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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Don't Like Ticks.

This is the time for ticks in New England. Did I mention that I DETEST ticks?

The other night as I was getting dressed for bed, I noticed that the lower side of my back was sore. I thought, at first, that it was a new ache----from yoga. I get some new aches every once in a while, but chalk it up to it being a "good" pain---and figured that it would be gone by the next day.

So, I laid down in bed, and started reading my book. Suddenly there was a sharp pain in my back----like something sticking me. Wha the? I couldn't figure out if I had something sticking in me----maybe a splinter or something?

So, I got back out of bed and went into the bathroom. I took off my P.J. top and checked out my back in the mirror. It was at a strange angle, but I noticed a lot of redness, and there in the middle was a small dark brown dot. A-HA!

It was a tick. Burrowing into me.

Of course, I freaked out and ran into the bedroom---waking up my hubby....and demanding that he get it out!

He had just gotten a tick remover a few days before this incident, thank goodness----but of course, we couldn't find it! We have been packing and the place was upside down, so it had been misplaced. On to the next idea. We found my eyebrow tweezers.

He grabbed that little sucker---yes, play on words----and popped it out. Then right into the toilet----and flush!

A few days later, I checked in the mirror and there was still a red dot there----and I could still feel that soreness. Thank goodness that they hurt so much when they are trying to burrow in---or I would have never even noticed!

A few days later, Aydan found one crawling up his shirt---he had only walked from the bus stop----thank goodness that it hadn't found skin....

So, now I have to remember to check everyone after they have been out doors. UGH. Such a pain.

Its not too bad for my little doggies.....I just put flea and tick meds. on them---and check them every once in a while.

Now, why isn't there a flea and tick medicine for humans. I would sure invest in some.

And yes....I thought that I would super gross you out by this little display of
an engorged tick....enjoy.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stress Is Now My Middle Name

Have you ever wondered what the most stressful things are that you go through in your life? Well---apparently, I am going through about three of them----at once.

One of them is losing a job. Yep, we are there.

Another one is moving. Shouldn't they also add that we have NO place to move to, as Bret has to have a job before they will let us close on the house? picky of them....
So----yep, we are there with that one.

A change in financial state is another one. Well---what else would you call trying to live off of unemployment----duh. Not to mention that I have only had my own theater for a bit over a year---so am still extremely stressed about making it work.

Now....I am not going through a divorce----well, not yet, anyway.... And there has been no death in the family----thank goodness----I count my blessings for that one. And I haven't been confined to jail, so I guess I am safe for that one. Another stress is an illness or injury----and well, I guess that I can count that one too, as Bret just got over that....remember?

Believe it or not, the other one is marriage. Go figure. I guess it is just all the preparation, etc. that is stressful.

I only wish that this was my problem.....

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Really Special Lady

There is a really special blogger out there, Susette. She is beautiful both inside and out, and has the sweetest personality that you can imagine, and I have a special place in my heart for her.

I have been able to meet with her several times----once when I went out to Utah----and once when she came to New England to visit with another amazing woman, Rhonda----when she won a trip out to Connecticut. About a month ago, I was out in Utah, visiting my daughter, and had that great bloggers luncheon, but Susette wasn't able to come---and I missed her.

A few weeks later, there was a note on on her Facebook page.

It was tragic, and heartbreaking.

Her son, Porter, had been hiking and had fallen to his death. It was sudden, and such a terrible tragedy. I couldn't stop crying when I read of it.....I can't even imagine the pain of losing a child----I don't know how she could deal with even getting up in the morning each day. Her blog gives you an idea of her coping with this, as well as her love for this amazing young man. Her daughter, Kali, also shares her poignant thoughts about her brother.

I then read on Facebook that she was traveling back with her daughter, after the funeral, to spend some time here in New England, as her daughter lives in the area. Of course, I sent her a message, as I hoped to be able to see her, and give her that big hug that I wanted to share with her.

Well, we ended up meeting for lunch, along with her sweet daughter, her grandbaby Miles, and her daughter's husband, Wade. It was so great to see her and meet her amazing daughter and family. We talked about her son, Porter and the things that surrounded the accident----and as we both teared up a bit, she talked about how this trip that she was on was supposed to be shared with Porter, her son.

And we both agreed that he was there....spending those days with his Mom and sister---seeing the sites and enjoying the New England days with them....

At lunch in historic Concord----little Miles, Kali, Susette, and I.

My heart goes out to this special family----for their loss----for their spirits----for their determination to make each day normal again----and for their knowledge that they WILL be with their Porter again someday. I love you guys....

Sunday, April 04, 2010

What I Have Done For The Last Month And A Half.....(And No, You Don't Have To Read It All, Because It Is WICKED Long)

THE BAND TRIPS: My band returned to our favorite hang out state, Oklahoma! I had just ended a HUGE month with my different shows at the theatre, and was ready for some down time and was looking forward to getting away. And thank goodness we ended up having a pretty good trip---no weird flight changes, no cancellations, no one getting extremely sick and running to the toilet all the time, and no really drunk passengers or anything. And best of all, we didn't have to stay over in an airport on a cot!

We had played at this casino last year, so we were familiar with it, and the best part of this place was the fact that we could eat whatever we wanted at this marvelous buffet----they even served breakfast foods after we were done with our gig at 1:00 in the morning---how neat is that? (Of course, my favorite thing to do WOULD have to do with food!)

We played there two nights, and they seemed to love us----so maybe we will be able to go back again....
In the, Louis, Rick and Steve.

Waiting for the plane....

.....and at the casino----this is our stage.

Rick, re-inacting where he spent most of his time the last time we were
in Oklahoma.

