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Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Seven Deadly Sins

Now that I got your attention...

I was tagged a few months ago by my lovely daughter, Hailey, in her blog. I must admit that it got me to thinking about my life and what in the heck should I write about----in regards to the seven little known things about me.

Now, those of you two readers that know me, know that I basically "wear my heart on my sleeve", am all about "what you see is what you get", and you know "where you stand" with me, and every cliche saying that describes a person that doesn't hide much.

So, that said, I had to think long and hard, but finally came up with seven little known things about me:

1. It bothers me that the number is seven. Why? I am a bit OCD and have to have pictures and rugs straight, as well as not being able to go to bed unless my coffee table and my living room and dining room are clean and straight. (Have I said straight enough?) I also go crazy if the volume on my radio in the car is not an even number, as well as numbers in general. I really like to have an even number on EVERYTHING!

2. I love to go camping! I used to go camping with my family when I grew up and they were the best times ever. I don't mind sleeping in tents even, but now that we got a trailer----a 1968 gem---its even better. Last year we camped out on the beach and it was some fun times. There's just something about sitting around the campfire, especially with family---singing and laughing---being silly. And yes, it brings out the silly in me... I even managed to last through a camping trip to Montana a few years ago at my families reunion. It was cold and wet, yes, VERY wet, so I must admit that my patience was a bit tested,...but even that didn't put me off of camping.

3. I was in Playboy.
Ok, so I guess I have to tell you a bit more about that one, so you don't get the wrong idea!
I modeled for many years and did ads for just about every department store, restaurant, airline, clothing line, and beauty/hair product. So one of my ads got picked up by Playboy---it was actually for western wear and was not at all provocative, but it was kind of a cool shot, and I guess if the store pays for the advertising, they don't really care...

4. My big break into show business was playing the part of Cinderella in fourth grade. But, since I was kind of a small skinny kid, they cast me as the "ugly" Cinderella. (Of course there had to be two, as there was a puff of smoke and the ugly one disappeared and the beautiful one appeared---center stage---it was quite brilliant for elementary school!) I did get to sing one of my favorite songs of all time, "In My Own Little Corner"---which has been my mantra for the rest of my life, so I guess it wasn't all bad.

5. While I am dwelling on childhood memories, I might as well let you know that I was a tomboy when I was a child. I loved to climb trees, ride my bike, ride horses, and spend as many hours out of doors that I could. I used to wish that I was a boy so badly! I even wore dog tags and preferred my hair short for most of my young life. (Well, that part hasn't changed---the short hair, not the dog tags.) I don't know exactly when I changed and became the fashion diva that I am now, but I think that it was between Freshman and Sophomore year in High School,----I discovered make-up and realized that if I took care of myself and my clothes, I got more attention from, yes, the opposite sex. I was doomed from then on to be vain.

6. Now this little known event is perhaps the most embarrassing one of all. About 20 years ago, on a visit to Jamaica with my sister, the amazing Margy, I....well....I....wet my bed...
Now, I don't know if any of you have ever had dreams about going to the bathroom and in your dream, you just...well....let it go. I woke up and yes, you guessed it, I had really just....let it go!
Of course, this just happened to be on the first night of a week long stay and we weren't getting the sheets changed for the whole week, unless we requested it, so I had to sleep the rest of the week on the bed without sheets. So, why didn't I request my sheets changed? Well, would you have? I was just too embarrassed to request clean sheets----I mean, how would I explain that away?
Now, before you go and think that this is something that I do all the time....I want to set your mind at ease... That was the only time that I did that as an adult, and a few days after I got home from my trip, I discovered that I was pregnant, which, believe it or not, affects a persons bladder.....what? It does!

7. I first honed my comedy skills in Junior High. I had just moved to a new city and when I went to school, I, of course, wanted to fit in and be popular. But there was one problem----I was pretty strange. I was very skinny, as I mentioned before, and had not yet begun to develop. The styles at that time were short skirts, and long hair, and I, of course, had my dresses that went down to my knees and short hair that was crooked, because my Mom cut it....and not very well. I wore knee socks because my parents wouldn't let me shave my legs, so I tried to cover up the dark hairs. Now, if this picture isn't bad enough, add to that a pair of "cat-eye" glasses that I had had since I was 8 years old. They were so out of style, but my parents wouldn't let me get new ones because mine were perfectly fine. I wasn't even devious enough to "accidentally" break them---what was I thinking? It even got so bad that when I used to go to the lunch room or try to hang with the cool kids during the break after lunch----I would walk up to them to try to be friendly and have a chat-----and they would ignore me, then, as one, turn around and walk away.

Ummm, and you wonder why they weren't thinkin I was the bomb?

So, I decided to try to make them laugh. Now, I had already spent my life so far doing funny things to make my older sister laugh, so I had had some experience at doing it--and I was obsessed with Jerry Lewis movies, Danny Kaye movies, and the Marx Brothers, so I had good teachers.
And you guessed it, thats how I survived Junior High and most of High School, for that matter...

Well, there you have it. My seven secrets have now been revealed. I am sure that there are many others, but it took me a month to come up with these, so don't ask me for any more!

Oh yeah, and I tag Brinna Jones and whoever else reads my blog to do this. (Which is why I don't have to worry about any one else.)


Lisa said...

A lot of these surprised me! (camping, really?!) I wish I could have hung out with you more when you were here--it just didn't feel right having you here and not coming over and watching tv with us!

Shawn said...

Oh, yeah, I am basically scarred for life since I wasn't able to "hang" with you guys. Well, maybe not for life, but definitely for the week...

Glad I got to see your latest beauty child, though. So adorable!

The Bakers said...

I'm such a fan of odd numbers and asymmetry. I LOVE camping. I was in an ad for Verisign that showed up in a bunch of techie magazines and my ex-boyfriend techie found it and told his office that he'd "made out with that chick." I was in Cinderella in Fifth grade and it was the start for me...the love of the stage and the love of that particular musical. I second the tomboy thing...climbing trees, wrastlin', riding bikes, showing off. I discovered makeup in high school as well and the joy of a short hairdo my first year of college! I've almost experienced #6 but caught it just in time and #7 is my life in a nutshell. ( "

Hailey said...

What was that part about your mom cutting your hair crooked? Ha ha--just kidding--the girls don't look that bad, and Ben totally got over it. Also, will you please post the picture that I own on OWNED to prove number 7?

Shawn said...

There you go, Hailey---although that picture was from 6th grade, before my Mom cut it even shorter, and I had a piece of it hanging down in my bangs!


And Hannah, glad to see that there are others out there that had to "perform" to get friends! I'm still trying to find the pic of me with my dog tags, cause its a hoot!

And yay for short hair!

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