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Friday, May 15, 2009

Fabulous Find For A Friday-----Rachael Yamagata

I have been trying to be very diverse in my features and finds on my Fridays. Have you noticed?

I have gotten a bit of organizing, reading, fashion, makeup, movies, antiques fair, amazing hubby, shoes all in there, but I realized that I hadn't really touched on music, which is the center of my life.

Now.........I am asked all the time what my favorite music is.

I can't EVER answer that. NEVER.

Why? You ask. Well, because it all depends on my mood, the weather, what I'm wearing, what I ate, do I feel like dancing, if I am walking, or am I in a beautiful place of nature, etc.

You get it, right?

Now, If you have read my blog for very long or know me, you know that I am obsessed with Sting. I was even able to hang out with him once-----oh, yes, you can read about it HERE.

But I am always on the look out for new artists or songs that move me.

Another passion of mine are movies-----and if you haven't read about that, I have blogged about that HERE.

Luckily these two mediums sometimes work together to create deep feelings. Emotions that I love having, as they create something that can take me from my sometimes stressful and/or mundane life. Movies and music can transport you away.

And, well, its one of my favorite things to do.

This said, a few months ago----maybe about five months, I was watching an independent film. I usually watch these movies while I am exercising----they are usually foreign films or independent ones, as those are the ones that I enjoy the most. If you are curious, you can read more about my day HERE. It sometimes takes me several days to watch a film, as I only walk or do my Bowflex for about 1/2 hour to 45 minutes.

Well, this day, as the film was ending-----and no, I don't remember what the film was----but I know that it was good. The film was ending and this haunting song started playing. I had to sit down and listen to it. It was so beautiful and the music just went so well with the end of the movie.

I had to find out who did the song. I waited for all the credits to roll through and there it was:
"Meet Me By The Water", by Rachael Yamagata.

The song is actually on her CD, Happenstance, which came out in 2004,

but she just released a new CD this year, Elephants----Teeth Sinking Into Heart. Check it out!

I was really impressed with her voice as it has a smoky quality to it, reminiscent of an old French cabaret singer in the 30's. She, at first, comes across as having a rather----what I would call----wispy voice, (you know, a bit breathy) but after a bit more of a listen, you realize that she has a strength about her, that she can really let go and get a gutsy sound.

Apparently she has opened for such bands as Coldplay and Liz Phair, and just this week she was on the TV show 30 Rock---along with many other recording artists. She has had a lot of setbacks, but has tried to overcome them and continue producing her music. This article gives a bit of her background also.

So, take a listen to her music----its on my playlist-----and see what you think.

I think that you will be impressed.....


Kristina P. said...

Ooooh, I really like her!

Melissa said...

Me likey!

jennie w. said...

I like her too. I've got an itunes card burning a hole in my pocket, so maybe I'll add some Rachel to my playlists.

Cadance said...

I'm like that with music...totally depends on my mood....& HEY! Don't hold it against me about the Paula Abdul was in the 80's...and it was a birthday gift....and I was a sheltered Mormon I ♥ed it! =)

zelzee said...

Love her..............I am a sucker for those smoky, sexy, haunting voices.

I'm all over the place with my music, too.
I do love a Rod or Bon Jovi to get me moving.........

Melissa B. said...

I'm always interested in "discovering" new artists, especially ones whom are recommended to me. Thanks, and I'll check Rachael out! And BTW...don't forget today's Silly Sunday Sweepstakes. We're swimming with the "Big Fish" today!

Mom n Pop Wilson said...

I had to take a minute to listen to your music pics. Some of them brought back a few memories--Brothers Four, Three Dog Night. That's one thing that has become a rather low priority in my life. I rarely listen to music because I get tired of what I have and don't take the time to find new stuff. Thanks for the recommendation!

carma said...

You got to hang out with Sting? How cool is that!!!! BTW, I've got some blog bling for you over on my site :-)
BTW, the good thing about the slime is that it is odorless!


Megg said...

Have you ever written about hot pot yet? A must!

Anti-Supermom said...

Very jealous that you got to meet Sting - how awesome is that?!

Love your recent music pick

Thanks for stopping and leaving a comments, it's appreciated very much.

dapper kid said...

Wow, just checked it out, and what a beautiful song! I always end up looking up movie soundtracks after movies I enjoyed. Listening to the soundtrack songs in full gives you a better feel for the mood of the movie, plus you find the most amazing new songs :)

Karen said...

Never heard of her, but I'm going to check her out!

And I'm with you on indie films. I've seen some pretty good ones, if you're ever looking for suggestions.


She sounds great. Just stopping by to give some bloggy love. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Im new to it, and already addicted!!

Nicki and Mathis said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog on my SITS day!! I'll have to check this music out!

tiburon said...

ALright Alright! I am going to give her a try :)

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