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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Politically Savvy

Aydan came home a few days ago telling me that he had voted in his classroom. I had no idea that he had discussed these things in his class, and WE hadn't talked much about politics, so I was very curious to see who he had voted for.

"McCain", he replied. I sort of chuckled a bit, but since we had to leave to go to voice lessons, we didn't talk much more about it.

But, later that evening, when he was catching up on his TIVO----he likes Ace Of Cakes----there was an advertisement on about how Obama was going to raise taxes if he becomes President.

"NOW THATS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!", he vehemently stated. "Thats why I VOTED for McCain!"

I didn't want to burst his bubble and let him know that all politicians are dishonest and everything that they say in ads aren't necessarily true.

He'll discover it soon enough when he grows up....


Hailey said...

Cute--my kids voted at school as well but couldn't tell me the names of the candidates, only that the one they voted for had glasses--huh?

Mila TIVOs Ace of Cakes as well...

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Well, his vote obviously didn't count. And neither did mine. I hope in four years we are not desperate and despondant. The two "d's."

I keep looking at your fabulous ad photos. You are one amazing girl/woman.

jennie w. said...

Hello, hotness! It's great to have all those photos of you looking young and fabulous (even though it's 80's fabulous).

Those nightgowns really capture your wholesomeness (gag!) I laughed out loud when I saw that ad for the velvet blazer!

jennie w. said...

OK. I meant to post that previous comment in your "15 years" post but somehow I screwed it up and posted it here instead. Sorry!

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