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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Who Needs Dick Clark, When You Can Have Your Own Rockin New Years Eve?

It was New Years Eve.

Shawn, her hubby and their cutie son were on their way to Shawns New Years Eve gig----in the Cape, dontcha know---they were going to stay for the night, so they had their celebratory munchies in the back, and were excited to spend a night away from home.

The snow was falling, and falling, and falling. The truck was going slower and slower---because of all the traffic. Phone calls were exchanged, as Shawn's bandmates compared the distance that each had to go. Were they all going to make it to sound check? The suspense was mounting....

But no! It wasn't meant to be, as the dreaded phone call came after two hours of pushing slowly forward in the blizzard----its whiteness a mockery of all their well-laid plans. The gig was canceled.

They turned around and headed back. There was much discussion amongst themselves and with other members of the family---through phone calls---to decide what should now be done on this, the serious party night of the year.

Well, they had their munchies on ice, and several Martinelli's, so they decided to brave the home front and create their own party atmosphere.

It was wild!
It was earth-shattering!
It was non-stop action!
It broke new boundaries!
It was ROCKIN!
Can you handle it?

The spread...(well, after the food was put away)

Dancin with the hubby---he looks excited, huh?

Bustin some moves---techno, oh yeah....

...and then Aydan shows off his moves.

Kissin up to celebrities at the par-tay.

That isn't.....NO....not Maryn Jones! (another celebrity---Shawn tried to act cool, but it was hard not to stare)

Out on that dance floor again...that voodoo that you do so well...

....oh yes, like Mother, like son.

Got carried away with this celebrity----ah,....awkward...

...and Aydan thinks so too...(he's thinking---"can't take her anywhere---sigh")

But who cares, when its New Years---you gotta live on the edge!

Bret thinks so, too.

We're with ya. (the puppies love to party)

Ooooohhh, what a night!!

Hope yours was just as amazing! Happy New Year!


Joanna said...

OH....MY....GOODNESS! I am laughing so hard at your post! I mean seriously, what a blast!! I LOVE the photo of you dancing with hubby....just too funny!! Looks like you made the most of a boring situation lol!!! As for us, we were watching a movie in bed, and realized it was 10 after midnight. Yep we missed the whole thing!

I just know I am going to be chuckling about your photos all day - thanks for brightening my dreary day up!!

The Bakers said...

I HATE it when you get all dressed up with nowhere to go. Well you rocked it all right! Paaarty!

Vishous said...

Look at those amazing dance moves! It is painfully obvious I was at the wrong party that night.

Rock on.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Dear gorgeous party-maniac,

You have overstepped the bounds of beauty. You will have to pay a fine. No one should look that dang cute and hot and, excuse one should display their fine looks in January when the rest of the world is suffering from premature fatness, bloating, OLD AGE and the uglies.

You will hear from our lawyer about your payment.

The Management

PS The hubby has the right idea. Ignore Mrs. Gorgeous and have a nap. The kid on the other hand, well, he's pretty cute and might have to pay fines in the future but for now we will forgive him because of his youth.


Heather said...

Bret had the right idea, I did the same thing.

Renaissance Woman said...

Such craziness...looks like such a fun time. You have so many celebrities in your life.

Shawn said...

Oh, how I wish that you all could have been there with me. I would have given up the celebrities to party with amazing people like you!

Mom n Pop Wilson said...

You are amazing! Even your blog post is a performance. I love it...and your new "do". I got a new hairdo myself today. It must be a new year.:)

Elly said...

LOL! You guys sure know how to party!

Shawn said...

Yay to new hairdos, Janene!

I want to see pics, though...

Alyson (New England Living) said...

So funny! Love your party-hardy attitude. :)

Maryn! said...

hahaha mom this is really funny. you are cute. the bret dancing picture made me laugh for several minutes. love you!

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