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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

FINALLY----Its Reunion Time

Is this where my family has been hiding?

Ghost town in Colorado.
In my family, we have a reunion every year. It is as many of my brothers and sisters that can make it, their families, and my Mom and Dad. We take turns every year being in charge, and yep-----you guessed it------its my turn this year!

And, since I wanted everyone to come out here to the East coast and that just wasn't happening----there's no way I can get anyone out here from the West----even though I have been going back there almost every year for 10 years-----I decided to have it in Colorado. I used to live there, and it is kind of close to everyone out there.

So, that is where I am going. I will not be here this week. I will not be able to read blogs or comment, or do my usual blog on Friday. I will be hanging with the fam-----hiking, hopefully canoeing, going to ghost towns, playing games, creating amazing meals, and just catching up!

Fun, huh? I also get to hang with my G-babies, and that will be so exciting.....

I do want to say that I have been loving meeting new bloggers these last few months. There are so many great blogs out there, and fantastic women and men that are inspiring to me. I will miss you......but I will be back.

In the meanwhile, I've got to share this new award----given to me by a new blogger friend, Robbie----she seems like a very intelligent, sweet and caring person---go check out her blog here.

Thanks, Robbie!

Be sure and check back next week, as I am preparing something for a contest for SITS, (Secret In The Sauce) and I REALLY want to win.

I guarantee that you WON'T want to miss it!

Until then, Au Revoir!

**And some new blogger friends that I would like to recognize with this award:
1. Zelzee
2. My Life On The East Coast
3. Chopped Salad
4. The Stylish House
5. Bon Bon Rose

Friday, June 19, 2009

Fabulous Find For A Friday------Something Yummy For A Sweet Tooth

I have to apologize to bloggers out there. I have been wicked crazy with life, my work, and the end of school, (no, its STILL not over yet!!) and everything, so I haven't had much time to read blogs. There are so many amazing blogs out there, and I wish that I could read all of them every day, and for awhile, I was trying to do that.....and staying up every night until 3:00 in the morning. Well, I just can't physically do it anymore, as I am only getting about 5 or 6 hours of sleep each night----well----not all at once. It would be 4 hours until I got up, got my son to school, then I would go back and take a hour or a two hour nap. Well----I just can't do it as much anymore.

Now, about a month ago, for Mothers Day, my hubby brought me home some bubble gum, Dubble Bubble, don'tcha know. Yes, it is weird, I know. I have this addiction for bubble gum. I don't know, it is just the flavor----I don't really chew it---more like suck on it for the flavor and then spit it out.

But he brought me some, in a gift bag, along with a bag of Lindt candy.

Now, I really like Lindt candy. You know the ones----the different types of chocolate balls filled with a creamy substance----different chocolate flavors depending on what kind you like.

Well, the one that he gave me was a new flavor.

Another thing you should know about me is that I like white chocolate. One of my favorite desserts is a White Chocolate Mousse with fresh raspberries on it----yummy. I have never been a big choco-holic, but white chocolate sometimes makes me happy.

So, welcome to my new discovery, or rather, my husbands new discovery for me.

I may have just eaten them all myself.

Yes, you have to try them. Such a great flavor----smooth, creamy, with a bit of a chocolate crunch to it---just a taste.

I may have even had my husband buy some more when they were on sale at the drugstore last week.

So I am giving you advanced warning. They are addictive. Try to eat two and then hide them.

That's what I do.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Memory Monday------The Second Time I Thought That I Was Going To Die

I know that some of my readers have been sitting on the edge of their proverbial seats, waiting for this second installation into what has been the insanity of my life. If you don't remember the first time, check it out HERE.

Well, this is how it went.

We were still living in the house in Utah and I was attending first grade. We had a lot of students enrolled in the school now, as the neighborhood was growing rapidly. They had moved us several times, to different schools, as they tried to figure out how to deal with the growing population of children coming in. I still remember one such grade school that was right on the edge of a big ravine. (It probably was very small, but when you are in first grade, things like that are ENORMOUS!) I don't remember the name of the grade school, as we were, literally, moved to three different schools that year. I also don't remember what the classroom looked like or the lunchroom, but I DO remember one thing about that school.

