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Friday, April 17, 2009

Fabulous Find For A Friday-----A Few Of My Favorites

I was watching a TV show a few months ago----"True Beauty"----I think that I may have blogged about the disgusting way that Cheryl Tiegs looked as one of the judges. EWWW! I still have a tremor go over me when I think about those shots of her.... So, read about it here.

But, I digress.

So, on one of the shows, they asked the contestants: "If you were on a deserted island and could only take one thing with you, what would that be?"

Well, this caused me to pause my TIVO for a second and think really deeply.

I mean, being the vain gal that I am, how could I just figure out one thing to take with me?

I used to want to be on Survivor. I thought that it would be a great way to lose weight, get some air time, and get all tan and such. But then I found out that they could only take one thing with them. (well, besides clothes, I'm assuming---but you can bet that I would have smuggled something in each pocket!)

Well, that totally turned me off. Like, what would I take? My deodorant? My lip gloss? My mascara? Some gum? A toothbrush? Scope? My moisturizer? Sunscreen?

Oh, it was just too much for me.

But again, I digress.

So, on this show, "True Beauty", they each decided what to take. One of the girls took a hair dryer. Huh? What? Right, I thought the same thing. And you are going to plug it in where?

One of the contestants----a guy-----was a man after my own heart. He had a man bag.
You know, like a small purse with all his important toiletries in it. He tried to tell them that it was just ONE thing. Yeah, right. They. shut. him. down.

Well, it all was a moot point anyway, because they never had to USE their one thing, which I thought was pretty lame. They just made them camp out over night and told them that they couldn't take anything-----so the girls just kept their makeup on and the boys tried to sleep carefully, so as not to ruin their "dos". (Now, these were high maintenance people, folks!)
It was hardly fair. I mean, I even keep my makeup on over night, if I know that I have some photo opportunities happening the next morning-----early.

Like Christmas Day. Or Mothers Day.

Yeah, I am vain like that.

So, this all brings me to the point of my blog post. (Finally, you were all screaming!!!)

I have several items that are a TRIED AND TRUE part of, cough) regime.
These are my favorite things that I would have to consider taking with me if I was ever stranded somewhere.

The first one would have to be this:

It is this amazing product, Olay Regenerist Line and Wrinkle Filler, that fills in lines and makes your skin silky smooth and soft before you put on your foundation----I love it! (I even use this instead of moisturizer---especially in the summertime, when you get sweaty---or---er----glow!)
Then.....I used to use this foundation, which they still have on the website, don'tcha know, but you can't purchase it anywhere!!

Yes, this was the one that I posted about before, here.

But now I use this:

Loreal Visible Lift foundation----not as much coverage as the old kind and the texture is more
runny, so it annoys me, but what is a girl to do? I've tried others and this is still my fav.

After I apply that, I ALWAYS have to use this little beauty:

It is an undereye concealer from Loreal---smooth and covers up those nasty dark circles!

I am thinking of trying this, as it is new on the market, and maybe will not get into those annoying creases under my eyes: (another way of saying wrinkles)

It is a Visible Lift undereye concealer by Loreal.

After I apply my cheek blush and do my eyes, which I have already had a blog post about----surely you can't have already forgotten about last Friday? Then I HAVE to set it all with a powder. Again, if you read the former blog that I had about my makeup brands changing products, you will see my frustrations. But, luckily, I had this powder recommended to me by my daughter, and I love it!

It is Cover Girl Compact powder, in TRANSLUCENT color. Make sure that you get the
translucent or you could walk around looking like you got a bit of an orange or pink face!

I usually put the very last touch of my face on at this point-----yes, that is the mascara. Why do all that great color on the eyes if you leave them naked looking in the eyelash area? Ugh.

I have found this MAHVELOUS mascara by Maybelline, and I love it!
It is Define A Lash Volume Mascara---Waterproof, of course, for all those
times when you feel a tantrum and crying session coming on!

Of course, I do lips, but I use a myriad of different brands of lipcolors. But I actually found this really great gloss, though, through another daughter of mine. She didn't want it and I absolutely loved them----just sticky enough, so they don't come off or feel slimey.
I need to get another one, in fact, because I have used mine practically all up!

This lip gloss is by TINte Cosmetics---Painted Lady Flavored Lip Paints
(I also really like the container---thats what caught my eye first!)
Well, at the end of the day, I have to wash everything off, and I usually use several products, but one of my favorites is by a company called Origins. The wash has a bit of granules in it---so it gives you a good scrub, while a bit tingly and it smells so clean!

I love Origins skin care, because they use herbs and natural products and your skin feels and smells so amazing---I have been using them for about 15 years. This is Origins Never A Dull
Moment Scrub with fruit extracts.

