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Monday, May 05, 2008

All I Want....Is My Two Front Teeth

Yes, we are back in one piece from our amazing trip to Europe. I have been working on the blog entry about London, but haven't finished it yet. I was just going to wait until I finished it to post something, then a small amazing thing happened this weekend.

I know its a natural thing and seems to be the event that changes a little child into a youth, but it always makes me a bit sad, because that child never can go back to the way he looked before...

I'm talking about losing your top two baby teeth.

I had one day of down time before I went to Oklahoma again, this last weekend. While I was gone, Aydan lost his two front teeth. They had been loose, and he pushed them back and forth with his tongue once in a while to make them even more loose. Well, at school on Friday, they came out...

Now, some kids look really weird after they lose their teeth. They look like an old man or lady or like they have tripped and knocked them right out! I remember that my teeth were huge when they started to come in and I looked like a bunny. "Aw, whats up, doc?"

But Aydan actually looks amazingly cute with his front teeth missing. They were so tiny anyway. (yes, he has his Dad's teeth, not mine, luckily!) So, for just a short while anyway, I can pretend that he is still younger. Its not that I don't want him to grow up, but, yes, he's my baby and my last one and its hard to let go.

So, until those rabbit teeth come in, I will enjoy looking at him and hear his slightly altered speech because he has trouble saying his "s's".

And I will just smile.


The Bakers said...

So true. I didn't want my daughter's teeth to come back in because I thought she looked so adorable with the big toothless space. Alas, time marches on...

Hailey said...


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