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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Traditions----Part Four And Five

One of the favorite traditions in our family is to have a baking day on the third Saturday in December. Unfortunately, this year, I had to go to the recital of my son's voice teacher. Well----it wasn't unfortunate in that she has an amazing voice, but it was unfortunate that we had to put off the baking until the next day.

The kids and I have always made several different types of cookies and goodies----and they have changed over the years. We used to make fudge, caramel popcorn, sugar cookies and divinity. Then----I ended up taking out the fudge, because no one would eat it, and when I married the hubby that I have now, I took out the caramel popcorn, as he doesn't like chewy, sticky treats. Then last year, I stopped making the divinity, as it was too sweet and even Aydan didn't eat it anymore. But, I still make the sugar cookies---only I make them with the 50% less sugar mix and use almond extract in them---with a butter cream frosting----so good! Of course, part of Christmas has to be the decorating of the sugar cookies----and the eating, of course....

I also got a few ideas from bloggers----one from Rae over at My Life On The East Coast. She had a great recipe for some Turtle type goodies----except that I don't like nuts, and decided to just make them without nuts. Aydan really got into making these----they were so easy to do----and I only had to help him flatten them after they had warmed up for 5 mi9nutes in the stove. They were super yummy and he gave a bag full of them to his bus driver! (Didn't get a picture of them.)

We also got a great idea for another delicious treat from super blogger, Tiburon, from Shark Bait. She had a great recipe for Peppermint Bark Popcorn----and it sounded delish, so we gave it a try----with a bit of a twist! I used white chocolate instead of almond bark----and put the peppermint directly into the melted white chocolate----then drizzled it over the popcorn. Ohhhhh, how yummy it was! (Notice I say, "was", because its gone now....)
But definitely check out Tiburons recipe to get the real scoop on how to make this delicious treat!
I put this in bags and gave it out to friends when we went caroling this evening.....

Here is the popcorn laid out with the chocolate drizzled on it.... I mention that I made some delicious Pumpkin Pie Bars?

Everything in ready for getting the cookies going.

Aydan is hard at work----and his shirt definitely shows it! (Note to self:
NEED to get aprons!)

And success----just look at the chocolate smile!

My daughter, Maryn, helped out with the decorating end of things
when she got into town the next day.

Here we are with my big head stuck in the frame---stylish hat on head----hey--its cold
outside! Love the look on Aydans face----and what the heck are you doing, Maryn?

.....Which brings me to my fifth Christmas tradition! We always go caroling to our friends, some work mates and members of our church. I have been doing this tradition since my children were small, and they still love doing it! It is the highlight of our Christmas, and we usually go to about 15 or so homes, sharing a few carols and some fun harmonies, as well as lots of smiles and good cheer! (and a small bit of goodies) This is really our way of sharing our talents as well as our love for these people at Christmastime.

I hope that you have all been able to do all the traditions that you are used to. I pray that during this festive time of year that there haven't been too many hardships, and that your lives are as blessed as mine. I love this time of year-----the goodness, the peace, worshiping Christ, and feeling the joy of family and good friends. It seems a time when people are trying to be congenial and pleasant, even though there is stress abounding.

Its a time to reflect, and restore oneself---to prepare for the new year.

May you all feel this perfect peace during your Holiday!


Kristina P. said...

Those pumpkin bars look heavenly!

Merry Chrismtas, Shawn!

carma said...

You are are a regular Martha Stewart with these holiday preparations!! The picture of you and the kids with the cookies is priceless - everyone off in their own world!

Have a happy and safe holiday!

M-Cat said...

It all looks fun and DELISH!

Merry Christmas

Suzanne said...

Y.U.M. They all look wonderful! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

Melissa B. said...

Thanks for sharing these Superior Snaps...Hope You & Yours have the Merriest of Christmases!

Jewels said...

And Merry Christmas to YOU! Traditions are the greatest things, especially at Christmas. I always hope that I am creating fun, lasting traditions with my kids around the Holidays.

Now I think I better go make some sugar cookies, myself!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Merry Christmas to you my friend! I love the pictures and now I want a cookie...

Lauren said...

Nothing beats family traditions! Thank you so much for swinging by my blog yesterday! I look forward to exploring yours too!

Those pumpkin bars look YUM!!

kado! said...

Yummm!!! It all looks so good!!!! I love baking when the boys get involved too! It makes the kitchen experience just that much better!!!! ...and we too need some more aprons here at our house...I'm gonna have to get on that! I want one of those really cute-sexy ones from ETSY!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!

Wishing you a Happy New Year!

Michelle said...

we have a baking day too...but as a surprise...instead of a calendar day. then no one knows when to expect it.

the fudge is always my favorite.

we did turles this year nd the girls loved it.

our sugar cookies...not so great.. we couldnt get any shapes.

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