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Friday, September 19, 2008

I Want One Of These!

A few months ago I was visiting a woman from my church. She and I were in her dining room talking, when all of the sudden, I heard this small motor start up in the corner. I was a bit perplexed as I noticed a small round object start to move around the edge of the room.

"What is that?" I exclaimed.
I was intrigued.

"Oh, that...that's my vacuum".

Huh? What?

Ok, I knew that there were robots doing things out there, but I didn't realize that they were SERIOUSLY cleaning, and ALL BY THEMSELVES!!

Now....we are talking a dream come true. This amazing little vacuum can be scheduled to do its vacuuming, coming off its charger and going around the room or rooms, and even raising up to go into another room, if that is what you program it to do! I was in love...

So, I started hinting to my family as Mothers Day was right around the corner. ("I Robot, I Robot, I Robot," I said. I sometimes even answered questions with "I Robot")

Mothers Day came and.......I got a kayak.

Now, don't get me wrong----I do like to kayak, but I REALLY need this little vacuum!

So, I thought that I would hint some more and maybe on my birthday?

Well, you guessed it----I got a great surprise party, but no amazing vacuum.
Now I have a friend that told me her theory on why women don't get vacuums for gifts from their significant others:

*They are worried that it will look like they are trying to tell you that you are a slob and need to clean. (Which is a viable reason, because I don't HAVE a vacuum that works right now, and a lot of carpet to vacuum, so I am a slob!)
*They think that women will be upset if they get them a domestic gift.
*They are worried that you will start to love your vacuum robot more than them. (Hmmmm..... viable point)
*They won't have anything to complain about if all the dust bunnies are up off of the floor.

But what that significant other just doesn't realize that this wonderful tool would be more than just a domestic item in the house. It would be a friend. It would be a play toy for the cats and puppies. It would be a fascination for my son. It would be a conversation piece for anyone visiting or dropping by. It would become part of the family, and yes, I would probably name it....

Have I mentioned that I want one?

And, I need to find something that can do toilets.....and does that Robot come in green?


Joanna said...

Hi Shawn
YES we are in the Nashua stake!!! Which I hear actually goes into Mass. You know if you are LDS it's a small small world:) Where in Mass are you? I have a friend who lives in Somersworth and I have taken the plunge and driven down there a couple of times. Compared to the quiet roads of NH it's quite scary lol!! We were driving back from RI once and I accidentally ended up in the middle of Boston in rush hour. In my minivan. Oh boy that was fun....

Thanks so much for stopping by - I subscribed to your blog a little while ago so I get to see your new posts when you update. You just sound like so much fun! And I love that you do different things from the 'normal' Mormon Mom - just awesome!!!


Hailey said...

I got a vacuum for Mother's Day and it is now pretty much one of my most cherished possessions.

Shawn said...

yes, Joanna, I live in Littleton---near Acton and Concord...

I am the Cultural Arts Specialist for the Stake---directed the Robin Hood play last Nov.----do you sing? Are you going to do the Cantata in Oct.? Which ward are you in?

Anywho---hope to meet you someday!

Hailey---I KNOW you have a special relationship with that vacuum---I have been a witness to it.

Janene Wilson said...

I enjoyed catching up. You are such a talented writer! I hope you're doing okay. It sounds like you are, at least, surviving. I love you!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Christmas is coming. Write a letter to Santa. Tell him if you didn't have to vacuum you'd have more time to cook delicious meals. and give back rubs. And other things. That should do it, don't you think?

Heather said...

Hey you,

I'm lucky I finally moved into a house where the only two rooms with carpet are the bedrooms. I do have two vacuums though, both nice. But alas, I do have a very anal soon to be 10 yr old(on Wed) who is a clean freak. Sat morning she woke up turned on the TV and started cleaning. She didn't even have breakfast first. Randy thinks she is a little OCD about it. LOL I love her anyway and cant believe she will be 10. I remember when the caseworker put this tiny little infant in my arms when she was 10 mos old. She was so tiny she was able to squirm out the the car seat.

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