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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pretty, Pretty

Just like I love to dress up, I love to have my surroundings pretty. So, I spent a bit of time and tried to make my blog look a bit more put together...

Thanks to for the template for the background! It's awesome what she does, and I do appreciate it a lot, as I am partially brain dead when it comes to computer tech stuff and after about three tries, I was able to put on the background of my choice!

It makes me feel a bit more....well....finished....polished....stylish.


Hailey said...

I love it!

Hailey said...

That url didn't work for me, so I googled cute blogs and the url is actually

She has the nicest templates I've seen!

Shawn said...

Thanks Hailey! I will correct it!

Shawn said...

Oh...and I am still trying to figure out how to change the color on my playlist... Anyone have any ideas?

Purple just clashes with the new look...aaacccckkkkkk!!

The Bakers said...

We folded laundry to your music player today, so thanks for that! Ha ha!

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