There was a rumor around the school that passed down even to us little first graders. The rumor was this: There was a crazy wild man that lived in the ravine, and he would take children and.....well, we didn't know what he would do with them. We never got that far.
In our minds, the crazy, wild man was scary enough!

So, we used to stand on the edge of the ravine at recess and look down in----daring one another to go in. It was one of those times that your heart is beating a hundred times per minute. And you would swear that you could see someone down there watching you.


But, of course, I digress.

That is not where my encounter with death was.

No, no. It happened much closer to home-----or rather, in my home.

The reason that I mention all of the aforementioned that because of this fact of not having room in our schools, they decided to have a "double" school day. In other words, some students went really early in the morning and were out by noon. Then some of the students went after lunch and were going home in the dark at 5:00. I don't know if they used the same teachers. I don't think so. But this is where I have to begin my tale, as it goes along with the memory of coming home in the dark.

The time was Halloween. It got dark early, so we had to wear silver armbands that were reflectors, so cars could see us as we walked home from the bus stop. I remember this so distinctly as it was rather strange walking from the bus stop in the dark. We had had our Halloween parties that day and I was in high spirits, even though my stomach had little flutters in it, as I still had thoughts of wild crazy men in my mind, and there we were, my sister and I, walking in the dark!

We had to walk about two blocks----even though there weren't really blocks----being in the country like we were. Since I was feeling a bit nervous and excited at the same time, I asked my sister if we could stop and take some of our candy out to eat on the way. I reached into my Halloween sack, and grabbed the biggest thing there.

They were big, red wax lips, the kind that you wear in your mouth and then you chew them----the taste is sweet and the texture is rather like chewing a piece of soft rubber. It was delightful to a young child like me. So, I decided to take a big bite of it, knowing that it would last me the rest of the walk home.

We got home, and I was chewy merrily, very content that we had made it home in one piece and no wild and scary man had grabbed us. My Mom told us to take off our jackets, wash our hands and work on our homework. Then she noticed that I was chewing something.

"What are you chewing?" she said. "Its almost time for dinner! I hope that you haven't spoiled it." Janene and I looked guiltily at each other. We probably should have WAITED to eat some of our Halloween candy, but we were kids, right? But, of course, my sister being such a good girl, she told Mom that we had only each had one piece of our Halloween candy from our parties at school.

At that point, she asked to see our decorated paper bags---and then told us that she was going to keep our candy so it wasn't a temptation. We promptly gave them to her, chattering as we did about our parties and the different events of the day, as Halloween was coming that weekend, so we were excited.

Well, as she opened up my bag and pulled out the half eaten wax lips.

She stopped.
(Of course, I think that she dramatically put her hand to her lips and gasped, but I'm not really sure that is what she did.)

But she was upset, that was for sure. She asked me if I had eaten some of the wax lips. Of course, I still had some in my mouth, and there was a half eaten one in her hands.

I was CAUGHT! But, then again I didn't understand why anything was still that wrong.

Well, she proceeded to tell me that they had found out that people were dying from cancer gotten from a certain red dye that was found in-----yes, you guessed it, WAX LIPS!!

She was so UPSET! She made me spit out the remainder that I had in my mouth, and wash it out. I remember being very upset myself, and was crying for getting into trouble.

After that, her words haunted me.

I mean, I was very young and in my mind, the dreadful deed that I had done had sealed my fate.
I just knew that I had "cancer" and that I was to die from it. I never thought of asking exactly when or how I was to die, but I thought that it was inevitable. I was doomed.

I am sure that you are amazed that I was so naive. But I was a child, and we weren't really told about much of anything. So, I drew my own conclusions.

So, every night as I went to sleep, I would wonder if this was the night that I would, well, perish.
And then I would wake up and as I went through my day, I wondered if this would be the day when I would get sick. Of course, I had already been so sick with my rheumatic fever, so I knew what it was like to be sick----and I figured that "cancer" would probably make me sick like that.