Rick and I, right before we went on.

Yep....back in the airport again!

And in the airport between flights.....

...riding between the terminals in the psychedelic lights.
Fast forward to a few weeks later----we had a trip to Florida! I was so looking forward to the sun and warmth. Yeah, right.

We got there, and since I had only brought a light jacket, not my winter coat----well---it was Florida, for hecks sake-----I was freezing! We stood, waiting for our car----trying to get warm in the sun. We ended up playing in a really quaint inn----apparently a hot spot for most folks over the age of 65....and the best part? Yeah, you guessed it, all the food that we could eat----oh, and I got to meet one of my favorite bloggers, Shawn of Seriously fame. She had met Rick (our Rod impersonator) on a cruise that she went on and had found out that we were going to be performing about 15 minutes from her house, so she was going to surprise me! But things didn't go as planned and she ended up having to let me know beforehand.

So we just decided to have her come and meet me for lunch----and she had to hang with the band for awhile. Oh, what a lovely lunch we had! She is so beautiful, stunning eyes, and such a great personality to match----I totally fell in love with her! She fit right in----getting along well with the band members----as they oogled her-----dirty old men that they are....(did I mention that she is gorgeous?)

We enjoyed the buffet and and even had a bit of dessert with the heavenly strawberries from the area. She then came over to our sound check, as she wasn't able to come to the show later.
What a sweetheart she is! I am hoping that we are down there again----hmmm---maybe New Years?

We then got up the next day and drove about 4 hours down to Ft. Lauderdale. The place we stayed was a bit scary----I mean----the beds were lumpy and there were no blankets, only the bedspread on the bed.....eewwwww----just thinking about it gives me the creeps! We had a great show, with an even older audience----I believe that the average age was closer to 85 this time----but they enjoyed themselves----and that is what its all about!

We didn't get much sleep----there were slamming doors and noise all night long at the creepy motel that we were at, and we had to get up at 3:00 a.m. in order to leave for the airport by 4:00 a.m. But the trip back was pretty uneventful---thank goodness---and we arrived home quite exhausted, but safe, nonetheless.

We aren't scheduled for any more plane band trips for awhile, just driving gigs, (Maine and New York, to be exact) so this should be the last one for some time.....but come to think of it....I am going to miss that good food.

Airport fun.....

....with Steve, the drummer.

The Rod man, himself.....smiling?

Steve discovered that he was in love with this airport pole....

.....and here I am with SHAWN!! The two Shawns together!

Our Florida stage.....

and me, at my microphone.....

....and the view from the stage.

Next night, in Ft. Lauderdale....the stage....

.....and here is the view from the stage.

Hanging in the girls dressing room----what the heck was Louis doing there ?

TRIP TO UTAH---MY G-BABIES: I try to get to Utah as much as I can to see my daughter, and the G-babies---oh, how I love them! Hailey is doing a show, "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels"----and it is MAGNIFICENT----so Aydan and I flew over there for about 5 days---and I watched the babies and visited with family, saw Hailey's show, and had a great blogger luncheon---it was a great trip.

The beautiful twins, Lane and Lucy, in their princess dresses.

Lane, getting into my glasses---isn't she adorable?

And of course, Lucy had to try on another pair.

Bowling with the family....Ethan goes first.

Then Aydan has a try.....

and he gets a spare!

Here I am, actually making a strike.....

...and then Lucy gives it a try----with a little help, of course.

Lane takes a try with this amazing contraption.

Mila and Aydan await their turn.

Hailey awaits her turn also---snuggling with Lucy.

At Grandma Cannon's house, Lane takes her try at drums.

Taylor with his Dad, Pat---my brother---goofing around, as usual.

My nieces, Sariah, with her fiance', Brett, and Cami, and Melinda.
The blogging ladies---and cutie daughters----at lunch.
Hailey, Me, Melissa, Corrie, and Tiberon----aren't they lovely?

LUCKY STIFF---My Musical Comedy:
I have been directing the first musical (for adults, that is----I have done two childrens musicals) at my theatre since January. I have wanted to do this musical for about 8 years, since my daughter did it. Its a hysterically funny comedy with lots of twists and turns and great songs, and----well----TONS of props and tech work. BUT---it finally opened this past weekend, and it has been a smash! I have a ton of pics from the show----and you don't have to look at them all, but I've got them here for posterity, right?

Here I am----doing the hair----early 1960's, dont'cha know----and yes,
I did the costumes also....and you were wondering why I've been so busy?

Opening number----Bret, my hubby, built the set, by the by---he is pure genius!

Harry is bored with his life....

....and his landlady got a telegram for him.

A telegram for Mr. Witherspoon?

The solicitors news.

At the Optometrist.

In the train to Monte Carlo.

Dancing with a dead guy....

Having it out with Annabel.

Rita and Vinnie.

Parachuting with a dead guy?

In the casino---the French emcee'.

Dominique with Annabel.

Annabel reminiscing about her dogs.

What? Vinnie in a dress?

Rita, singing to the dead guy....
.....and now shes had enough!

Trying to find the body.

Wrong hat!

Harry's nightmare.

Annabel---don't leave me!

There's that crazy woman with the gun, again!

Rita----will Tony take you back?

Happy ending....

Ok, so these are just a few of the things that I have been doing these past few months. Add in there my church job----choir director, and teaching my voice students two days a week, and starting two new show choirs this week, as well as taking care of the website----which you should all check out, as I am quite proud of Then, I have also had to do all the work on the publicity and tickets, etc., etc..... get the picture.

And now I get to pack over Spring break...... Sigh.

Oh, and I almost FORGOT! We might have a house!

But......................that's for another post.....
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