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Friday, February 16, 2007

I Like To Hike

The sun shining through the forest on the ice covered ground.

The ice crystalized on each strand of grass...amazing!

The frozen small pond after the ice storm.
The puppies "sniffing" around as we walk.

Musette, enjoying the first snow of the the end of January!

Mignon, all decked out in her winter sweater.

The view from our front step...

I have felt very fortunate this winter that our weather hasn't been filled with much snow, so I can still do one of my favorite things...walk.

We now live across from a private conservation area, consisting of about 20 acres of trees, streams and trails, that is open to the public for walking and hiking usage. The owner of the land takes care of it and keeps the rough trails cleared off and trees cut back somewhat, so the trails are pretty groomed. It is truly the best part of living where we live right now...

As the weather has gotten colder, I have still tried to take the puppies out for a walk, at least three times a week. I put on their sweaters, (they have quite an assortment, now, as I found that you can get the teddy bear ones at Michaels, for 2.00 a piece), and then bundle myself up with fleece pants, long john top, sweatshirt with hood (my favorite is the one that Maryn left over the Christmas holidays...tee, hee), a big fleece neck warmer, gloves, my warm snow boots, and Bret's German WWII Army coat.

I am sure that all the neighbors have gotten used to seeing me head across the common area in front of our houses and head for the cemetary (which borders the conservation land), keeping a tight rein on my two little Yorkie-poo's, as I don't let them walk in front of me... I must make quite a comical figure, in my too large coat and huge head and neck gear, but I don't care, I am excited for my hike!

For Christmas this year, I received the best part of this combination for successful Zune! I know that everyone out there has I-Pods, but my hubby gave me a Zune and I LOVE it! I have downloaded all my soundtracks, (as well as all my other music) and proceed to listen to some of my favorites as I walk. The feeling is like having your life put to music, as if you are living in a movie. It's wonderful, and really fulfills my much needed desire to finally put a soundtrack to my daily life. (I guess I should mention that I ALWAYS view my life as a movie and constantly think of camera angles and cutaways and extreme close ups, etc., as I live my life----strange, I know...)

My favorite soundtracks to walk to are "Portrait of a Lady", "The Piano" and "Elizabeth", but this week I received a new soundtrack "Perfume" (which was an amazing film, by the way!) and am sooooo excited to try it out! Unfortunately, we got a blizzard the night before last night and the snow is several feet deep, so I will have to wait until it melts a bit before we can go hit the trails! I can always walk on the street, but its just not the same...when we walk in the conservation area, I can let the puppies off of their leashes and they can run around and sniff and get some real exercise, whereas when they are with me on the street, they have to stay on their leashes and walk beside me-----no fun!

There is something so otherworldly about hiking....observing nature, seeing amazing things, like after the ice storm when everything was encased in ice----it was beautiful and wondrous! There was a definite "crackle" under your feet every time a step was taken, and the world looked like a fairy kingdom, or something from the "Snow Queen" by Hans Christian Andersen....

I can't wait until the spring and I can start to see the buds ripen and open and the glory of a new birth come to fruition. ....And then the summer time when the trees are full of leaves and the air is moist and the grass is so green that it looks will be amazing!

I wish you could all be with me when I hike...
But then, we would have to talk and it might take away from the soundtrack and my reverie...'ll have to find your own hiking place.
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