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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Operation Carpal Tunnel

Tomorrow is Fathers Day, and I wanted to write a bit about my amazing hubby, Bret:

He has been having problems with circulation in his hands and elbows for years. He is one of those macho types that doesn't complain about the pain. He just mentions every once in a while that he can't feel his fingers, or that his hand has gone numb. So, after about 8 years of this, he finally went to the doctor to see what it was. (This only because a friend of ours had carpel tunnel and had had surgery, and the symptoms were the same...)

So, after going to the regular doctor, then a specialist and then another specialist for more x-rays, etc., he found out that he did INDEED have a severe case of carpel tunnel----in both wrists, no less.

So, about a week and a half ago, he got the surgery done. He had an amazing recovery----our friend had her cast on for three weeks, with limited movement for about 6 weeks, but Bret had his surgery, then two days later, removed the cast, and went on a fishing/camping trip three days after that. I asked him to please be careful, as I didn't want him to permanently hurt his wrist/hand area, but he said, "No, if I do too much---it will hurt, and I will stop."

Yeah, right...

He has continued to do his work; (he is a cabinetmaker) lifting, pushing, carrying, etc. and never complaining of pain. time last week, he said that it was "sore". Now, for you and me, it would probably be unbearable, but his threshold of pain is high, so he takes it like a.....well,.....a man.

He is indeed, as the song describes, a "macho" man.

Although, if he ever thinks he has a fever....its all over.... Then I have to wait on him hand and foot...

Happy Fathers Day, Bret! Thanks for being the best husband and father/stepfather ever!!

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