes, one of my favorite choreographers on the show was Mia Michaels.

I love her! Yes, I do.....yes, I do. She is BRILLIANT! Her choreography is quirky, stylized, refreshing, passionate, and full of soul. I think that her personality is even amazing, as she tells it like she sees it----doesn't mess around----I think that its refreshing.

I even love her personal style. When I first started watching her on the show, I was inspired by her hair styles. I get so bored with my hair and yearn for change, so I am constantly trying to figure out how to accomplish that change.

And she inspired me. (Well, if truth be told, Pink was the other half of my latest hair trend inspiration....)

This is pretty much what my hair started out like, about a year or so ago...

....and don't you just ADORE this picture----the strength, poise, and creativeness of it?

And then, this year, she had gone for the longer-ish look.

My all time favorite picture of strong, sultry.

And here is her latest phenomonal creation on the Canadian SYTYCD-----it BLEW ME AWAY!!

Do I have a gal crush on her? Well, maybe, in a kind of admiration, jealously, type of way.

But now I don't get to see her brilliant inventive dances anymore. She announced that she was leaving the show, even though the executive producer, Nigel, refused to agree that she was gone for good----hmmmm.

Well, I shall miss her. I really will.

Did you notice that she cropped off all of her hair for her last time at judging? I tried to find a picture of it, but couldn't.

It made me yearn for a change. It made me want to cut mine all off.

So, I was thinking...........that in honor of Mia not being on SYTYCD anymore, that I would chop off all of my hair. You know, just a buzz cut.

No big deal. What do you think? Do I dare?

My take on Mia's "do"....(with a new rockin headband--yeah)

And after?


Kristina P. said...

If anyone could pull it off, it's you!

Mrs. Organic said...

Kristina totally stole my line. I like your take on her 'do. Prett-ay!

She reminds me a little of Annie Lennox (hair-wise).

The Rambler said...

I love short dos. My face couldn't pull it off, but YOU are gorgeous so you could be bald with a tattoo and you'd still look smoking hot :)

Rachel said...


Hailey said...

I'm still in denial about the whole Mia thing.

Remember when you cut your hair when I was in 5th grade and I was mortified? I guess you live thousands of miles away now so I can't be embarrassed by anything you do...

The Bakers said...

I have ALWAYS wanted to buzz my head...ALWAYS. If I hadn't just decided to grow mine out, I would CUT MINE TOO!!

Alyson (New England Living) said...

You, my friend, could pull of anything! You have a stunning face. Good luck on the decision. :)

I was sad to hear she left too.

carma said...

with your bone structure, you could do it fer sure. And it will always grow if you don't like it.

I had a buzz cut my senior year in high school, but my features aren't quite as flattering *cough* big nose *cough*

It was so carefree though that I had fun with it.

My husband hates my hair short so I won't be doing that anytime soon. I've gotta agree with him that longer frames my face and looks better on me.

Looking forward to you posting the pics!

tiburon said...

Shave it! Shave it! Shave it!!

I think you would look RAD!!!!!!

M-Cat said...

You and ONLY you could do this. I'll admit, I was shocked when I saw Mia the other night, but dude, if a girls got the gonads to do it, I say, GO FOR IT!

Mom n Pop Wilson said...

I dare you!:)

Julie said...

Now I reAlLLlly want to see the after.. but, honestly, you can pull off anything! You are gorgeous... I have never ever liked my hair short...I can't pull it off...but you, you could be bald...ahhh...i wish! xxx

La Mere Joie said...

I like your hair now, but that's the wonderful thing about hair. It grows back! You could totally do it. :)

Kate Coveny Hood said...

You can make anything look good! Can't wait to see what you do.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

You'd look good with your head shaved, even.

kado! said...

yep...i gotta agree...only you could pull it off and look HOT...i would scare people!

...can't wait to see the "after"

Melissa B. said...

LOVE the's so YOU!

Omgirl said...

First off, let me say that I am so sad to hear about Mia Michaels leaving the show! Although I find her to be self-righteous beeyotch at times, she is an absolutely brilliant choreographer. Brilliant.

Secondly, I was not so in love with her most recent hair adventure. Honestly, I wouldn't recommend it, Shawn. You look so cute as you are! But then, you also have one of the few faces I know that could carry off a buzz cut. So maybe you should try it!

(p.s. If you go back and watch first season of Mia Michaels on SYTYCD, her hair is so NORMAL. It's funny to see the progression towards crazy. Where does she have to go from here???)

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