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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Doing The Casino Thang!

Well, I was pretty excited to fly to a gig this past weekend, at Harrah's. Now, I know what you are thinking... Harrahs? Wow, that is really a big name for the "Blondes Have More Fun" band----that awesome band that features Shawn Cannon on vocals and backs the Rod Stewart impersonator, Rick Larrimore...

Yes, thats how we do it... In a big Las Vegas style...

....Except that it was in Phoenix. or about a 45 minute drive from Phoenix.....and the casino was really small.....and we didn't even get to stay at the hotel....and the stage that we sang on was above the bar and very crowded and small....and there was smoking allowed so all of our throats were burning about one hour after entering the building.....and we were picked up at the airport in a van instead of a limo.

But, other than all that, we were stars for the weekend!

The Radisson was our hot place to stay and it was right next to a Marie Callenders (they have great pie, just in case you don't know) and right off the freeway, in Chandler, so I was told, which borders Phoenix. We enjoyed the desert view (the band couldn't get over the fact that there weren't any trees----"What do you do for shade?", they asked the driver) and I got to see some relatives----my sister, Heather lives there, as well as my cousins, Mark and Laurie. It was also great to visit with my old high school friend, Colleen, who hasn't changed a bit! She is still a great listener and keeps telling you how wonderful you are, so you want to take her everywhere with you.

It was good times. I know that you are all amazed that this jet-setter is traveling to such hot spots as Phoenix, and are wishing that you could have been there to check out our show, but who knows? We might get into a town close to you sometime. I hear Topeka, Kansas is pretty this time of year...

The "Blondes" unloading at the hotel.

The "Rod" man, himself, checking on his next big gig.

Mark, the sax player and Paul, the drummer, looking "GQ".

A scary picture of me and our new keyboard dude, Jimmy.
(note to both of us----this lighting is NOT flattering after you have reached a certain age!)

Our "Mafioso" Bass player, Danny with Jimmy again. (this one turned out better, dude)
Me, Shawn again, with my little sis, Heather, with her two girls, Shadaya and Toni...and looking like a ghost next to my tan friend, Colleen---ah, the life in Phoenix!

1 comment:

Hailey said...

I'm glad you all survived your weekend in the desert!

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