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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mum's Day

A flower given to us in church today.
Well, we are finally moved into our latest house. I am not calling it our new house, as it is only temporary. The problem is that we can't buy a house until my hubby has a steady job again, and we are still pre-approved for credit, etc.,...but only if he is making a certain amount. So, he is constantly looking, and we are still hoping that we can buy a house before the end of the summer.

Meanwhile, we thought that we would move into a small two bedroom apartment, and store all of our stuff, but we couldn't find one that we could rent month to month----yeah, I know----go figure. BUT when I was surfing through rental listings on an MLS site, I found a house----circa 1827, in a small town not too far from where we were living. I wanted to go see it, as it was just the right size and the rent was the same as what we were paying, but our realtor and my husband both reminded me that we didn't want to find something permanent, just a month to month, so I put it into the back of my over-crowded brain.

Fast forward to a week later, and we STILL had not found a place to live! We were supposed to move out on Sat. of last weekend, but we had NOT found a place to live, as of Thurs. morning. Then we got a call from my realtor (she's amazing, by the way) and she informed us that the old house that I had inquired about, was willing to rent month by month, and were we interested in looking at it? Well, duh....of course!

We went to look at the house and were overjoyed with its quirkiness, its history, its amazing back yard, and we wanted to move in! Long story short, the afternoon of that Thurs., we met with the owner, signed a lease, and asked if we could start bringing our things in the next night. Voila! We had a place to call our own----well----for a few months anyway.

So, that is my mothers day present, basically. I have slowly tried to get unpacked, after taking about three days to move in, and have only managed to get the kitchen done this week, around working and rehearsals, etc.,,,,but its a big accomplishment for me!

My kids came today, made dinner with my hubby, and brought super presents and their fun selves. It was really nice to relax for a bit,-----they played Beatles Monopoly----and I fell asleep on the chaise in front of the huge windows overlooking our great back yard-----with classical music playing in the background......ahhhh....a little bit of heaven.

Sometimes----despite all the stress of normal and not-so-normal life, its the little things that make your days. A yummy dinner. Some satin jammie bottoms. A new super cookie sheet. A small flat screened T.V. An amazing cake with strawberries. Big hugs from my children. Two special phone calls from my sweet daughters that live far away.
These are the things that made my Mothers Day special and revived my spirit.

Now, I'm ready to take on my usual stress for the week. I can do anything now.
If only I could get my printer to keeps saying (as if it talks) that the new cartridge isn't the right one....sigh....I just hope that it isn't broken.

And....yes, I will get back with pictures of the house, just as soon as I finish unpacking.

The basket of goodies from my sweet daughter, Brinna.....

....and here we are----aren't those satin jammie bottoms amazing?

Some new super cookie sheets from my son, Clayton.....

....and the fantastic cake that he baked for us. (Texas bundt cake with
fresh strawberries and whipped cream---so yummy!)

A flat-screened TV and water bottle from my hubby, Bret, and my son Aydan.

Everyone playing The Beatles Monopoly----right before I headed in to
take my nap....(and yes, that's my husbands cranium in the foreground---heh, heh)

Happy Mothers Day---hope yours was as FANTABULOUS as mine!


Julie said...

I'm glad you had a good day, Shawn - YOU deserve it! AND I'm glad you found a place to live - I can't wait to see the pictures!

Renaissance Woman said...

Love the pictures! Hope you had a wonderful day.

Shawn said...

can't wait to see pictures and Ummm can Clayton make me a cake too! I am a Mommy!

Kristin said...

It looks like you had a beautiful time with your fam. And YAY for finding a house!!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

That cake looks amazing. What wonderful kids you have!

Mom n Pop Wilson said...

I'm excited that you found such a cool place to live! What a blessing. You must be doing something right.:) Glad you had a great mother's day, too.

Stacy's Snippets said...

What a great mothers I mean Mum's day!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog was such a wonderful day!

Can't wait to read more of your blogs...and to see pics of your fantastic new "temporary" home. Have you heard that song by Carrie Underwood? I love it.

Omgirl said...

I can't wait to see the house. I'm so jealous that you are pretty much surrounded by beautiful old houses out there.

I'm also jealous that you got Petunias for your church mother's day flower and we got ugly geraniums. :(

tiburon said...

It looks like a glorious day :)

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