But I just wondered in my own child-like mind how long it would be before I died. I don't remember feeling scared, just kind of matter of fact. I had eaten the wax lips and this was my
punishment. I don't really think that I understood it all. I just kind of accepted it, had fun each day, but remembered each night about my "disease".

My Mom and Dad never did tell me the truth about "cancer". I learned only years later when I was older about the "red dye" scare. I think that I eventually forgot about it as a child and figured that maybe it was going to take longer than I thought.

I guess that I just decided that I was lucky and I must have cheated death, not one....

....but TWO times!

Here I am in my new Sunday dress the summer before 1st grade.

And here is my sweet sister, Janene and I sometime that early Fall.
Gotta love those grins....
This is after the incident----at Christmas time....I seemed to be ok then.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Fabulous Find For A Friday------Another Blogger Bash-----Rod Stewart Style!

Well, we all know about the last Blogger Bash that I tried to put together. Some amazing time hanging with moi and doing some shopping. Seems like a win, win, right?

But it was the party that no one came to, so...... I have another idea.

An evening to meet my family and I, maybe share some food and frolic-----then sit back (or DANCE) and enjoy an evening of Rod Stewart!

Now, now, its not as bad as it sounds. The show is really rather fun and Rick, who plays Rod, is almost as wit-tay as me, myself, and I. And rock-n-roll is awesome!

The key to looking thin---stand sideways partly behind some guy....

Well, so here it is----go get those pens again to write it down:

6:30-8:30 P.M.
Food service available at 6:00
RICK LARRIMORE as Rod Stewart tribute website:

Oh yeah----here we are!

Of course, I will be singing. I am his official right hand announcer, back-up singer and occasional front singer. Oh, and I DANCE UP A STORM!!

Yup, I do.

That would be the price of the ticket just to see that.

But......GUESS WHAT?


So, bring the family----come early to get a great place-----and we can hang for a bit after----what do ya say? The rain date is July 14, but lets hope that doesn't happen, cause I might not be able to do that one.... (Got my theatre camps, don'tcha know.)

I hope EVERYONE out here in New England can come!! It would be super fun to meet everyone.....and my daughter, Hailey, will be here with her little ones, so you could meet her also. (Have I mentioned that she is amazing?)

Now is the time that you click right on that comment link and clickety clack, leave me a comment about how this is an answer to what you have been dreaming about and wanted to do since, oh, I don't know, the 80"s? (If you were born at that time.)


Recognize the jacket?
Photos by BBSNAPS.NET (of course)

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Was Tagged, Then Got Something Great In The Mail

About a month ago, I won a few giveaways.

Trust me, I deserved it. I worked it. Did comments. Facebooked it. Followed. Shouted out to the rooftops. Yeah, you know the drill.

Its fun. You should try it.

Such a rush when you finally win one. It was probably beginners luck, cause I haven't won any since then, but it was enough for awhile.

What did I win, you ask?

This, from a super blogger, Shauna, from Trying to Stay Calm. She is freakin amazing, as she gives away tons of stuff----and how she manages it all is an inspiration. Go check it out.

What is with my "claw" hand? And this was before the haircut.

So, now I have to find some time to read it and use the ideas.

I'll get back to you on that.

This, from another great site, The Cleaning Coach, Leslie does it right with lots of GREEN CLEANERS----and I got some----so exciting!

And this is after my hair cut this past weekend.

Ok, readers......are we noticing a trend here? Did someone tell on me, and my bad housekeeping ways?

I am humbled. And I am asking forgiveness.

Again, more on that later.

As for the tagging. I was tagged on the 8 Things meme. the bee-you-tee-full Rachel over at What Is She Thinking? She is a talented, fun blogger who likes to read! (A gal after my own heart), so I am just now getting around to it......sorry, Rachel.

