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Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Bad Smell

As I have painfully made it clear, I have an acute sense of smell.
It can be my downfall sometimes, as I will come into the door of my house and sniff out a bad smell until I find it!

BEWARE if I ever come to visit!!

Well, about a month ago, as I was getting ready to go on yet another band trip, and I got in my new car (you remember, Honeydew) to leave, I turned on the air conditioner, because, was a hot day. Imagine my surprise when the air blowing from the clean new car air conditioner smelled like a dead fish!

EEEEWWWWWW, you may say. (That's what a new friend of mine said---she's really cool---read her blog here!)

Yes, it was indeed an EEEEWWWWW moment and as I tried to ignore it, and not compare it to the smell of briny shrimp that had been left out for several days, I bravely pulled out of the driveway and went on my trip.

Every day I had to go through this same ritual. Sometimes I would have one of my band mates in the car, and they would curl up their noses (how does one "curl" up their nose, by the way?) and make some remark about how I was getting stinky for a girl, or some such other disgusting banter about the smell. My poor son, Aydan, would just hold his nose and say "Yeeecccchhhh, Mom! What is that smell?

Now, you may ask why I just didn't take it in to the nearest Toyota dealer for them to take a gander at it. I wanted to, but as I said----I was traveling every weekend and sometimes during the week, as well as doing the theatre camps, etc. Oh, you know all about it...unless you haven't read my blog before or live on Mars. Or time travel back and forth through an anomaly. Hang on, that is in one of my favorite new shows from the BBC, Primeval...

So, back to my smell.

I finally got my car in on Friday.

Oh, yes, they found something. Some little curmudgeon had eaten its way through my air filter, and left lots of feces and foodstuffs, etc. Of course, IT was no longer there---dead and rotting. Noooooo, it had made its escape long ago. I thought that for sure it would be a dead fish in there, maybe flopped there during a big rain, or some large dead shrimp, hiding out after escaping from a shrimper here in the bay near Boston. My mind had conjured up all sorts of things, but it was just a rotten chipmunk or mouse---leaving behind a mess.
And a mess it was. In fact, the Toyota place had to charge me $135.00 just to clean up that mess and replace the filter.

The filter was only $10.00, the rest was "labor". It still doesn't smell that good, so I am kind of concerned. And I have to admit that I think that my car is now going to be the "new" nesting area for every rodent and chipmunk in the area.

It'll probably be a big party place. Perhaps they'll serve shrimp.


Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

You should buy some of that Fabreeze stuff, not the regular, this one has a funny looking top, it's supposed to sanitize and freshen. I sprayed it in the house today and about died. Too perfumey. When we got home from church, although, Phil said, "Humm, it smells like fresh laundry in there." So the perfumey smell had disintegrated to fresh linen in three hours and that's okay.

Start your car and spray it where ever your car sucks in the air before putting it back into the car. Then roll the windows down and turn the air conditioner on full blast. After about $5.00 worth of gas you too can have fresh laundry smell.

Good luck with that. Don't you just love to pay $135 for ten minutes of work. Some squirrel somewhere is having a good laugh.

Shawn said...

Good idea, Lynne! I'll try it.

I like your pic, also...

Nice to see your beauteous face!

The Bakers said...

Hahhaha...yuck yuck yuck!

topher clark said...

Have you tried those hanging air fresheners? They come in tree shapes, and are remarkably affordable.

Heather said...

I think that is just funny. Figures that it would happen to you. I will make sure you don't come to my house while you are here. You would probably say you can smell the ferret. Although, Amy the ferret does not smell but the cage can at times. :)

Shawn said...

Thanks for everyones' commiseration and ideas----yes, Chris, I actually have a really cool deodorizer---it clips to my air vent so the good smell is supposed to permeate the car interior...but it doesn't seem to be working very well...sigh.

And I DON'T know what I would do, Heather, if I had a ferret! It is bad enough with dog and cat litters, which I have to change every few days...

Ahhh---animals---you pay money for their food and then for their litter when they just poop it out!
Strange cycle, huh?

Hailey said...

You have very strange luck indeed...

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