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Friday, December 26, 2008

Why...I Would Lose My Head If It Wasn't Firmly Connected, And Christmas Cheer

I haven't had the time to write about my trip to Utah to visit the G-babies. The twins just turned two, and I was excited to record the visit and send some pictures that I had taken to a new friend, Lynne, that I met through blogging. She is amazing and writes every day---sometimes two times a day---unbelievable! She inspires me....

We had a great lunch with my daughter, Hailey, who is one of the funniest and witty people that I know, and we had the lunch at her friends beautiful house, Lisa, who is such an fantastic person, in her own right---so funny, beautiful, and I am in awe of her, also.

Great times, amazing fun and oh, the babies---so adorable!

Well, thats where it stops, as I would love to show you all the pictures that I took, but because I am so brain dead, I discovered that the connector to my camera that allows me to download the pictures to my computer was missing!

Yes, it had gone on walk-a-bout.

Frustration is my constant companion, so I tend to just adjust and figure out how to work with my dead brain----and went through every bag and crevice and pocket that I thought that that little connector would be hiding. Dang, if he isn't good at disappearing!

Well, long story short, that connector didn't manage to get on the plane with me. Hailey sent me an e-mail that the little bugger was now living at her house---had probably hidden while I was packing or something. So, no pictures for awhile, until I can manage to pick up a replacement.

That is why I haven't blogged lately. Thats my excuse. My apologies, Lynne----I will never be as awesome as you are. (But I won't give up---there is always that New Years resolution thing----I CAN do it, I can do it...!)

As far as this past has been days consisting of: an amazing choir program, shopping stress, blizzards, rain, music, family, friends, lots of yummy food, Santa, messes, staying up late, sleeping in, getting up early, a Nativity reenactment, a celebration of Christs birth, and lots of pictures....

Which, unfortunately, none of you will ever see, unless I get that darn connector soon.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday and the best to you and yours!


Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Your friend Lynne hasn't blogged for three bloomin' days because she is worn right down to the nubbins. No awesomeness here. Did the robot vacuum make an appearance? I hope so. If not drop a hint to Dear Hubby that Mother Goose always comes on New Year's Eve and leaves one thing behind. She doesn't wrap. She hides it. Probably next to a plug. Yes, a plug. That would be a good idea.

Hope the house is toasty warm.

I must stop going to bed at 2:00 AM. Real soon, now.

Hailey said...

I will put it in the mail when I get home, I promise!

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