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Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Day Of Hope...

I really should be working on my blocking for Jane Eyre. The musical that I am directing now. (in case you were wondering or missed my blog entry) Or I need to go to one of my favorite places, Target, to get school supplies for my little one, Aydan, who starts school next Wed. He is staying at his big brother, Clayton's house, for a few days, after spending a few days with me, going to the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum in Boston. The Science Museum is one of his favorite places to go, and he has been so patient with me all summer, never complaining as I whisk him from one rehearsal/summer camp that I am doing to another or when he has to do errands with one parent or the other...constantly...

Did I mention that he is an amazing kid? He is.

But I wanted to write something for this special day. It has been declared Nie Nie Day by some amazing people in the blogging world and I just wanted to recognize it for what it was. A day of memory, love and yes....hope.

The story is tragic. Three people going for a ride in a small plane, something that they have done countless times, I'm sure, with no problems. But a week or so ago, a tragedy happened. Two of these wonderful people, Christian and Stephanie, found their lives changed forever, as the plane goes down and they end up in the hospital, fighting for their lives. The pilot didn't make it.

The story is better told by someone that has witnessed the aftermath firsthand. So, you can read about it from Stephanie's sister, who is now watching her four very young children. Or you can get in on the charity for the couples expenses by going to this site. It is another blogger who came up with the idea to have this day for Stephanie or Nie Nie as they call her.

Its a tragic story.

But hopefully, it will have a good ending.

I love good endings.

They make me feel alive inside.

It feels good.

So, if you pray, lend your prayers.

If you are rich, give some of your money.

If you are human, read about this amazing family and the wonderful miracle of friends that are keeping them going.

It will make you realize that there is hope...and it is for the best.


Lisa said...

Thank you

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Beautifully written. We are all praying for a miracle. For lives to be restored. For love to win.

topher clark said...

What a great message! I'm with my sister in AZ right now. It's a very critical situation, but we are keeping the hope alive. Thanks for your thoughts.

Hailey said...

Hope is a wonderful thing.

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