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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Hanging Out With Sting

I, seriously, had the most amazing dream last night! Or, rather, this morning, as I had to get my hubby up at 5:00, and then my youngest, Aydan, woke me up at 7:45, and then I finally got some real sleep in.

I don't know if it had anything to do with what I ate last night. I had some of that roasted chicken that I bought at Roche Bros. (pronounced "roach"----huh, you kiddin' me?) and a salad, and some popcorn, and oh, yes, I also stole two bites of my hubby's chocolate brownie ice cream. So, I'm not sure if that had anything to do with it, or maybe it was the fact that I have so many things on my brain right now and have been majorly stressed these past few months, and I really needed to have a fun adventure with one of my all time favorite crushes, Sting.

Yes, you heard it right....Sting!

For some odd reason, after one of my gigs, Sting came up and invited us to stay at his house for the night, as it was close to the venue. Wait a minute, that means that I must have been gigging in England, close to his castle. Alllll riiiight!! I told you it was a good one.

Well, it turned out that we were staying in part of the castle that was furnished with normal middle class house furniture, and we weren't allowed to go into the area where Sting and his family REALLY lived. So much for conversing with Trudi Styler.... Fast forward to the morning, as you know how dreams work. I, of course, have on a robe and no makeup and need to shower, and I am trying desperately to get into the bathroom to get ready before Sting comes down to breakfast and sees me looking like an English fishwife that just got off the fishing trawler. (This is a recurring event in all my dreams, by the way...I never have time to get ready, as people keep interrupting me. I know all you dream interpreters will have a field day with this one.)

So, as I am waiting for the bathroom, Sting comes in and starts to dance with various members of the band that I was in. Of course, they were all young girls, and gorgeous, and all HAD taken their showers and were flawless WITHOUT makeup. ( I don't know why my band were all girls, I haven't figured that one out yet... ) They were dancing the waltz (this must of been inspired by the episode of "So You Think You Can Dance" that I had just watched before going to bed) and I decided to join in.

Unfortunately, as soon as I decided to cut in, they all decided to play games instead. We went into the shabby family/game room, (it WAS shabby---as if that is how the Stings view middle class America) and sat around on the floor and tried to impress Sting with our beauty and our wit. As they decided what game to play, I quipped, "Let's play 'Pit'! To which Sting replied, "Never heard of it." "Well," I said, "It's loud and boisterous, alot like me!" Ok, so I stuck myself out there to be noticed, hoping that he would notice my great smile, my electric and fun personality, and not notice that I had no eyes or mouth because you can't see them without makeup on.

Well, it worked! He looked at me full on, with a big smile, and said, "Oh, that sounds like a FUN game and you sound like a really FUN person!"

Ok, so the rest of the dream got kinda wierd as we ended up going to the basement of his house that was really a scary amusement park area that a demon ruled. We all just barely made it through that alive. (Although, I don't think that the beautiful sweet young things made it,....I think we had to sacrifice them so we could live....poor things...)

All in all, two things came from this dream. I got to see Sting and he SMILED at me, and I realized that I could talk to someone without the crutch of makeup or clean body, or great clothes, and I could do it in front of perfect, gorgeous, young girls.

But, then again, I really wouldn't be able to do either of these things, and to think that I could....well, must be dreaming...
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