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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Long Time Ago, In A State Far, Far Away

A few weeks ago, Cadance, a really amazing, fun person and a great blogger, tagged me to share a bit of my past. I was a bit horrified, as I am rather afraid that the pictures will tell just a bit too much about me.

Like when I went to high school.
Trust me, lets just say that it was around the time of the pioneers and be done with it.

So, this is the scoop.

1. I am supposed to post a prom picture and let you know who I went with.
2. You comment on how amazing I look! Heh, heh----not really---you are supposed to guess what year it was, but I WILL NOT LET YOU KNOW THAT! I would have to kill you if you knew that information.
3. Tell you if I married the person I went to prom with.
4. If I didn't marry the person, then post a picture of my husbands prom and his date.
5. Tag five people to do the same thing!

So, as a disclaimer, let me say that I was raised in Texas----well, for my wonder years, anyway-----so Prom was a HUGE deal!! (You know, everything in Texas is huge---even the hair!) And may I say that I was also not allowed to date anyone that wasn't a member of my church, so the pickin's were slim, to say the least.

That said, this is my Junior Prom picture----and I can't even remember his name. Obviously, I didn't even hardly know him, nor was he memorable----I asked him to escort me, as I was a "Princess" representing the Lettermen. (The jock types at school)

This is the only picture that I have of my Senior Prom and I was the Prom Queen! Woo-Hoo! Gotta love that huge butterfly behind me----Heh, heh. My date's name was Rick Putnicki, and he didn't go to my church, but I needed an escort and my Dad gave in. He was the nicest guy ever and was one of my good friends. And no, I didn't marry him....

The man I married when I was just 20 is not the man that I am married to---today. I met Bret, my hubby now, when we were both going through our divorces in California. But, unfortunately I couldn't get a prom picture from him----he claims that he doesn't know where it is---yeah, right. He is actually a little over 8 years younger than me, and----funny story----was in high school when I already had two children! So, I am afraid that I can't post his prom picture....

But, I decided to add a little tidbit for you to guess at.

Since I was raised in Texas, and one of the biggest pasttimes in Texas is to have........yep, you guessed pageants, I decided to have a little fun with it.

So, I had to post one of the beauty pageants that I was in. I ended up being 1st runner-up, so that wasn't too shabby! But what I would like you to do is guess which one is me!

Here we are in all our pageant glory---the finalists.
One of my best girlfriends is no. 24, by the way----Judy.
And I still keep in touch with no. 45,-----Dannette.
(So, that takes out two of them!)
So, have fun!

And by the by, I have to tag 5 people---and they BETTER do it!
(Even if it takes them a month,----like some people I know....)

1. Hailey at Haileytracks
2. Kate at The Big Piece Of Cake
3. Carrot at Oinkle Doinkle
4. Jenny at Beehive and Birds Nest
5. Rachel at What is She Thinking?


Mrs. Organic said...


And you look amazing! My prom dress makes me look like I lived during Antebellum.

Julie said...

Shawn -- I LOVE the pictures and could make a pretty good guess for what the year was, but I won't :)

I'm also going with #19 -- the girl with the great smile... and the brown hair?! :)

Shawn said...

I love it! You are royalty! Well well.

I picked #19 in seconds and it seems I'm not alone in that. So yes, my final answer is that you are the stunning #19.

SO said...

I'm going with 19 as well.

And will you hurt me if I guess for the prom picture??

You were and still are beautiful!

zelzee said...

I picked out #19 right away!
Love the pics, and it doesn't surprise me you were in pageants. The only surprise was you weren't the winner!
You were always a cutie!

Cadance said...

I would bet on #19! If that is NOT you then she looks A LOT like your daughter!

I ♥ed your are so entertaining!(in your writing) You pictures on the other hand are beautiful! What is must be like to go thru life absolutly beautiful from birth lucky girl....some of us had to "grow-into" our body...or at least come to peace with it! LOL!

The only thing I gotta say about the Jr. Prom pic (the 1st one) is, "What is up with those balloons?" They are pretty sad...and look a little phallic if I can say that on this blog! LOL! =)

Melissa said...

Oh definitley #19!

Gorgous then and gorgeous now!

jennie w. said...

19! Although it still surprises me that you were a brunette (and still are, correct?)

I'm up for your prom challenge, although it's going to be embarrassing. Not because of how I looked, either.

Guess I'll be digging around in boxes today looking for old photos.

Karen said...

Definitely #19. Beautiful!

And with that awesome ruffled tuxedo shirt on your prom date, I'm guessing sometime in the mid-80s? Like around 85-86?

That was a really fun post!

Rachel said...

Girl you are HOT! You are hot now, you were hot are just a hot lady! Freak! My prom picture is NOTTTT pretty! The idea of me having to post it gives anxiety...


Carrot Jello said...

I didn't go to prom.
Thanks for picking that scab.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

You were GORGEOUS! I'll have to see if I can dig up a prom picture. I was kind of camera shy as a teenager and then there's the fact taht I ripped up all of the pictures of my senior year boyfriend (and prom date) when he broke up with me... But I'll come up with something high school dance-related!

Shawn said...

Oh, you guys are so flattering!!

Seriously----is it just me or did I think that I looked like a huge ruffle fluff?

But, thanks for the compliments----you made my day! And, Cadance, the balloon thing made me laugh----heh, heh---what is up with spastic decorations? (clearing throat)

And I look forward to your pics, Jenny and Rachel---be brave---I had to be... :)

Sorry, Carrot----can I make it up somehow? What about wedding photos? Or a favorite vacation?

And I promise to never knock you down again---and skin your knee so badly---let alone peel off that scab after.

Days of Whine & Noses said...

Gotta love those old pics from high school!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Renee said...

You really haven't changed much! Same face, just different hair. I am like three persons later than the prom I went to (not my own). Its fun to look back when!

Vivienne said...

I have to go with #19. (Seems like everyone else thinks that too.)
You're gorgeous. :)

Alyson (New England Living) said...

Ok, first off, I'm a little uncomfortable with what your prom date is doing with his hand in the first one. What the...?! hehehe :)

You were beautiful even back then and beautiful still. You rock!

Joanna said...

I'm with the majority - 19! I knew it as soon as I saw it and everyone else thinks so too, so you better not pull any surprises on us lol!!

miche said...

I bet I can guess what year you went to prom by those dresses!!!!! :-) holy cow woman. well, at least you didn't have the late '80's ratted big hair with the neon colored prom dress with huge poofy shoulders and a giant bow in back!

nikkicrumpet said...

HOLY come you get to be so freaking gorgeous in your old pictures. Most of us look totally dorky and you're beyond beautiful! I'm guessing #19...and wow was that an amazing group of stunning women! I loved this post...It was fun to hear the story and to see the pictures!

Heather said...

Well, you're a southern gal! I'm from across the Red River ;) I love the hair though....luxurious!

Shawn said...

You guys are all right! Yes, that was me as glorious #19...

I had to work really hard to get my hair to do that---it didn't come easy---lets just say. heh, heh.

By the by---I did forget to mention that I actually DEFINITELY went through a VERY ugly period----it was laughable!!

So, if you keep coming back to read---I am going through my life on Memory Mondays----and I will get there, eventually!

Thanks again for all the great comments---you MADE my week!

dapper kid said...

Wow, you look absolutely stunning in the prom photos!! Prom sounds like so much fun, I kinda wish we had it in the UK. Annnnd number 19, 19, 19!

WendyB said...

Awesome pictures!

Miss Eve said...

Oh I love these pictures! You look so beautiful and I love your dress also. I love these kind of pictures, they have amazing cheer!

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