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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Ohhh, to Sell, To Sell A House

New Hampshire house....before..... .......and after......
I have had no time to devote to my usual life, lately.

It's frustating, as I have no time to catch up on my Tivo, read any books, hang up my clothes, or even do any extensive e-mailing.....and I definitely don't have time to write on my blogs.

Why is my time not my own?

Well, we are trying to sell our house in NH, that's why...

Don't you hate it? I have watched every "how to sell your house" show on HGTV that they have, and I know all of the tricks, but I'm sure that it is sooooo much easier when you can have a team of professionals to help you. Not to mention the fact that we are on a VERY limited budget! We live, basically, hand to mouth as it is.

So, here we go again...driving up to NH....then plastering, mudding, plumbing, wiring, priming, and painting our way to the big sell. Of course, we have had to enlist the aid of some of our church friends, (or should we say, our angels of mercy...) the ones that we go to church with down here in Acton, though, not the ones up there in Bedford. We were never the favorite "service project" when we lived there, let alone being one now. (Even though, you would think that they would want us to sell the house, so we don't move back in...)

We really need to sell this house, as we want to buy a mill building in North Western Mass., for my theater, and our art gallery, and our penthouse apartment, and a small town. Wait a minute, did I say a SMALL TOWN? Yes, its true, I will be officially a small town hour and fifteen minutes from Boston..... Ohhhh, wait a minute,.....I'm hyperventilating as I write....I need to go get me a paper bag to breath into!................

Alright, I'm back. I can handle this,......after all, I handled living in Claremont, California, and that usually took two hours to get to LA.

That said, if anyone is in the market for a "lovingly restored" historic house, built in the early 19th century, with 5 bedrooms, 3 full baths, a study, formal dining room, formal living room, family room and a future kitchen, (It isn't finished yet, but we are giving the person buying this house the opportunity to pick out their own kitchen and Bret will put it in...) we have it all for you! All on an acre and a half with a barn, a huge garage, and an attached carriage house!
It's got the white picket fence and everything! Come live in one of the only states that has no state tax or tax on things that you buy! Get all the seasons that anyone could want, and a great school district to boot!

Ok, ok, so I am getting carried away now.

But, seriously, it would be for a GREAT cause!
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