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Friday, January 16, 2009

I Guess This Is One Reason That I Didn't Vote For Obama

Ok, so I am politically inept, and I don't ever claim to know what I am talking about when it comes to running a nation or anything. But as I was finally getting around to doing some blog hopping today, ( I am stuck in a motel room in Tulsa, Oklahoma---not a pretty site---more about that in my next blog---and yes, its another one of THOSE stories that you will want to get back to) I ran across this blog about the announcement of Obama to ok the bill for the Freedom of Choice Act---a bill basically ok'ing abortion and partial birth abortions, etc. It is VERY disturbing----especially the part about the fact that it will be a law and even those doctors that disagree with it will be required to participate in what I would call a heinous crime...

Please read the article and watch the video and then LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD about this matter. It is NOT right and in no circumstance should anyone be playing God in choosing what is right for these innocent...human beings.

Go to get informed. the right thing.


Jennifer said...

Are you sure doctors would be forced to do that? To me that's like saying you're forcing a doctor who performs heart surgery to deliver a baby... aren't there specific doctors for things like that? Not that it's right either way, just trying to get the facts straight. It's not like you can force a doctor to do something they just don't do.

I don't know... Just wondering if you do.

Renaissance Woman said...

I agree with Jennifer...nobody can force a doctor to do something. And I could say that if there was a bill to make it illegal to consider abortion as a choice you wouldn't be as offended. It's a choice...not one that obviously you have to participate in or are required to participate. But it's simply a choice. Maybe we could leave it at that and not try to continue to make laws one way or the other. Leave it alone just the way it is. And then you can make your choices and others can make theirs. Seems fair...seems right...seems ethical.

Pam's Place said...

I didn't vote for him either, for this reason and many more. I found the following Fact Sheet on this Bill, which Obama has said he intends to sign:

And here is another link that gives more info and provides an easy way to contact your representatives to let them know how you feel about this horrendous legislation.

It will take people like you and me letting our legislators know that we oppose this to have any hope of stopping it.

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