1. Sleeping in after Aydan gets out of school.
2. Every time I get new books in the mail----I LOVE to get things in the mail, so I mail order them from Amazon.
3. Doing gigs out of town this summer and being able to SLEEP OVER and not drive home until 5:00 in the morning!
4. Having my G-babies come to visit for over two weeks this summer! YAY!
5. "So You Think You Can Dance"
6. Getting on that great un-diet that my sister is hooking me up with! Woot!
7. Going to my family reunion and laughing with my brothers and sisters.
8. Directing a One Act Play in the fall.

1. Shaved my legs and underarms.
2. Tried on at least three outfits before deciding on the one that felt "right".
3. Wrote up announcements about my first ever Improv workshop at The Cannon Theatre in July!
4. Taught four voice students.
5. Worked on some costumes for Pirates of Penzance.
6. Walked the dogs for an hour.
7. Make La-Ziti for dinner.
8. Had a good chat with three of my children on the phone.

1. Go to London----or Italy----or France!
2. Run without my feet hurting----so I walk.
3. Go back and model again---but only if I lose 15 lbs.
4. Lose 15 lbs.
5. Win the Publishers Clearing House!
6. Buy that Historic house.....
7. Have all my kids living close to me.
8. Fill my Musical Theatre Summer Camps!

1. So You Think You Can Dance
2. The Fringe
3. Pushing Daisies
4. Anything Masterpiece Theatre!
5. House Hunters International
6. America's Next Top Model
7. Kath and Kim
8. Pysch/Monk

1. Meg at Shackin Up With Meg
2. Aydan at Aydan Dr.Art
3. Michelle at the Stow Aways
4. Brittany at Homemade Phesine
5. Elly at the Edge of Elly
6. Hailey at Hailey Tracks
7. Hannah at The Bakers
8. Andie at Shoe Obsessed.

Fun, Fun!

Friday, June 05, 2009

Fabulous Find For A Friday-------Brimfield......Er.....Ah.....Blogger Bash, Part Deux

The reason that I am stumbling over the title of this post, well.....its because.......I have to admit that I didn't have even one blogger at my Brimfield Blogger Bash. Well, I guess you can count ME as one.

Thats it.

First, there was the beautiful and amazing Alyson that wanted to come. And then the terrific and sweet Rhonda was going to try and come. And last, but not least, the funky and fun Pink Monkey.

But in the end, NONE of them were able to make it out that glorious sunny Saturday. So, I invited a friend from my church, Kim, who is also the fantastic Mom of one of my voice students. She is gorgeous, sweet and it was a blast to hang with her!

Kim and I before we started out----when we were fresh! Isn't she beautiful?

Now.....I always go to Brimfield with something in mind. If you don't, it can be overwhelming. Trust me. It CAN be overwhelming-----over 3000 vendors of Antiques and some Flea Market type stalls.

But I had a mission. I was looking for something for my daughter, Haileys, birthday. And I was also looking for something for my sister's birthday. My daughter is pretty picky, but I knew that she would like some vintage jewelry, or a hat, or I thought that I might be able to find a vintage dress, as she does Improv. shows and they are always looking for costumes.

And then I always keep my eye open for good deals for MY theatre, THE CANNON THEATRE.

First, some images of the Fair:

Here is the way we roll (literally).....with a wagon for purchases, as well as a tired Aydan,
just in case he doesn't want to walk anymore. And thats my hubby, Bret, taking a breather.

Of course, every once in a while, the doggies need a rest too, so Aydan decides to give
them a ride. It doesn't usually last long, though!

And then.....after 6 hours and covering about one half of the place, I found the following amazing treasures-----and I spent under $100.00 for everything!

Hard to see these, but they are a great vintage skirt---aka late 1800's and
a silk nightgown for a little girl---both for the theatre....

....and then this amazing orange velvet dress from the 1960's----so gorgeous!

This was a great find----another 1960's full length gown. (I don't know how the heck I
managed to get all those cords in the background----annoying)

And of course, I HAD to have these yellow hoop earrings, for that yellow dress, remember?

A vintage hat from the 1940's----great, huh?

More for my theatre----mugs for Pirates of Penzance.....

....and an amazing medal for the Modern Major General.

