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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Zip Codes Don't Lie!

Boston, a beautiful overview...
The Charles River and the Mass. Ave. bridge...
Beacon Hill street...
Recently, as I was getting on to my MSN internet, (in my very FEW minutes that I have for such things nowadays, and only if I have to pay a bill) I noticed a headline for the new consensus about most expensive places to live, according to one's zip code. Naturally, since I am always bombarded with people telling me that Boston is the MOST expensive city to live in, in the United States, I was curious. So I clicked on to find the top ten...

AHA! Again I say: AHA! There it was in virtual black and white. Number one was Sagaponack, NY, (huh?) number two was in San Diego, CA, number three was in Newport Beach, CA, and of the following seven, all were in CA, except one more in NY and one in Miami, Florida. We were not even in the top ten!

So, I expanded my search to see if maybe we were in the top 25.

AHA!! AHA!! Once again, there was NO sign of any Boston area zip code. There was more NY, CA, and even NJ zips,...a place in Nevada was even number 20,...but not even close to Boston.

Now I got really serious...
I NEEDED to know with every fiber of my being just where Boston stood.

My heart started racing, as I went from page to page.... There was more CA, more NY, more NJ, more NV, more FL, some CT, some DC areas, some WA, some AZ, some PA, and the list kept going... Finally,....on page number 14...
THERE WE WERE!! NUMBER 365! A zip code in the Boston area fell into the top 365 most expensive places to live...

I took a big "sigh", looked for a few more pages, and only saw one more Boston area on there...and then smiled.

Zip codes don't lie, folks.... The facts are in...


There....I've said it. I got it off of my chest. Now I can truly enjoy Boston without so much guilt...

(Ok, ok, so Utah wasn't even in the top 500...but do you have the ocean, and the Charles River? I rest my case...)


Hailey said...

Touche. I won't say another word.

Brinna said...

Heh, heh...

Where was Providence? And what was the city that was number 365? Wellesley? Charlestown? Lexington?

jana said...

Hey, it's no fun living a mile away from #3 and having everyone in your ward in the demographic group that can afford a #3 lifestyle....

I am oh-so-jealous of your living in Boston. Someday I hope our family will have a stint there, too. :)

sHandke said...

So... back to this topic again? I found some other entertainment while checking out the facts for myself. Check this out.

According to (some random survey site), these are the Most Expensive Countries to Live in. The US is number 13!
1 Japan
2 South Korea
3 Russia
4 Taiwan
5 Norway
6 Hong Kong
7 Switzerland
8 Denmark
9 Argentina
10 China
11 Finland
12 Cote d'Ivoire
13 United States
14 Sweden
15 Venezuela
16 United Kingdom
17 Singapore
18 Oman
19 Jordan
20 Kuwait

And Forbes says that these cities are the top ten most polluted:
1 Los Angeles (Long Beach, Calif., Riverside, Calif.)
2 Bakersfield, Calif.
3 Fresno-Madera, Calif.
4 Visalia-Porterville, Calif.
5 Merced, Calif.
6 Houston (Baytown, Huntsville, Tex.)
7 Sacramento (Arden, Calif., Arcade, Calif., Truckee, Nev.)
8 Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
9 New York (Newark, N.J., Bridgeport, Conn.)
10 Philadelphia (Camden, N.J., Vineland, N.J.)

This was the Forbes list for the most expensive zip codes:
1 11962 (Sagaponack, N.Y.)
2 92067 (Rancho Santa Fe, Calif.)
3 92662 (Newport Beach, Calif.)
4 94528 (Diablo, Calif.)
5 94957 (Ross, Calif.)
6 11976 (Water Mill, N.Y.)
7 93108 (Santa Barbara, Calif.)
8 90402 (Santa Monica, Calif.)
9 92661 (Newport Beach, Calif.)
10 33109 (Miami Beach, Fla.)

(I do have to confess that according to many of the current/updated studies, Boston is not included on the top ten list for most expensive cities. However, when Luke and I were searching for places to live in Boston, we swore that it was ranked higher on the list.)

Anonymous said...

In the 2002 survey, Forbes ranked the Beacon Hill neighborhood as the most expensive place to live in the entire country. From the looks of it, others have caught up in the last four years...

Anonymous said...

sorry, try again -

Anonymous said...


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