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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Blog Etiquette 101

I believe that I have expressed the fact that I am new to all this live journal, blog writing stuff, so it has taken me awhile to be "cool" with it all, and know the proper etiquette that is associated with blogging or having a live journal. Now......I have gone to the experts----my children, of course (refer to earlier blog) to help me navigate through the treacherous waters of blogging. Therefore, I felt the need to let you all know, the readers, of what I was able to ascertain as the correct things to do when reading someone's blog....

I. Finding out about a new blog site
A. Be excited
1. Something new to waste my time on
2. Maybe I will get a good laugh
3. Perhaps I will find someone really boring and I won't feel so bad
about my own boring existence
4. Or perhaps I will find that someone who thinks they are funny is
not really funny and that will make me feel like I am MUCH funnier

II. Click onto the blog site or type into the URL thingy at top of internet page
A. This should be a no brainer, as we are all computer savvy now
B. Hopefully you have DSL like I finally have and don't have to dial up first
1. For those dialing up----wait longer for connection

III. Examine said blog site
A. Read the short bio first and express interest, dismay, disgust, or
annoyance if they haven't given you very much to go on
B. Click on the line for more info. about the person or thing
1. Read said person's info. on favorite books, music, haircolor, nose size,
and various odds and ends of what they think is important for all
the world to view
2. Be disappointed because they have NOTHING there to read
C. Go back to blog home page
1. Read the latest blog entry first...or
2. Read the first blog entry first...or
3. Read all the blogs in order

IV. Think about said blog that you read
A. Engage the brain for several minutes, and consider what
the blogger has written
1. Does this offend me
2. Am I laughing hysterically

A. Put cursor on "comments" at the end of the said blog, and CLICK onto it
1. This will take you into a comment part of the site
2. Do NOT panic
B. Read any other comments...if this person is lucky enough to have any
C. Go to the BLANK comment box and put cursor there to prepare to
make a witty comment or just something to let the blogger know
that someone, anyone, has seen and appreciated his/her site and
the long hours that they have spent to prepare it...
1. Does NOT have to be witty---this is not a competition
2. Will make the blogger feel sooooooo very good about themselves
and will boost their morale which could result in sheer euphoria
for several hours, maybe even several days, if they are especially needy...

VI. Type in your name or blog name, copy the letters in the box,
(if they have that feature to keep out spam bloggers)
and hit the publish key
A. If you are insecure and a comment virgin, you might want to see
your draft comment first, so push that key, but don't forget to publish it
after you have made the various changes...
B. Read your blog comment at the bottom of the other comments, or
admire it as being the only comment if this person has no friends or
very many "commenting" friends

VII. Feel good about yourself...graduate with honors
A. You have now passed Blog Etiquette 101 and will achieve status
and recognition as being a supreme blogger
1. You can now spend more countless wasted time on reading and
commenting on various links connected to said blogs, or comment
back and forth (kind of like IM'ing on a blog site) to the blogger
that you perhaps see every day, but its more fun to have
conversations this way......

A. Oh....come you think that I'm going to waste my
time going into that?......
1. Figure it out yourself...


Shawn said...

All right...I really tried to make this blog entry like an instructional outline, but the blog posting wouldn't let me use the tab key to align it properly...and here I was thinking that I was SOOOO very good at all this...
I guess I'll have to research it for Blog WRITING 101...

Brinna said...


This may be a lost cause!

Ok... Well... If you promise to always comment on my blog, I promise to always comment on yours, ok?

Cheap thrills, right?

Hailey said...

"comment back and forth to the blogger that you perhaps see every day, but its more fun to have
conversations this way"

Just FYI, blogging is not the ONLY way Ben and I communicate with each other. I instant message him all the time and even call him on his cell phone if I'm feeling crazy! I know, it's a modern, hi-tech romance we have...

John Big Bootay said...

You are hot and so is your blog...

Mila and Ethan said...

Hi Mimi! We love you and your blog. Do you feel better about yourself now?

bb said...

Uh, your blog is ok but there is this amazing blog called Hailey Tracks that is my most favorite place to visit in the whole wide world of the web...

Hailey said...

Bret, I never knew you felt that way! (blushing)

(I'm having waaaay too much fun)

John Smallberries said...


Who let John Bigbootay in here?

Brinna the OTHER daughter said...

Oh, and I would like to add that everyone is completely ignoring MY blog and I hate everyone and I'm not coming to anyone's stupid Thanksgiving dinner, even if there will be homemade pumpkin pie...

That's FINE, I'll just spend it alone...

...And then I'll write a blog about it...

And no one will read it...

Shawn said...

Thanks all of you for all your comments to make my day!! (especially Hailey, who did sooo many entries!)

It totally rocked my world!

Eeewwwwww---I sound like someone else----but I can't put my finger on who?

Shawn & Bret said...

Hey John Smallberries and John Big Bootay.... How are you guys, anyway? I haven't seen you in AGES!!!

Not since Clayton used to dance with your friend, Buckaroo, every day...

Ahhhh...those were the days...

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