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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Happy April Fools-----We Have Two Winners!

....and they are: (Drum roll, please.......)

MY HUBBY won both the purse and the travel containers!


Sorry, I know----lame joke, but it was his idea.

But on with the contest winners:

Here is the basket with the names in.

Here is Aydan after picking the winner for the purse!

Here he is after picking the winner for the travel containers!

Sooooooo, congrats to Vishous----Rachel! (I know that she is having a rough time with her Mom ill, so I hope that this will be a bright spark for her---hugs to her Mom from us!!)

And congrats to Omgirl----Arianne! (It was her birthday last week, so keep feeling the love this week----birthday girl!)

Please e-mail me with your addresses at and I will get them into the mail this weekend!

Thanks for all of you that left amazing comments.... I hope that you come back and visit me once in a while and LEAVE A COMMENT-----AND WHILE YOU ARE HERE, START FOLLOWING ME!

You know you want to----uh, huh, yeah, you do....


Vishous said...

I got all teary eyed reading this... I am excited to win! So many crazy things going on in my life and now this! I feel blessed.

thank you!

whirligigdaisy said...

A giveaway! What fun. Congrats to whoever won. I hope this does get all your Blurkers out into the open.

Cadance said...

ahh..dang...oh well I happy for them!!!

What a little cutie your little man is...My son checked out his blog and left a comment the other morning...he thinks it's really cool...maybe over Spring Break Q will start one of his own!?

007 said...


Omgirl said...

Yeah!!!! I am even more excited to win the travel containers than I was when I entered the drawing. After my weekend getaway this weekend, I realized just how much I DESPISE hotel shampoos and conditioners, so I had decided to refill them with my own stuff. Now I won't have to!!! I'll have your cute little containers to take with me. AWESOME.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

I forgive Aydan for not picking my measly name because I visited his blog--my eyes! my eyes!--and it's pretty funny.

Michele Horne said...

Well, even though I am very bitter about not winning, I still wanted to stop by and say 'hi'.

Melissa said...

So I saw your comments over at my place and thought I would come check you out. Love your blog! Will be lurking around getting to know you better, don't mind me!

SuZ said...

Yeah for giveaways. :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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