Now, the last thing that I use at night time is my ABSOLUTE favorite product of all time!
I found this when I was given a sample at Bath and Body Works. Yeah, I bet you have gotten one also, and never even tried it! You should! It is a skin care line by Patricia Wexler, and this product is supposed to help with rejuvenating your skin.

When I first put it on, I went, "Ewwwww", as it felt like I was putting a waxy substance or something on at first. The consistency is really strange, but don't let that put you off, TRY IT!!
The next morning, I could not BELIEVE how soft my skin felt! I couldn't stop touching it and it felt and looked great! Well, so here it is----put it on before you go to bed and enjoy!!

It is the Skin Regenerating Serum----its a bit pricey, but totally worth it!
Well, I hope that you have all gotten something out of my daily favorites! I tend to stick to something if I find that I like it, otherwise I try out lots of products until I do. So, if you have any recommendations for me, I would LOVE to have them!

I am also thinking about doing a little giveaway of a few of my favorite things, so keep checking back....

Meanwhile, have any of you heard good things about this new product? It, too is a bit pricey, but I found a $25.00 rebate on line, so I am thinking, "What have I got to lose?"

So, I MAY just have to give it a try.


Hailey said...

Hey, isn't that the lipgloss I gave you, which was given to me by another friend? (It gets around!) I'm glad you like it!

BoufMom9 said...

Hi. Just popping over from SITS after seeing your comment. I will gladly help you with a button for your blog if you need one. Just shoot me and email and let me know what you want. No charge. I just like to make them :)

SO said...

Oh my word. I too am upset with not being able to find the old Loreal Visible Lift the one in the glass bottle is nowhere near as good. I'll have to try some of your other suggestions

And the one thing? It would be a toss up between sunscreen, mosquito repellent and some type of knife. I'd really have to think about it.

Renee said...

I love the Olay Regenerist Daily Serum. It really makes your face feel smooth and silky. I am still testing foundation but Visible Lift is a great. I have been really good about not going to's way to dangerous in there! Thanks for all your suggestions!

Mrs. Organic said...

I'm always collecting these recommendations, I swear I am make-up backwards.

I think I'd take someone for company.

dapper kid said...

Haha I would totally try to argue that a bag full of things still counts as one item! If I could only take one thing though, it would either be a picture of my family or a sweater I have from when I was a baby, which I will one day hopefully give to my children :)

Melissa said...

Love the product and routine review! And, I love that fact that all the products you use to be as gorgeous as you are, are reasonably priced and not 25 bucks for freakin mascara!

zelzee said...

Well, obviously these items work for you............excuse me, just go look in the mirror!!!!

I'm anxious to try a couple of them, especially the Loreal under eye concealer and the Olay Line and Wrinkle I am vain.

I may have some "character lines" going on here, but I plan on winning the war!
Really enjoyed your post!

Oh.......and I would take mascara.

By the way, do you have any of your music on DVD that I could buy??

Cadance said...

I ♥ being able to take a peak inside the beauty arsenal of someone as beautiful as yourself! You are so beautiful! Your daughter is Hailey right here in the first comment right? She is gorgeous too...I'll have to check out her blog...she has to be as cool as you!

I've been wondering about the Lorel line...and it was good to see you approve...I just bought the loreal revitalift cream cleanser...and so far like it. I can't stand the garnier nutrisse face care line because it smells just like the hair I feel like I'm smearing hair gel/moose on my face...mentally I think that can mess with your pores! LOL!

i gotta say...I know either people love or hate bare minerals but I really like stays so much better then cream foundation...and with kids, naps, and all it does not rub off.....I likes the dior spray for a while but there are limited color choices...and the closet to my skin tone was pinkish...I also like the per-fekt for a while too...but in NYC melts...NOT GOOD!

I know this is out there too but have you heard of a product line called Jenique? It is like a Mary-Kay but not as well known...maybe in Canada...I ♥ their is so can even get it in your eye..and it does not sting...I ♥ it but it does not have I have to add that step!

agh..sorry..I think I just wrote a book...can you tell I love face care products!? LOL!

Mom n Pop Wilson said...

It was interesting to read about your favorite products. Thanks for sharing! My list is pretty short. Every once in a while I try new products but end up breaking out into a rash or something and soon give up. Then I get frustrated that I spent the time and money. I always go back to my old, much simpler, routine. I'm thinking that less is more these days. I've decided that I'm really quite happy with my wrinkles and spots.

Renaissance Woman said...

Thanks for the suggestions!!! I'm on my way to buy some new products. Love the song.

Lora said...

Visiting you from SITS...and loving the beauty products. I'm a huge fan of Origins!

chelon:) said...

great post! you really have a fun blog. i look forward to reading it! thanks for the mascara tip...i am really in need of something good. i will give it a try and let you know :) thanks for sharing your blog!

~j. said...

Did you ever read my post about when I posed the "deserted island" question to my young daughters? (NOTHING to do with beauty products...)

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