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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's A Crazy Life, But It's My Life.....

Sounds familiar, huh? Yeah, well, maybe I stole it from a certain not-so-popular couple that may or may not have eight kids between them. It popped into my mind, since I can't seem to get things done these days. I keep trying and trying and seem to never have enough time to do everything that I would LIKE to do! And yes, that means blogging and blog reading.


So, I am going to have to do a bunch of random thoughts and happenings, just so I can get it all down in the short time that I have.

And YES-----I do promise to get back on track! It just might take a few weeks.....and.....or......uh......then there is Christmas stuff to get done......oh, might be the beginning of the year?

So----here goes randomness:

****I watched the finale of Jon and Kate-----which was one of the saddest things that I have ever seen. Jon sat there talking about how he needed to just get away from things and learn to grow up. Wha' the? Grow up? That is his excuse?

Gag me.

And then Kate just keeps apologizing. For being demanding, for trying to have normal kids, for maybe leaving too much. It was rather pathetic and oh, so sad. I think that those kids will be the ones to watch in the future. How will they handle life without a camera crew in their lives every day?

Only time will tell. And the biggest telling moment about how Kate feels about Jon's "mid-life---I was too young and just needed to get away" words? When she told us that she didn't think that his new relationship would last.....nope......probably not. May I say that I agree? These boys....

***This past weekend was the last weekend for "Rookery Nook". the first adult play at my theatre, I don't know if any of you were around----a little over a year ago, when I started my own theatre, The Cannon Theatre. It has been a LONG journey to get to where we are now. Lots of hard work----my hubby and I doing all the work, and just literally using every extra cent that I made, to put into this theatre. No grants. No loans. Just hard work, and a lot of faith.

I am just so grateful for those great people that have come out of the woodwork to support this effort. I had a great director to work with, a fantastic cast, and a superb tech crew----lead by my hubby, of course. I also discovered new friends and found new supporters in the folks that came out to see the show! We got lots of great reviews and sold out the last two weekends----so it was a real dream come true for me.

Onward and upward from here!

The space----before......

...and now.....after!

The whole cast and crew----and yes, I did the costumes, as well as being Producer---
that's my head attached in the back row----three heads from the left.

***I am constantly being plagued by mice again this year. Is it just me or do you detest them too? A few weeks ago, we returned from a late tech rehearsal to find a squished bloody mouse at the top of the stairs and then around the corner, another one----with no head at all!

Well----that was disturbing enough, but something was definitely wrong with Shadow----our two year old cat----and the next morning, she was lying on her side----panting and having a hard time breathing. So----into the vet we went----only to find out after about $650.00 worth of testing, that they couldn't find out what was wrong with her-----maybe gastritis?

Huh? What? In other words, it was something she ate.....

And I'm thinking that it was a mouse head.

And yes....this one was just a few days ago....ugh.

***Well, this year we have decided to do something out of the ordinary for Thanksgiving. We have all worked hard and had little time off, so we decided to road trip to see my youngest daughter in Columbus, Ohio. Yes, she is there because of her friends----and perhaps because of an ex-boyfriend----either way she is slumming it there, working minimum wage and doing band gigs-----selling her CD's once in a while. She's young. She can do things like that. I think that I have mentioned how much I miss her, so I am excited to see her. She is my baby girl, and I am excited to give her a huge hug.

We are going to go out to dinner to eat turkey dinner. It will be interesting, the food may not be that great, but it will be fun----because we will be together-----and we will love to laugh and just hang out and catch up. My older son, Clayton is going to come also----and I am excited about that. It will be like old times---when we took road trips together. The only one that won't be there will be Brinna----well, of the kids that aren't married. She has to do her gigs this weekend and couldn't take off. So, we will miss her.

***That said, I will be not doing any more blogging this week. I will have internet at night to check my e-mail, but won't have the time to read blogs. That said.........I want to wish everyone a FANTASTIC Thanksgiving!! I am thankful for so many things----from my Heavenly Father and all He has given me---to my talents----to my family----to my health-----and for the most amazing friends----ones that I have known in my life, those that I have discovered while blogging, and even those that are new friends from the theatre.

Life is good. I still have the off day----you know, those tantrums that all women take, and I still yearn for a house of my own someday, but all in all.....

Life is good.


The Stylish House said...

Have a safe trip and wonderful Thanksgiving. You theater looks amazing. I will let my sister know about it who lives in Boston. Next time I'm in town it would be great to catch a play.
hugs, Cathy

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I think your Thanksgiving sounds great. Especially the no clean up part.

Do you know I've NEVER seen an episode of Jon and Kate? I know - so odd, yet I really never have seen it...

Suzanne said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. Safe travels!

(You've accomplished so much this year!)

Alyson (New England Living) said...

Sounds like you need a great getaway with your family. Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Congratulations on the success of your latest show!

Kristina P. said...

I am a big fan of eating out for Thanksgiving.

Hope you have a good one!

Isk8Jewel (~Julie~) said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

kado! said...

what an awesome set and cast! love the pics!

wishing you and your family a Very Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

carma said...

you have done a fantastic job with the theatre!! congrats on your first adult production there. Where do you find the energy??

Hope your thanksgiving dinner out was a good one :D

blueviolet said...

What an absolutely phenomenal piece of work your theater is! Love it!

I can't believe you showed us that dead mouse. But, thank goodness for your cat! So much better than a mousetrap any day.

I really wish I had seen that last Jon & Kate episode. I stopped watching last year, but I would have liked to have seen that one. It's such a shame.

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