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Friday, February 19, 2010

Fabulous Find For A Friday-----A Fantastic Friend

There has been a special person in my life for the last 5 years or so. This amazing gal I was able to get to know pretty well a few years ago, when I came to see her every month as part of my churches Visiting Teaching program. Then, as we began having her and her family over for major holidays, and doing some special activities together-----she has become my forever friend.

My hubby and I have always felt so blessed to have this wonderful family as our friends. My husband, Bret, has enjoyed going mountain biking with her husband (they love coming home and showing off their scrapes and bruises from their insane rides!) and we have loved having their sweet little girls over when we are having get-togethers.

I am sure that you remember that phenomenal concert that I went to with this sweet lady----U2----remember? We shared a lot of laughs that night, and I felt that I bonded with her a bit more. She is such a beautiful girl, with a bit of a sarcastic wit, (that I love) and has such a great giving and loving nature. She has almost felt like a daughter to me, as she is young and energetic and so cute.... I love her spirit, her wisdom, her intellect, her down to earth attitude, her love of being a mother, her super blogging---(be sure and check out her blog!) and her tolerance of New England. (It was something that we disagreed on, as I LOVE New England----but she made me laugh, as she complained constantly---sorry, Michelle----but you were the cutest thing when you were whiny!)

But she and her husband have now moved on.

They have taken a job in Albuquerque, and it seems like a long, long way away. I keep telling myself that we will go there to visit someday. After all, I also have another friend there----my sisters brother in law that was a great friend of mine in college.

But I know that I will miss her.

I looked forward to her smile across the pews on Sunday and chatting a bit after church. And I will forever miss the sharing of our crazy traditions with her family each holiday.

Isn't she beautiful?
(pics by BBSNAPS.NET)

The whole gang----dogs and all!!

Here we are----the last time that I saw her....

I just hope that I can get there someday to see you, my sweet Michelle. You have truly blessed my life, I love you and I will miss you.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Dire Circumstances

I have been putting off writing this blog.

I haven't wanted to take credit for being a big fat loser and not writing or reading blogs lately.

But, I felt that I had to explain.

I am in dire circumstances these days....

The past three weeks, or so, I have been juggling two shows at my theatre. Doing tech rehearsals, programs, final costuming, etc., etc. for one show and starting blocking on the next show. I have also been continuing to teach voice lessons, doing my church job, having three birthdays in a row, trying to find time to keep the house clean, keep Aydan on track at school, do a few gigs, work on marketing for upcoming shows, etc. and make a meal once in awhile.

Add to this mix my hubby getting laid off work at the same time, and well...........need I say more?

Stress with a capital "S"!

I actually lost my voice last week----and it wasn't from too much singing---that's for sure. Nope, it was from the stress and lack of sleep. (Did I mention that I started having hot flashes again?-----ugh.)

Now, I knew that this was going to be a hard time for me. Yes, I was prepared for it. After all, I did it to myself-----its my theatre and my decisions for when shows are being put together----- but I realized that I HAD to do it, and there was no one else to carry it out....except me! Does that make sense to any of you out there?

So, again, I have to apologize. I absolutely ADORE reading so many of your blogs----you know who you are! You take me to another world, so I don't have to think about mine for a little while----for this I thank you all out there....but I know that I haven't been AT ALL good at reading OR writing for the past few weeks, and for this, I feel really bad.

I am determined to get through this. I love writing on my blog and would not give it up for the world. I have been doing this for over 4 years now, and look at this blog as a bit of cathartic medicine, in a way----I need it to get through....

I will get on track, I just know it. But, be patient with me and please don't leave me when I need all of you the most right now!

Much love,

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Winnie May

Oh yes, you guessed it-----its another birthday in our household! My little Brinna is not little anymore......sigh. She has come to a huge crossroads in her life in age, and I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE THAT I AM SO OLD! (Of course, this blog is about me, so lets just dwell on that astonishing declaration for a moment....)

Anywho----Brinna, or Winnie May, as I used to call her, is all grown up now and out in the world pursuing her singing career. She doesn't live too far from me, but I don't get to see her very often, as our schedules don't allow for it, but I think of her EVERY day anyway! She is in London right now, going on a birthday trip to celebrate and get away for a bit, and I am very jealous that I am not right there with her. She had to go at this time, or I would have been.....

We had a great birthday party, though, last Sunday, before she left. We celebrated Aydan and Brinna's birthday together, as their birthdays are so close. Normally, we celebrate with Maryn also, but she is out of state, remember?

We decided to have a "rave", but one with no ecstasy, so don't get too worried! My son, Clayton, came up with the idea, as we were at the dollar store and he saw all the glow sticks for sale. Well, he was practically jumping up and down in excitement!!

So----that's what we did. We had a MAH-VE-LOUS time-----dancing to techno music in the dark and swinging around our glow sticks, all the while sporting glow necklaces to boot. It is always fun to be with my kids, but sometimes, when the craziness kicks in----it is a WICKED good time!!

I also came up with a new game idea where we hide and try to find each other by our glow paint ball.....take the person out that we find, with........well......what else?
A fly swatter!

Yeah----the idea was better than the outcome, but we started swatting each other on the booty and I was laughing so hard-----my sides were hurting! Fun times.

As for Brinna.... She and I have had our good times and our bad times, but that is life, right? But I love her just the same. She is such a talented and neat person----so passionate about the same things that I am-----I do enjoy being with her.

These are the things that I love about her:

I love how she loves to read as much as I do. We have so many great times talking and talking about books----and we exchange them frequently.

I love her husky voice when she was growing up. It was the cutest thing ever! She no longer has that husky voice, but she still has a great singing voice!

I love her sense of style! She is so good about coordinating her outfits, and often sends me e-mails of great deals. I also send her fantastic fashion finds----its great to have that connection with my daughters. (Well, my oldest two, anyway....heh, heh.)

I love her artistic side. She doesn't draw or paint that much anymore, but I would love to see her do more of it eventually----she is so very talented!

I love how she talks about costumes with me, when I am working on a show. We talk about eras and styles of that era, and she gives me ideas for some of my costume dilemmas. I just wish that she lived closer, so she could help me at the theatre ALL the time!

I love her great sense of decorating. You should SEE her apartment! It is gorgeous, and she has such an amazing style with her decorating, using both modern and vintage mixed with a bit of eclectic. So chic!

I love that she adores her brothers and sisters. She really enjoys getting with them and hanging out-----doing goofy things, eating, talking and laughing a lot!

I love singing with her. I used to be in a band with her and I loved it more than anything! I still miss doing that with her..... At least once a year, she comes and sings with the family and I in church, and I cherish this so much.

I love her writing. She also doesn't do it very often anymore, but I used to love to read her stories, and plays. She even used to want to write a book. I keep hoping that she will go back to school for those creative writing courses someday----she really has a talent!

Here are some pah-tay scenes:

Here is the dining room with the birthday decor....

....and the two birthday kids!

The "rave" gets off to a good start.....

....and here I play around with the pink glow stick.

Great shot of Bret, my hubby-----uh----hello----anyone out there?

And so Clayton had to try it.... well as me.

Brinna got creative with color.....

....and Aydan went the whole color scheme!

Getting ready to blow out the candles on the cake....

.....and right before we cut the cake! (Baked by Clayton---made from scratch
from one of my favorite recipes)

The birthday duo after getting some presents----nice purple extensions
and fly swatter, Brinna!

Happy Birthday, my Brinny Winnie-----have fun in London!
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