These were the vintage jewelry pieces that I found for my daughter.....a necklace and
two bracelets.....

....and here is the closeup of one of the bracelets-----here's one side.....

....and here is the other----don't you love it?

And last, but not least......I knew that this was the perfect gift for my sister, who fills
her house with antiques mixed with contemporary---this exquisite
porcelain doll from the early 1900's (Very tiny, by the way.)

Well, what do you think? Is anyone up for the one in September?

Come on. Come out to New England and take back a truck full.

You know you want to.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

You Say Its My Birthday---Gonna Have A Good Time

Well, have you VOTED yet? Do I sound like a broken record or what? No, seriously, even though I can never even come close to the terrific and amazing Tiburon at Shark Bait, (who is leaps and bounds ahead of us in first place) I figure that sloppy seconds would make my week!
So do it now----for my birthday----if you haven't yet....go to MMB, scroll down on the right side, and click on SWANEESINGER!

Now.....since it is my birthday today, and I am a wise and really think that I will tell?


They don't call me a vain Diva for nothin'.

But, since I am older than most of you, I decided to tell everyone what I would like for my birthday. If you are considering giving me a present, that is.

First of all, let me explain that I love birthdays. I love to give presents, and I love to have different and fun parties. I always made a big deal out of my kids birthdays, and always tried to make the day (or week) as special as possible.

But every once in a while, I like to let everyone know what is on MY wish list for my birthday.

So, here goes..... Oh, do you need to get a pencil and paper to write it down? Ok, I'll wait.

1. A trip to London. I absolutely LOVED London when we went there for two days last year before we went to Ireland. I would really love to go again. At least by next year, OK?

Aydan and I doing the "Monkee" walk.

2. A house. I really like old houses----no, not the 1940's, silly. More like the 1740's or the 1840's. A lot like THIS house, which, by the way, sold to someone else.

I don't want to talk about it.

3. Liposuction. Yes, you can give me a gift certificate. Or a VISA card should do it, but as I am gaining 4 lbs a year around my midsection, since I started going through the big "M", then perhaps you should do it as soon as possible, as the price will be going up every year. (You know, more fat, more to suck out.)

4. A big screen TV. Yeah, we are probably the only people that I know that still have our little 32 inch TV. Or maybe it is 26 inch. Its small, and its getting harder to read the subtitles on my foreign films.

5. These real cool earrings from a site that is having a giveaway. It is at Bon Bon Rose, a fantastic blog about great deals you can buy----things for the home----things to make you look beautiful. I love it! The earrings are from Scarlet Duchess, an Etsy shop. Go on over and see this great blog.

Aren't these gorgeous? And you should see the others on this site....check it out!

6. A gift certificate from H & M, one of my favorite clothing stores. I usually get one from Santa Claus. (Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.) Santa has good taste, oh, yeah. But I need to get a new one for my Fall/ Winter clothes.

7. A Tempur-pedic bed. Oh, yes. I love my Tempur-pedic pillow. I used to have "cricks" in my neck all the time. Not any more. No, no. Not since I got this pillow.
So, I am ready to move on to the next step. A full queen sized Tempur-pedic bed-----ahhhhh, it sounds divine. Oh, and if you want to just send me the one from Costco, that would be fine. I don't need the brand. I'm not picky like that.

Ok, so this is a knock-off, but I've heard that this brand is amazing!

8. A CD contract. Could I perhaps sing with Sting or something? Yeah, that would be cool. Is this a bit too out of anyone's abilities to "make it happen"? Well, a girl can dream, can't she?

Speaking of dreaming. The cool part about this birthday game is that you get to send me these presents through your positive mind energy. Just leave a comment about which one you will be sending me. Or if you want to pick something else that you think that I will like, that would be cool also.

Just let me know. Because I will be sure and capture that image and use it in my dreams.
I will enjoy it. I will luxuriate in it. I will be happy to use it.

Of course, I will be sure and return the favor. Just let me know when your birthday is and what you want. I will get it right to you. Isn't it a great way to give each other what we REALLY want?
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