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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

A Drive, A Buffet, A Few Movies, A Little Shopping, And Lots Of Eating

Well, its been a whirlwind of a week since last I posted. I am going to get back to reading your blogs soon, but I had to share our trip to Columbus, Ohio----to see my daughter, Maryn----or Merona, as I call her.

We left the Boston area at about 3:30 in the afternoon on Wed.----the day before Thanksgiving----and drove to the Scranton area of Pennslyvania, as we were dropping off my son's girlfriend, Meg. She is a cutie----and needless to say, we were packed to the tip top of my little car----but it was fun hanging together goin' down the road. Road trips are a favorite in my little family, and my kids all fondly remember most of the ones that we took together,-----mostly good times.... But since the gas prices have gone sky rocketing for the last few years, we haven't done a road trip in a while-----and we were looking forward to it!

So we dropped off our Meg at about 9:30ish and drove on another three hours-----or, well, I drove and everyone slept. I think that I have mentioned that I am a night owl? Yeah----pretty much because of the whole band business----and I, basically, have always been like that----so I don't mind driving at night.

We stayed in a small town in western Pennslyvania, and then got up the next morning to drive the final 4 hours to Columbus. My daughter had not been paying her phone bill----uh, huh----the life of the young----so she called on her friends cell phone, so we could let her know when we were arriving.

We got to Columbus in the afternoon, checked into our motel, and went to my daughters house----it was a fantastic house---huge with about 8 bedrooms and bathrooms with enormous jacuzzi tubs in them----ahhh----the life!

I had been stressing about where we could eat, as we all wanted good food----since it was Thanksgiving and lets face it-----its ALL about the good food!! But being in a strange city and not knowing what was good or where to eat. We were going on restaurants that served Thanksgiving buffets----that we found online. I know-----that can be SCARY-----but what could we do? We narrowed it down to two, and then made reservations. As it turned out, we discovered that one of the restaurants was an hour drive away----so we canned that idea and went with the first choice.

It was great! Have you ever been to one of those really old restaurants that are dark inside----with candles on the tables, done in reds with swagging curtains on the windows and those leather stackable restaurant chairs? Yep, this was like that. Very old school. And most everyone that ran it was over the age of 60...... A cute old lady with a fancy updo seated us, and we were off for our first adventure in eating Thanksgiving dinner "out". It wasn't bad----not amazing, but the ambiance made it fun and just being together made the day SO memorable....
My biggest complaint was the fact that there was no whipped cream for the pumpkin pie.

Well, the next few days went by quickly, as we went shopping, went to a few movies, and ate at a lot of different places. Yes, we got to experience a fantastic Waffle House, a great diner, some Mexican food, and even ice cream! And yes, I might as well admit it......I gained two lbs back......sigh.

It was great to see my daughter, and hang with my super special family again----I just wish that I could have had ALL the kids with us, but that just wasn't possible.

I'm still hoping for a cruise together someday.

Clayton and his girlfriend, Meg----squished in the back seat.

Aydan, humoring himself on the drive----with his lit cap.

Yes, of course we took the pups----here they are sleeping on my lap.

Finally got to Columbus-----outside the restaurant.

Maryn, enjoying the Thanksgiving buffet....
....and Bret and Aydan get their share.

Clayton is enjoying his meal.....

.....and I am just enjoying the ambiance!

The next day....eating the Waffle House.

Good food, great company!

A building in downtown Columbus.

And the capitol building that doesn't have a dome? Hmmmm?

A local diner----great food, by the way....

Here we are----in our diner booth---Clayton is taking the picture.

Maryns house----there were some amazing houses!

Maryn, walking around to the front door.

One of Maryns cats....

.....and the bathroom that Maryn uses----gee---I never had it this good when I
was in college!

Outside the front door, as we are about to leave.

My sweet daughter and I.

Then on to Megs parents house in PA----here she is with her Mom in
the background....

.....and the rest of the family-----except for her Dad----he had to work.

And here I am with Megs Mom----fun to visit them at their house!

So, anyone up for that cruise next year? Or another road trip? Nah....I'll take the cruise.


jennie w. said...

I love eating Thanksgiving dinner at resturants! Sounds fun!

Rachel said...

I would love a cruise! I need to do one sometime. And take a REAL vacation.

Looks like you had a blast.. love you girl!

Kristina P. said...

It looks like such a great trip! And I am all about the eating out for Thanksgiving.

The Stylish House said...

Hi Shawn,
I'm glad you had such a nice time with your family. I could picture the old school resturant clearly, WHAT NO WHIP CREAM, ack!
Maryn's house is really amazing! My DD lived in a historical home for a year at school. I liked it better then mine. You can tell you were a model, the camera loves you. I have to take 100 shots to get a decent one. Enjoyed my visit as always, you're an engaging writer.

carma said...

That was a lot of driving and a lot of eating!! Love Maryn's house!! Very funky..

KK said...

I love a good road trip! This was our first year to go "out" for Thanksgiving and I loved it!

Mom n Pop Wilson said...

Yeah for Thanksgiving out! We enjoyed Thanksgiving French-style in Harlem this year. We missed the leftovers so much that I cooked a mini Thanksgiving feast after returning from our trip.

I'm sure Maryn enjoyed your visit!
I'm glad you had such a great family time together.

M-Cat said...

I love living vicariously through you! You have the best adventures.
It looks so fun!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I say the CRUISE!!! hehehe Fun pictures!

Heather said...

Hey Sis, Love the pics, we too enjoyed our time out for Thanksgiving. Paul actually took the girls and I bowling and they ate at the bowling alley. No turkey for us. We celebrated thanksgiving the sunday before. I loved Maryn's old house. There are so many old houses like that in Freeport, IL. I found the perfect one I want to buy and it is for lease right now with a lease option. Though that was the longest drive I have ever taken on by myself 1735 miles. LOL Seeing my friend get married and reconnecting with Paul made the trip worth it.

Brinna said...

Wish I had been there... :( I love my family!!!

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